Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yawnz~ Feel so lethargic man. Now, I'm suffering for the lack of sleep these past few days. Have been sleeping so little and tired myself out. Slept for like practically only 1 hour plus to 2 hours last night. Felt so sick this morning. So when I sms Jeffery and said that I am unable to meet him this morning, he actually said okie and asked me to take care. Haha~ I actually felt happy for awhile. Thought that he has become understanding. See, what I want is so simple, just your understanding. I don't even expect you to come and bring me to see the doctor! But.. We quarrelled over this again after I got home and woke up. Yeah, I flew your aeroplane again.. But I was really sick what. So you want to see me faint while going to your house then you happy right? Gee~ You must have hated me. Anyway, as I've told you.. I am quite sick and tired of the frequent arguments so let's let go once we quarrel again? If you are not emotionally tired yet, I am already.

Wonder how I will fare for the MKT2413 test this morning. The true/false questions seem quite chim. Don't know is it true or false. Then there is this part on deriving your own scale measurement or something.. I just anyhow write coz I'm really not sure what she wants. =.= Oh, and I felt cheated by the prof lah. 2 questions came out from a topic she said not tested. What the.. That time I even went to ask her whether that topic will be tested or not. Haiz~ =(

Oh yeah, I suddenly recalled something: one day while we were doing the BSP1005 assignment, Terence suddenly thought of a question and he just went to knock on Dr Soma's office door alone. Wah.. so zai. Like so random. Lolx~ Then he said must make use of school fees. Wah, really a true-blooded business student! Anyway, I find that those econs profs are not helpful one leh.

PS: It would be better if you can think for me, instead of thinking of me.

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