Friday, March 15, 2013

Korea Trip Part 1

I am finally going to blog about my Korea trip earlier this year. My mother and I went with Hong Thai Travel. Our tour leader is Dawson. He's pretty all right. Quite good service.

Onboard the flight on Korean Air. I find the service of the air stewardesses on Korean Air quite good and prompt. 

Sunrise at about 6am plus.


Upon reaching Incheon International Airport, we met up with our local tour guide, Michael and our photographer/helper for the trip, Jackson. Together, they are called Michael Jackson. Haha. The temperature when we reached there was minus 16 degrees celsius. So cold~!!! I wore 4 layers of clothing but I am still cold. Even heat packs are not very useful.

Briefing by Michael.

Saw Paris Baguette Cafe at the airport. Didn't have a chance to try the bread there and compare it with the Paris Baguette Cafe in Singapore.

Thick layer of snow. However, I didn't see any snow falling down from the sky when I was there for the entire 9 days. 

Our first meal in Korea.

Can't remember what's the restaurant name but the food and restaurants in Korea are quite similar.

These toothpicks can be eaten. Haha. I've tried one but it has no taste.

This tube thingy can absorb the smoke. 

Brr~ It's damn freezing cold outside.

After lunch, we took the coach to Gimpo Domestic Airport for our flight to Jeju Island. We also took Korean Air to Jeju Island.

Had coffee while waiting for our flight.

Jeju Island. There was no snow in Jeju Island but it's still pretty cold. Can't remember the temperature there though.

Our first stop in Jeju Island was the Mysterious Road. It has the unusual phenomenon of our coach moving upwards the slope with the engine completely turned off. Parked vehicles on a slight hill road rolls uphill instead of downhill. I have no idea why. The tour guide didn't explain it to us also. So it's just a mystery. Oh well. I guess it has something to do with gravity.

After the Mysterious Road, we went to Dragon Head Rock. It is a lava formation of a dragon head jutting out from the sea. It is a famous landmark in Jeju Island. As it is near the sea, it was really windy. Extremely cold. Brr~!!

The sea view was beautiful.

It was so windy that I couldn't even open my eyes.

Had our dinner in Jeju Island. 

After dinner, we checked in to our hotel. As we were pretty tired, we had an early rest. We slept in Jeju Oriental Hotel for 2 nights in Jeju Island. The hotel lobby looks very nice but the room is just so-so. There's free wifi in the hotel lobby.

After we have checked in to our hotel, Mummy and I went to the supermarket, E-Mart, which is located opposite our hotel. Oh yeah. Please bring along your own plastic bags or recycle bags when you go shopping there as they charge 100 won for one paper bag.

Things I bought. The coffee, soft cakes and biscuits are really nice. Too bad I didn't buy more. Thought that I can buy more in Seoul but there's no chance. Didn't go to any big supermarket in Seoul. 

Some 自拍 photos:


Unknown said...

Nice photos, almost my home island Sachalin :)))))))))))


Anunoy Samanta said...

glad to meet another travel-blogger :)
enjoying your Korean photo-log thoroughly...

elderflowertea said...

@Xenia: Thanks!

@Anunoy: Thanks!

cymphere tan said...

May I know how much you pay for this package t
our with Hong Tai including tax?

elderflowertea said...

@cymphere: I think about SGD1688? Cant really remember!

shan said...

I also want to go Korea for a holiday!!

elderflowertea said...

@Shan: Me too. I wanna go again!

Unknown said...

Hi there.. Is your package name 8D6N All In Korea Deluxe? Does it include ski? How is the sevices from Hong Thai?

elderflowertea said...

@Pig Meow: Hi, I am not sure of the title. If you see my blog and the itinerary, do they match? We followed closely to the itinerary, except that we go to different places on different days. But we did cover all the places on the itinerary.

Anyway, I think that Hong Thai service is not bad =)

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cytotec said...

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ruffeecola said...

that looks to be so cold!!!
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