Thursday, April 30, 2009

I just came back from my BSP1005 exam some time ago. Wah.. Siao liao. No time to finish 2(c), 2(d) and 2(e). OMG!! Wanna die liao~ Sob sob. Now all I can hope for is that everyone doesn't do well. Then I would score better coz of the bell curve thingy. Haha~

Anyway, something scary happened during the exam. Someone fell ill and couldn't continue with the exam. I was like.. What the... I mean it's like really such a waste. Cannot score well. Granted that you may be exempted and it won't affect your CAP but still.. next time need to retake it leh. That's like so bo hua. And so unfair lah! I dunno why nowadays I keep having the appendicitis phobia. So scared that I might... Okie, touchwood!! Choy! Onyee told me that last time during her exams, someone has to be carried out coz she suddenly had gastric pain. OMG lah. I'm suddenly afraid of illnesses. We, humans, are so vulnerable to so many things. And the latest swine flu thingy.. I just hope that it doesnt affect S'pore. Hee~ I really wanna see and know happy things lah!!

PS: 3 down, 1 to go~ Jiayou! Chiong ah! Heehee~
Today I read some people's blog and I learnt more about appendicitis. Well, apparently, 1 out of 2,000 people will kenna. Hm.. Anyway, she had her op done at TTSH and have to wait from 8am to 3pm just for the ward and the bed. Like what the.. Hm.. Is that the norm for a subsidized ward? Gosh, how can make a patient wait for so long?!? And got 1 rude nurse. My auntie who just had an appendicitis op done at Mount E was seen to immediately and like no need to wait. And the nurses and doctors there seem nice. Oh well, I suppose that's like the vast difference between private and public hospitals. As the saying goes, money makes the world go round? It is so sad to know of this fact yet actually I already knew all these all along. I just wish that the world can be more fair. Rich people are humans, poor people are too. But I do not support the idea of communism. Okie, I know, once again, I'm contradicting myself =/

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quite sad, I haven't had the chance to complain about some people. But then again, quite paiseh to do so leh. Hm.. Jeffery had not gone with me!

Actually, I don't really wanna keep blogging but.. I really wanna share this song which I like. And since I've started blogging a new post, I might as well pen down some random thoughts which I have =)

Random thoughts: 1. Esther is really growing up, I'm feeling/getting old. 2. There are many (okie, maybe not many but still..) hypocrites in this world (maybe I should expect it). 3. I am still tactful (a bit?) towards some people coz I am afraid of offending them, which I don't like. Friends should be frank with each other, but I suppose some people are really petty. They cannot take things (especially criticisms) too well. 4. Although I detest tests, exams and projects, I will miss being a student. I do not wish to work, I do not want to grow up. Haha~ Still so childish. I will do a reflection on myself as a student after my exams. 5. I really really wish that Diana can get attached soon coz I really really really wanna go on a double date with her. Then we can bitch about our boyfriends together. Haha~ She's one of my few friends who have the same thinking as me. 6. If people fly my aeroplane, I'm generally not mad at them but if I fly some people's aeroplane, they will be pissed about it. Why? Those are the people whom I'm getting afraid to go out with. But of course, I'll try not to fly anyone's aeroplane. 7. I find this phrase very good: "男儿有泪不清谈只是为到伤心处". I just like it. 8. I like people who can play the piano well. They are so charismatic, talented and charming =) 9. I think many people are easy to woo, is it that easy to fall in love? Do we even know the true meaning of love? And am I easy to chase? Haha~

PS: Wish me luck for tomorrow's paper =) Why does time pass by so fast?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why did you have to break my heart yesterday and ruin my good study mood? But anyway, that's over. Actually, I've been dying to ask how's your mother and your interview but I got to hold myself back. I got to 忍,so as to help you keep your promise. You said I should not make a hasty decision coz now my emotions are haywire and too stressed out. Okie, maybe so. Thus, these 10 days shall be a good test to us. Becoz you wanna go to pitstop so I asked Minhui to organise a pitstop outing. Now, I dunno if I should ask you. Hm...

1 paper down, 3 more to go. I am soooo dreading tomorrow's paper. Stupid EC2374. It's taking up my precious memory space with the amount of things I have to memorise. I need to delete all the EC3371 info to accomodate more memory space. Haha~ How I wish my brain can work like a computer. Can delete what I wanna delete and save what I wanna save. Haiz~ Just a wishful thinking of mine.

Today, Mummy fell sick. I have just cooked noodles. Ah~ I feel so lazy. Haha. Get well soon dear =) And I think something is bothering Jieying. Hope that she can get over it quickly and return to our convo. We miss you. Your presence plays a part =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

I can't seem to go on hiatus from my laptop and blog. Anyway, many things to think about recently. After speaking to a few people, I still do not have the answer I am seeking for. I hope not to think about it. Trust is so hard to be given once broken. And I realise that I am going to die for my upcoming exams. Good luck to myself for tomorrow. I REALLY need the luck.

PS: Congrats Eileen =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I always do things which I regret =/ I hate us and I cannot trust us.
Went to the doctor earlier on. Should be okie =) But he said the scar on my hand can only be removed via hand surgery. Haiz =(

Today, I was sooooo worried about Jeffery. Need to study for my exams but I cannot help worrying for him. He's becoming important to me. Haiz~ He's upset about his work. Hope he will feel okie soon =) And I need to work hard for my exams also. Dear, let's work hard together =)

PS: Sometimes I hate myself so much =/
PPS: Very sleepy~
It never rains but pours. Wah.. Now I got rashes on my face, and I still haven't recovered from my flu. Alamak~ Exams are coming soon. Not a good time to fall ill =.=

And the least you can do is offer to take me to the doctor. Just having the thought to offer counts lor. Don't really need you to accompany me. And I was disappointed that you did not offer. Well, being disappointed is not really a feeling which I can control. So I really don't understand.. Why do you say that I am not being understanding? I'm not even mad at you. Maybe next time I shouldn't tell you anything which happens to me. Anyway, Minhui, Jeff asked me to ask you.. Would you feel disappointed? Others are welcome to comment too. Okie, good luck Minhui for your remaining papers =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear readers, oops~ I'm gonna be posting this long and emo post but after this, I hope to be going on hiatus so yeah.. I won't be in action anytime soon. In the meanwhile, please just bear with me =) Welcome to discuss on my tagboard also. Hee~

Yesterday, I had a talk with some people. One of the things explored is expectations. This reminds me of Benjamin Chia again. Haiz~ Expectations are so hard to be fulfilled. Everyone expects everyone else to be understanding, etc.. But how many people can actually do it themselves? Is there such a thing as unconditional love anymore? Sometimes, you can't even get it from your parents/family (note: I'm not referring to mine or what. Just parents in general). Yeah, true. Parents expect you to listen to them, be their good boy/girl, do well in your studies (so that they can show off ~ maybe? some parents are like that lor, like to compare their kids' results and stressing them) etc.. Haha~ How many people can actually give (their love or sth..) without expecting anything in return? Hm..

Yesterday, Diana asked me out for a movie. I've rejected her saying that I can only meet her after my exams. She's okie about it. She said exams are more important, should focus first. Go out anytime also can go. That time, I wanted to study with Min Hui but she isn't free. So too bad lah. I'm also okie about it. I've flown people's aeroplane (many times?) and people have flown my aeroplane (many times also?) yet we didn't get into any argument at all. If someone said that he/she got something on at the last minute and cannot meet me, I just say okie lor. Meet up next time. The two people who actually flared up at me are Jeffery and my dear kor. So xiao qi lor.

Anyway, Min Hui reminded me about compromising. I shouldn't be feeling wei qu (yeah, but I can't help feeling that sometimes). Well, I did try to compromise and give in (sometimes, maybe it isn't enough?). That day, when Jeffery and I watched Shinjuku, I was actually feeling very tired on that day yet I go ahead with the movie knowing that he wanted to spend time together. I went with him to Tampines1 despite me feeling very tired (hell, I'm always tired. Haiz~) and tried to enjoy myself.

Sometimes, I feel so sad for myself. I don't know why and what happened but I can no longer feel happiness. I wish to go back to the past when I actually feel like and enjoy going out. I haven't been going out with friends either. The last time was with Diana and Saliah which was like in March? I used to go out with Min Hui and co. once a week (how did we have so much time in the past was beyond me). Just going to pitstop and gossiping can make my day. Haha~ I miss gossiping. I remembered us telling everyone (almost?) about Benjamin and Eileen can go on and on about the 1am thing. Lolx~ Life is becoming so stressful and mundane that I need some sort of entertainment. Talking to Jeanette has made me happy. Although she has been in US for a few years, we are still close. We still chat online. I can still tell her and share with her things. It seems like she has never left me. Time really passes by so fast. Very soon, she would be back in Singapore. She would have completed her Masters! OMG! That's fast. Haha~

Reflecting, I'm sorry Jeffery regarding the Coach wristlet incident. That was my fault. You don't have to pay me back. Yeah, meanie me was being unreasonable. I'm sorry for that. Min Hui told me to explain to you nicely that not meeting now is for the better future. 2 weeks plus will pass by in no time. Relationships need to 经的起考验。Haha~ Carmen, see.. now I'm jealous of your relationship with Mr Darrial also =P. He went to Germany to study for one year but you two are still so 恩爱。

Hm.. I miss doing projects in NP with Yimei they all. Haha~ Somehow, I had more feel to do projects then (maybe it's the people? coz shou already mah) and can contribute more and go to the extra mile. I miss bickering and crapping with Yimei (my dear crap queen, haha~). Haha, it can entertain Yim and William and make the meetings more lively. If not, so damn sianz lor. I miss going to Ebonne's house to do the CFAS game. Although that was tedious but the process was quite fun mah. I miss going mentoring with Onyee, Jiamin, they all. I miss complaining to Jiamin. Oh well, I would be missing school life, I suppose. But school was much more fun then. The competition was less stiff, the curriculum was easier to comprehend and overall, the stress level was much less. Things have changed though. Everyone is like so busy with their own stuff. But like what Yimei has said before, everyone is moving forward, I cannot remain in the past. I got to move forward also. So yup, I'm moving forward. Will only look and reminisce the past once in awhile.. like now. Hee~

Lastly, congrats to Onyee for finding a good job. Bon voyage to Calin for her trip. Good luck to everyone taking their exams. Good luck to people graduating and may we find a good job soon. Good luck to Esther for starting school in NP. Heehee~ It's a good school and I may visit you someday there =P All the best to Jeffery in your work. I realise that I do not love myself that much. I am compromising on my sleep and now I'm falling sick =( Okie, time to read through the EC2374 report for the final time coz the prof has somehow extended the deadline to tonight.

PS: Just a reminder to everyone (including myself): We shouldn't take anyone for granted and flare up at people just because we are in a bad mood and expect them to be understanding. No one is anyone's 出气筒。Please remind me if I do that. No one has the obligation to take our nonsense. Benben used to flare up at us and expect us to take his nonsense just because he has an operation =.= And I hope that people can mean what they say and keep to their words. Oh my, I'm so long-winded =/

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Mum is behaving oddly tonight. I have no secrets at home. I think she has been reading my diary secretly. Maybe I should start a private blog? But writing got more feel than typing leh.
Shit, I failed my EC2374 mid-term.. What the hell! Theoretical module may not be good. Argh!! =( I need to mug hard for the exams but.. I dunno how to study for it. If only it is an open book exam.. Tomorrow is the last day of school. I can't help wishing that I'm majoring in marketing. Then I would have practically no exams. And I would be free after tmr. Hee~ Just a wish. Anyway, I really dislike econs now and I just pray hard that I can pass all my exams successfully. Just this small wish of mine~ Onyee, I wanna grad with you lah!

*pray hard*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As I've said, I will blog about the MKT2413 presentation yesterday. It was okie.. Nothing major has gone wrong (I suppose and hope so). Many classmates have shot us with questions but we have the answers for them as well. Haha~ Some, anyhow crap out one. But I must say, Aaron and Foo Kin are damn good in crapping lah! Anyway, the prof didn't give any of us feedback on how we've done. So.. Hope that we can emerge as the winning team and win $1,000! Haha~

Went through the EC2374 report draft. Hm.. Got some really confusing and repeating parts. Alamak~ I also don't really know how to edit liao. Haiz~ But I've tried my best. Hope that it will turn out well. Need to prepare for the presentation on Thursday. Yesterday, just did the online assessment at the last minute. Oops~ Luckily it's not graded coz my answers are kinda short and.. don't think it's all that great.

And I wanna rant about Singtel! Wah lau~ They anyhow help me to subscribe to colour me tones and happily bill me the charges when I don't even want colour me tones in the first place. What the.. =(

Today, went to the dentist to get my wisdom tooth stitches out. Yay! The dentist said that I'm recovering quite well. Shouldn't be a problem. The soreness in my jaw should be okie by next week. Ha~ I hope so man. Difficult to brush my teeth leh. Went to eat at The Manhattan Fish Marketplace at PS after that. Wah.. So long didn't eat good food. Hee~

After that, went to meet Jeffery at Tampines1 - the new mall in Tampines. Wah.. Damn crowded man. Today is a Tuesday afternoon leh. Why are there so many people out there shopping? Don't they have school or work? Even have to queue to enter Uniglo (forgot the spelling). Went to drink tea at TeaDot. It's a nice cafe =) Anyway, there are many interesting shops at Tampines1, with brands not seen elsewhere. Great~ Wanted to buy a green shirt from NET but it is the last piece already. No new piece, so ended up, didn't buy it. Haiz~ What a pity but.. nvm. Next time go PS branch and see. Probably after the exams. Now, really need to concentrate on my exams first!

Lastly, happy birthday Jenson. Hope that you have enjoyed your day today =) And.. Although I was really tired.. I was in a relatively good mood. Did not throw my temper at all. Haha!
I am so damn tired. Wonder who can stand my sleeping time siah? Sorry Jeffery in advance if my mood is going to be bad later. I will try my best to remain cool. Haha~ Recently, I am so short-tempered, but I am already trying hard to be in a good mood. Please don't piss me off =) Am really exhausted~ Will update about the MKT2413 presentation and stuff later..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I sneezed too hard until my nose hurts. Diana has many things to rant about also, so I suggested to her to start a ranting blog. Haha~ Think i also need one. Then we can start ranting! xD Jiamin has been feeling down. Hm.. Why are so many people feeling down? Is happiness so difficult to attain? I really miss going out with Min Hui they all and Jia Min and lots of other people. Anyway, wish me good luck for tmr's MKT2413 presentation =)

PS: I keep getting smses by Reuters and Newsflash updating me with the latest news everyday. So strange.. I certainly did not subscribe to them. Just wondering.. Will Singtel charge me for it?
I wanna go overseas and work leh. I need a break from here. Singapore is too stressful and crowded for my liking.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today was supposed to be a happy day but I got a lecture from my Mum. My Mum doesn't want me to wear the ring. Anyway, I feel so tired and sandwiched. Why doesn't anyone care about the one stuck in the middle? Regardless of the ending, the one in the middle will always feel the worst. I can totally understand how does ham feel like when stuck between 2 pieces of bread. I just want to be left alone until after the exams.

PS: You have no idea how much tears I've shed for you. I've never cried so much because of anyone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My mum just gave me a lecture.. She's more practical than me =.= Haiz~ Maybe she's the one who taught me to be so practical. Hm..
All of a sudden, I don't know what to blog. Haiz~ Stress level has reached a high point and just now while I was doing the ppt slides, my laptop just black out. =.= Think I've accidentally tugged on the cable or something. Haiz~ Really pek chek leh! Wanna feng liao~ But it's all done already. Nowadays, I can't seem to sleep early. My body clock is officially screwed up.

My jaw still feels sore after the wisdom teeth surgery making me no appetite for food. Is this normal? Going to see the dentist on next Tues to remove the stitches (can't rem the professional name for it). Got to rem to ask her about it. Hope that all will be all right and that I will be back to normal after removing the stitches. I really wanna eat good food and da chan! I wanna eat fried chicken wings, french fries, etc... I don't wanna eat soupy food anymore. Heck, I'm even sick of ice-cream. I've finished 2 tubs of B&J ice-cream all by myself. Haha~ Mummy is going to treat me to a good meal on Tues. Yay! Am looking forward to it.

Just something to note.. Now I can understand and feel a bit for Benben. Think after going through an operation, he felt so miserable, that's why he took it out on us. Maybe becoz he felt really too bored coping up at home. Although my wisdom teeth surgery is a minor one, I also feel very sianz and pek chek now. Cannot eat good food already feel so bu shuang, imagine cannot walk freely. Hm.. Something worth thinking about. Sorry Jeffery for taking it out on you. I realised it is easier to throw your temper at someone closer to you coz they are more concerned about you, that's why they tend to be more naggy. And I really cannot stand being nagged at =.=

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I WANNA BE MORE THICK-SKIN AND LESS SELF-CONSCIOUS LEH!! AND DONT BE PAISEH ABOUT TROUBLING PEOPLE. HAHA~ HOW?? I seem to have many questions and enquiries.. somehow~ Many things to be curious about =.= Haha~ too kpo liao~

PS: I like my new blog skin. Haha~ =)
I wanna buy this wristlet one day. Haha~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've got 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled out today. The process is still okie, not that painful. Just uncomfortable. Especially when the aesthetics has worn off. And I feel damn tired now. So sleepy.

My wisdom teeth

Hello Kitty mirror from Jeffery. Haha~ For going for wisdom teeth extraction. Hee~ This is the interior

Exterior.. So cute! =)

The box

Guess what's inside?

My Ring! Haha~

Hm.. I realise.. EC2374 isn't an easy module at all even though it is theoretical. And maybe I need to be more thick-skin and less self-conscious.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Busy and stress.. So many deadlines to meet. And exams are coming. I haven't had the time to really revise for my exams. Haiz~

Now, I feel quite paiseh to ask Jeffery to push the V'sion Co people so hard. Like a bit bad leh. Hee~ I feel a bit guilty for being so harsh. Hm..

Anyway, wish me luck for tomorrow's visit to the dentist. *scared scared*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beware~ This is going to be a looooong post although it has only been one day ago since I last blogged. Hee~ Am gonna flood you all with photos! xD Let me start with the more recent thingy, like yesterday. By the way, Happy April's Fool yesterday.

After tuition yesterday, I headed down to Bugis to meet Jeffery. Wah.. I really dislike taking the public bus during peak hours. So damn crowded lah! And people kept banging into me. I don't like some unknown strangers touching me or coming near me =.= And the bus is so slow... Haha~ Okie, okie.. Shall stop my ranting~

Went to Silver Corner to look for Saliah and see the rings there. Something caught my eyes but don't have Jeffery's size. So end up, didn't buy. Went to eat KFC. Then we went to the new shopping centre at Bugis. In the end, Jeffery bought a pair of rings at Couple Lab. Hee, thanks dear =)

Next, went to the arcade at Bugis. Jeffery caught Mr Piggy for me. Haha~ Yay!! xD

Mr Piggy, caught by Jeffery for me at Bugis arcade~

2 Piggies together~ Wahaha xD

Me~ Eeyer, I looked so chui coz I slept for practically only 2 hours the night before =(

Today Jeffery came over to my house and I cooked noodles for him. See,I'm so nice. Haha! But seems like 2 days per week isn't working leh =( And I'm really sorry that I have to fly your aeroplane tomorrow. I'm so sad lor, cannot go kbox. Boo hoo~ Don't be mad at me okie? Hope that I've made up for you today! Then hor.. you suddenly change 360 degrees with regards to the flying aeroplane part that I was shocked. However, somehow, the phobia is still there. Cham lah, I'm scared that you will be pissed and wanna pick a quarrel with me. I'm so tired from everything. In no mood to quarrel. And I'm able to cry more easily nowadays. Don't know why leh.. Maybe due to Jeffery~ Haha~ Sob sob~

Sidenote: I can't wait for the exams to end.. and the semester to close. But then, I will begin a new chapter.. Wonder will I detest working life? Hope that I can find a job whereby I will actually look forward to going to work everyday. Hee~ Hard bah, but.. hope so lah. Hope to get a good boss and colleagues and a nice environment and fulfilling job scope. *HOPE HOPE HOPE* *PRAY PRAY PRAY* And I really need to stop being such a worrywart.

Some other random photos..

2nd neoprint~

Sec school friends.. It has been so long~

Nice bear bear =)

What I've prepared for him

My One Month Anniversary gift~ Please allow me to hiam.. Hee~

Ha~ I bought the cakes to celebrate.