Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks to someone, I can't sleep. Ahh~ Sianz~ Anyway, I've got something to announce:

I'm SINGLE now!

To be exact, I broke up officially on 30/5/2009. That day, my laptop was super lagging and I wanna borrow a fast laptop from Jeffery for a few days but he said he wanna use it to play games. WTH lor~ Play games.. It's more important than me, my needs. I got to fill in application forms and find a job lor. Furthermore, it was only for a few days. Don't play games that few days will die meh? Haiz~ Other people's bfs all will lend willingly lor. And let's say you have 2 laptops, one is better than the other. If you truly love the person very much, you would wanna give the person the best one right? But anyway, through this incident, I realised how much I meant to Jeffery. I rank underneath himself, his parents, his brothers and his games. And he said that I was being unreasonable and asked me to ask other people. So I did. James said that he would lend lah, if not why call her gf? Yeah, I also agree. If I'm in need and I need your help and you can help me but don't want to, I don't see why we should continue this special relationship. So much for trying your best not to disappoint me.

Jeffery also told me a ridiculous thing like if we have been together for 6 months or 1 year, he would lend me. 3 months.. no. That's really like wth lor. It just implied that he doesn't trust me with his possessions yet. Lastly, I wanna ask: If you are willing to lend someone something, would you feel threatened? My answer is no. But there's this weird someone who thinks yes. I guess our thinking is really different.

Everyone is selfish to a certain extent. Where can I find unconditional love? I think only parents and some really doting husbands would give unconditional love. Or maybe a Mother's love is the greatest love on earth. I mean, a mother would always save the best for her kids and love her kids unconditionally. Even if there are those unfillial kids, the mother would still want the best for them and refuses to go through legal means to request the kids to support them. The mother would rather work hard, earning a living, despite being so old and sick.

My ideal husband is one who would love me unconditionally. I wonder where is he? Or if he even exists at all. And then I suddenly thought of the Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz episode. Pierre Png is so sweet and nice lah.

What he did for you was a very romantic gesture. Could anything ever compare to that?

It was, wasn't it? But Pierre once said in an interview, every day is a honeymoon with Andrea. I feel so blessed, because every day that I'm alive means so much to him. Until today, complete strangers still come up to him to compliment him about what he did for me. But he's not a proud man.

The above was what I've extracted out from an interview with Andrea.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ex-Singapore singer, Stella Ng was declared bankrupt. Oh well.. Doing business isn't easy at all. Btw, I've always thought that Awfully Chocolate was hers, didn't know that she actually franchises it.

For more info, please refer to
Morning everyone =) Yesterday, I went to bed when I reached home at around 11pm plus. Haha~ Was too tired. So now, I've just woken up! It's not that I didn't sleep.. I did.

Anyway, yesterday went to have dinner with Calin at Marche. Wah, needed to queue lor. Sianz~ There were many people at Vivo. Felt a bit dazed when I reached there seeing so many people walking here and there. Saw many people queuing at GV to buy movie tickets. Ah~ I've forgotten that it's Friday night. No wonder, there is this crowd. Went to ask the Samsung staff about the sending email problem and the person said that got to configure the email account settings for every email I've sent. Got to input the POP and SMTP thingy.. Something which sounds so confusing and troublesome. And he said that only the blackberry doesn't have to configure each setting one by one. Okie, so now I know what's the blackberry for and why so many business people are using them.

As we walked around Vivo, this guy gave us a postcard about taking wedding photos and they even have branches in Taiwan, etc.. Wah.. So cool leh, if can take my wedding photos overseas. Singapore is like so boring and I can't even think of where to take my wedding photos here. But Calin reminded me that it'll be damn exp. Haiz~ Yeah, I know but am just dreaming about it. I also saw this dress I like from Fox but I didn't buy it coz I think I won't be wearing it often.

By the way, I think I'm a very curious person coz I actually wanna find out about the wedding photos, etc.. although I'm not going to take them anytime soon. I even wanted to ask the boss how come set up in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore! Hee~ But I didn't lah. Think my ideal job is to be an interviewer so that I can go and interview those companies, etc.. So interesting. Hm.. Where to find such a job?

Also, I've finally uploaded some photos from my hp to my laptop. Now, I'm watching 老婆大人2 on youku coz tudou doesn't have. Don't like youku, the loading is so damn slow. Prefers tudou. Anyway, I like the husband in the show. But now, I think this kind of husbands is already endangered, if not extinct.. Where to find?

My Christmas present from Calin. Wow~ Really damn long didn't meet her!

Jeff and I, we were testing my hp camera that time.

Wanna upload this some time ago already actually.

Calamari from Marche.. Nice. I also ate breast chicken but forgot to take photos before I tucked in =.=

Friday, May 29, 2009

I just did a quiz on facebook and this is when I would supposedly get married. Haha~ I'm bo liao lah.
Beware~!! This is gonna be a long entry.

I've just checked my exam results at around 1pm plus and... it wasn't really satisfactory =( I did worse than last sem. Boo hoo~! Now, I've got mixed feelings and emotions. Should I 1) be happy that I've grad successfully, 2. be annoyed at myself for doing badly, 3. be angry with Jeffery coz it's all his fault for causing me so much distress during my exam period. Hm.. I wonder if it's fair to push the blame to him though coz deep down, I know that if there is any blame to be taken, both of us should share the blame =.= Haiz~ But then, I am the one who have to bear all the consequences of it.

Am just wondering.. Is there any statistics to show the correlation between results and relationships? Are people who are in a relationship more likely to perform worse in school? I think it depends on how the couples handle the relationship and their studies. Maybe I just didn't handle it well. Maybe I'm just not a good student. Maybe we should have started later.. Like after the exams. Oh well.. There are so many maybes.

Remember I said that I would do a reflection of myself as a student? Sorry, I have been procrastinating it for so long. Hm.. 16 years of study, from primary school all the way to university. That's such a long period for me to reflect upon. For primary school, I had lots of fun playing. I can only remember the carefree days of playing and going to friends' condos to swim. Sad to say, I didn't keep in contact with them except for Pei Ting. Last time, there were no email, msn nor hp, so it's difficult to keep in constant contact. I remembered that Pei Ting and I used to write to each other and meet up once in a long while. Maybe that's how we stay connected. Need to make the effort to stay in touch with each other every once in awhile. Like take the effort to sms, msn (now so convenient lor) and meet up, hang out.

For my secondary school days, it was the first time I've encountered something called S-T-R-E-S-S. In sec 2, practically everyone is chionging for the triple science class. The teachers and principal have instilled in us that it's the best class to choose, so we all just worked hard towards it. Now come to think of it, doing triple science is a pretty waste of my time considering that science has got nothing much to do with business. I would be better off taking POA seriously as it would help me in NP. Also took POA in NP lor, and I was so blur in the class. Had a hard time catching up to those who already took POA for the O levels.

After sec school, I went to study in CJC for the first 3 months thingy. Just to experience JC life. It was great, I would say. A lot of slacking. Haha~ I remember I used to hate PE coz it's bloody long lah. Forgot how long it was but it was definitely longer than sec school ones. Bleah~ I totally HATE running! Since I'm like practically reminiscing my life, I might as well include that I had my first work experience after I've decided to leave CJC for NP. But since I'm doing a reflection of my student life, I shan't go into details on my first working experience. Probably can reflect on it after I've retired. Haha~ Still got to wait long long~

Next, I've embarked on my polytechnic life. Frankly speaking, it's the best phase of my student life. Really. No longer have to wake up early in the morning everyday, can pon lecture(s) at whim (but I normally don't) and have fantastic classmates. Don't have to wear the school uniform anymore, can just go out after lessons. Ah~ Those were the days. Of course, it's also stressful in a way that it's filled with lots of projects. But I'm thankful that I have a bunch of fixed good project mates who are willing to work hard with me. Sometimes, doing projects and studying with people you like is so much better. I can still remember Yimyim and her sweets. Perk us up during lectures. Haha~ And Yimei and her lame jokes/crap. Really makes me go ('_')||| And we kept suaning and squabbling with each other. But I love it! Hee~ In NP, I've joinned BP-NP Mentoring which I totally enjoy most of the time. It was there that I've met Jiamin, etc.. And it was fun going to mentoring every week, teaching the kids, seeing my mentee(s) and going out after the session.

Lastly, it's the university life. I don't feel that involved in NUS seriously. Like I didn't really take part in any activities and there was no fixed class. So sianz~ Kept seeing new faces and yeah, have to make new friends but at the same time, hardly see those people so not very shou also. Different project mates most of the time and I don't feel close to many of them. Maybe I should get myself more involved in CCAs and the campus life. It seemed so vibrant, etc.. before I entered but when I was there, I became lazy to join those things. Also, no friend to join with me. Onyee they all are like not keen to join many things =( Then I feel so sianz to join alone. Furthermore, I got to wait until evening for those events, etc.. to start. It's so boring to wait alone. And I hardly go out after school in NUS. Go home or do projects or study. Damn sianz one. Stressful too as those schoolmates are all so smart and I always see people mugging around. Haiz~ Nonetheless, I am glad that Wen Min pulled me to attend the Startup@Singapore workshop and we've joined the competition later. It was there that I've met Xiaoyin and Clarence. Ah~ Quite fun to work with them and I do enjoy the meet-ups. And it's so cool that Xiaoyin is a law student doing her internship in a law firm. Very interesting to hear many stories.

My dear brother just got accepted a teaching career in sec school teaching Physics and Mathematics. OMG! I can't believe that he's gonna be a teacher. Last time, he used to be so impatient with me when I asked him Amath questions. So anyway, taking his advice, I've also applied to MOE in the morning. Ha~ back to my lao ben hang: teaching. Hope that they don't blacklist me coz I've rejected them once. Anyway, also not sure if I'll be accepted again coz my NUS results are worse than my NP's results. Haiz~ And now I just wonder.. How will my life be if I took up the MOE's offer last time to study in NTU-NIE? Then I would be a qualified teacher, no need to pay any school fees and don't have to look for a job now. Hm.. Life has too many what-ifs.

Okie, time to end this super long blog entry. Wah, I've got so many things to blog about. How come Eileen said that she has got nothing to blog about leh? I haven't been going out yet can still crap so many things. Haha~ But these are not crap. Everything is what I've meant. Oh yeah, I cannot send out an email using my hp. Called the Singtel person and he said got nothing wrong. Asked me to ask Samsung. WTH lor~ Like pushing responsibility.

PS: Does anyone know how to edit the line spacing? My words/lines seem so congested =(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Singapore has confirmed 3 more H1N1 flu cases bringing the number of infected people in the country to 4. Oh my~ No good =(

"The fourth confirmed case is a 28-year-old Singaporean man who returned to Singapore from Chicago via Hong Kong on May 25 at 0036 hours. He was on United Airlines flight UA 895 and was seated at 55H. He became unwell on May 25."

Wah.. Lucky Jeanette is okie. Think she came back from Chicago too. Heng lor she. Haha~ Anyway, for more info, please refer to:

Today, I went for a last minute interview at CIMB. It's a Malaysian bank. 34 people are needed for the position but there are 400 plus applicants. OMG lah~ Why is the job market like that? The demand is greatly more than the supply. Sianz lor. Anyway, one of the interviewer, Malcolm, said that no question is stupid. Haha, good lor coz I'm guilty of asking "stupid" questions sometimes.

Today, I saw this new Juicy Couture outlet in Ngee Ann City so I went in to take a look. I like a bag which costs $400! OMG! Looks chio but.. so damn exp lah!!

It looks something like this but it's yellow in colour with a huge key and padlock. I can't find the picture of what I want online and I forgot to take a photo of the bag in the shop.

Now this reminds me.. Can we take photos of the shop's merchandises? And pose with them? Wahaha~ Okie, posing with them is a bit extreme.. Like kinda awkward with the sales person looking/staring/glaring at you but.. just snapping photos of those cute merchandises shouldn't serve as a problem right? Hm..
Singapore has confirmed it first swine flu case. Oh my~!

For more info, please refer to:

By the way, I just went to xiaxue's blog. Wah, her new blog skin is so damn cool can. So chio.
I got a cough. I hate coughs!! It's so hard to recover and make me cannot sleep. Gee!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today, you scolded me a bitch. I don't know how to forgive you for this. First time someone scolded me this.

Yesterday, got a rude girl called me. These days, so suay siah =.=

Diana is leaving for Sydney tomorrow. So good lor. Can go hol. Argh~ I also want! Anyway, bon voyage gal, shall see you when you are back.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am just thinking about how to blog about someone and that someone doesn't know that I'm blogging about him/her. Hm.. Any idea? Coz sometimes although I used "you", that person always seems to know that I'm talking about him/her. Is it that obvious? Would that be like a hypocrite? But sometimes, I wanna avoid direct conflicts. At most, just avoid him/her until I've forgotten about the incident or we have both moved on from being good/close friends to less close/normal friends.

And now I'm thinking.. Why I don't avoid direct conflicts with Jeff? Haha~ Maybe I don't go and avoid it on purpose that's why we keep quarrelling. So should I avoid all those direct conflicts and hurtful words? Would that be better? But if I avoid, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. 心里重是会有一根刺。That's why I prefer to be more direct towards him. Haha~ Even if it means that there will be an argument/someone will be hurt, I still go ahead with it. After all, when the argument/quarrel is over, at least there won't be something stuck in the heart/mind all the time. Hm.. Don't know if it's right or wrong to think this way. But sometimes he also says things which upset and hurt me. Also don't know if it's on purpose.

Oh my~ Life is so complicated.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yesterday, went for 2 interviews and okie lah. Nothing much to comment about them. Don't really wanna comment also. Since there is a 7 hour interval between the 2 interviews, I went with Jeff to watch Night at the Museum 2. Fell asleep in the cinema as I was too tired. Then went off for the second interview. Subsequently, I accompanied Jeff to his interview. Waited for him for 1 hour, then I left first as I was late in meeting Wen Min, Clarence and Xiaoyin. Gave Xiaoyin a treat at Changing Appetites. After that, we went to watch Angels and Demons. Wen Min and I fell asleep while watching that show =.= Someone sitting behind me kicked me and woke me up =/ Anyway, I feel that the show is rather similar to The Da Vinci Code. Not sure though coz I've missed some parts of the show while sleeping.

Took a cab home after that. $20.50. Faint. So expensive lah! And I was already so tired that I can fall asleep immediately even after I've just bathed. But that Jeffery got to disturb me and make me cannot sleep. Next time, I should just turn off my phone when I sleep so I would not receive any phone calls or smses.

PS: Argh! Got a headache now =(

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 3 Months Anniversary

3 months.. It's such a short time but somehow.. It seems so long to me. Haha~ Anyway, need to go for my interview already. Wish me luck =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've finally applied for some jobs. Sianz lor. So many application forms to fill in. Brain is going zzz le. Wish me luck! By the way, just now I asked my poly lecturer to be my referee. So paiseh lor. Somehow, I wish that I can be more thick-skin. Lolx~

PS: My right eye lid is swollen. OMG!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello all~ Paiseh~ I got a new blog rule: I only wanna blog about my blog in my blog itself. Don't ask/flare up at me outside my blog. And this is my blog, I just wanna write whatever I want so stop flaring up at me when you see what I've written. You want, you can write your unhappiness or whatever on my tagboard okie?
People said I should cancel the meeting but I didn't want to. Wah, I'm retiring from being a pilot already. But I wanna share one reply:

"like I said, he might be mis understanding, cos I do have friends who are always going "zzz I'm sooooooooooo tired" all the time, but they always still go out.

But if my gf said I'm tired today, dont really want to go out. then I'll respect that, and cancel the meeting. Cos it wouldnt be good, if she was forcing her self to go, plus she'll be tired, zombie like, and I'll feel like I'm abusing her as a gf. (like, u r my gf, u must come! kinda attitude)"

If only you think like him. Hm.. Small things like this can touch me.
Today, I felt so sad and cried because I think you don't love me as much as you claim/think that you do. Stop claiming that you are concern about my health when all you care about is whether I will fly your aeroplane. I gave you a choice and you chose one which is detrimental (sort of) to my health. So stop saying that you are concern about my health. Even when I tell my friends that I'm tired, they will ask me to rest well and take care. Oh well~

Disclaimer: All the yous can mean different people.
I hate you for "stealing" my friends.
For Jeff: The song which you wanted and there's lyrics attached to it.

Mediacorp Artistes, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong finally ROM-ed at Shangri-La Hotel on 16 May 2009 after a 7 year courtship. Congrats to the new couple =)

Why did he wear such an ugly pair of glasses to his ROM? Hm..

He certainly looks better without that pair of glasses.

For more info, please refer to:

Paiseh, have been lazy to upload my photos so I procrastinated in blogging. Hee~ Anyway, on 17/5/09, had lunch with family at SICC for belated Mother's Day lunch treat for my grandma coz my cousins have been busy with exams last week. Later, went to have crabs with Jia Min dear, Onyee and Aden for dinner. We went to eat at House of Seafood located at 180 Yio Chu Kang Road, near to Serangoon Gardens. Usually I prefer black pepper crabs to chilli crabs but the black pepper crabs there are sweet. OMG!! I don't like sweet black pepper crabs. They don't taste as nice as the spicy ones. The chilli crabs there are better. Anyway, here's the website for that place:

After that, we went to PS to walk for awhile then head home. Oh yeah, I wanna complain.. I've waited 1 hour plus for Jia Min at Bishan!! Boo!!! She's the Miss Late Queen. Haiz~ And there's no Starbucks at Junction 8. Quite surprising. Thought Starbucks is like practically everywhere.

Oh yeah, xx (dunno if you want me to say your name out or not?), if you got anything, you can tell me or complain to me okie? At most I try to "hong" you lor. Haha~ As you have asked me, of course lah.. All gals want their bfs to dote on them and "hong" them mah. Just whether most guys have the patience to do that or not. Even so, I don't think there is any guy who can do that all the time. Haiz~ One day they will also be sianz one lor. Who can do it 100% of the time?

Happy 6 Months Anniversary to the Skype Convo people =)

Happy 6 Months Anniversary to the Skype convo peeps. Can't believe that 6 months have passed by us just like that. We have been talking practically every night for the last 6 months! OMG!! Haha~ Cannot believe that. Hee~ But it's true.. Hope that we can maintain the friendship. We went to Fish n Co at the Glass House for dinner to sort of celebrate. Surprisingly, Minhui was early. Haha~ And the "LOVE" thingy (dunno what is it called) is gone =(

PS: I shall upload photos later. Now really lazy lah. Paiseh~
PPS: I really love it when you "hong wo shui jiao" and sing to me. Haha~ Thank you!
PPPS: Sorry Jeff, I've changed back to the original banner. The colour and everything look more pei with the blogskin. But I still love the banner you made =)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today, I went to cut my hair. The gal who washed my hair is rather bitchy lor. I don't really feel like talking to her but she kept blabbering on and on. Then she said that my hair is dropping and recommended me to buy a hair tonic. Wah.. Anyway, later I wanna ask my stylist (coz I like and trust him more) if my hair is really dropping. But the gal kept standing beside me so I felt paiseh to ask leh. Like don't trust her like that. Hm.. In the end, didn't ask. So am regretting it. Haiz~ Will you all ask? Asked a few people and they said they will. Wah.. Boo hoo~ Regret.. Haiz~

By the way, many people asked me about The Icing and I've recommended Calin to my dentist. Those companies should pay me commission for advertising for them lor. Haha!
On 14/5/09, I went for the Management Trainee Programme cum Briefing session at the SMRT Recreation Club House at Bishan. It was for 3.5 hours. OMG! So looong lor. Sianz. Haha~

Anyway, after the session, went to Kbox to celebrate Jeff's birthday.

My Mum's present to Jeff.


Me, designing Jeff's birthday cake =)

Ta da~ The end product. Eee~ So ugly. But it was fun to design cakes. Hee~

Happy Birthday to you =)

Jeff's making a wish but not telling me what it is =/


The Kbox staff is quite nice, sang the Happy Birthday song with me. But anyway, I was quite paiseh that he would laugh at my cake when he helped me to take it out from the box. Hee~ But he said that he also designed a cake there sometime back so.. Haha~ He won't laugh. Hee~

PS: I'm looking forward to eating crabs on Sunday. Haha! My fav! xD
PPS: Quite scared to go cut my hair.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

OMG!! I cannot sleep although I did try lying on my bed. I am not watching any show yet I cannot sleep because I was tempted to drink Starbucks coffee yesterday night. Someone's msn nick wrote "The one who you love most hurts you the most" (something like that, I think) but now I think the one who loves me most and whom I love most hurts me the most. Haha~ No idea what I'm talking about? Anyway, I'm talking about myself. I am so sorry to myself that I didn't take care of myself well. I didn't eat and sleep properly. I know that drinking Starbucks coffee at night can give me a sleepless night. Not like it hasn't happened before but I.. I also don't know why I still drank it yesterday. And yesterday I should have insisted on going home after making the cake and not go down to Orchard to put the cake at Giraffe, then be so fickle-minded and changed to Kbox. Now, I don't know if I love myself or hate myself. If I cannot even love myself, how can I trust anyone else to? Hm.. Something to ponder about. After all, it's better to depend on myself than on others.

Anyway, got to go for a briefing later for 3 hours. Seriously hope that I don't doze off halfway if not I'll be cham. And it's gonna be a long day so.. haiz~ My head and eyes hurt liao.
See you tonight =)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's so difficult to satisfy everybody including myself. Gee! I keep trying to make people happy but I'm not happy myself. Hm..
This is what I've received in my NUS email:

Hi, Everyone,

After careful comparison, I am very pleased to announce the winner of the group project is "Info-Intelligence Asia" led by Peggy Teo, with Avril Tan, Calvin Xie, Lydia Tay, Tan Si Pei and Yap Bing Zhi as members. Team of Gooi Xiu Ping et al and Team of Chua Ru Ting are mentioned on the honorary list.

The winning team leader can come to collect the prize next Friday.

Congratulations!!! and thank you all for your hard work.


Oh well~ We didn't win anything.

Mediacorp Artistes, Shaun Chen and Michelle Chia finally got married at Ritz-Calton on 11 May 2009 after a 5 year courtship. Haha~ Congrats to the new couple =) And they have a dessert buffet! So cool lah. I want a dessert buffet. I wanna go eat. Wahaha~ xD

The groom needs to "sacrifice" to get a good wife =)

Buddies should "suffer" together. LOLx~ =P

Nice wedding cake =)

Shaun is so touched.

Last wedding gown. Hm.. Is that considered a gown?

For more info, please refer to:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, especially my mother =)

Just treated Mummy and Ah Ma to dinner at Tang Dian Wang at BPP. Wah, got many people there. Heng, we went early. Anyway, seems like there is a queue at most restaurants. Haha~ It's Mother's Day after all.

PS: I hate ants!! Why are there so many ants on my table? Hmph!!!
PPS: Bon voyage Yimei =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clarence got kissed by a random gal while clubbing. Wah.. He zhuan dao lor. Still an shuang. Haha~ He still said gals are so daring nowadays. Yeah, well.. The world has changed~ =.=
Videos time! xD Wanna flood my blog~ Heehee =P

Paiseh, am lazy to find the lyrics. But there are lyrics on the videos.
Oh my~ I've got many things to blog about. Need to get back to being an avid blogger. Haha~ Feel so lazy nowadays after the exams. But hey, at least I've uploaded all the photos. Hee~ Then my blog will be less wordy.

Anyway, on the 6/5, I went with Eileen, Minhui, Songhoe and Jeffery to club at Zirca. Haha~ Haven't gone clubbing in like ages!

There we are, at the entrance of Zirca.

Eileen and I are trying to pose? Haha~

My 5 free drinks stubs for ladies night.

The bar table inside Zirca.

The interior~

The interior~

On the way, we passed by this pub called Clinic. Looks cool, using wheelchairs as seats. Very suitable for "lame" people.

Our dinner - Jap ramen. Doesn't really taste good and bo hua. No idea why there is a long queue outside the restaurant.

My birthday present for Jeff =)

He has opened it.

My "End of Exams" dinner. Haha~ I'm still looking forward to going to Seoul Garden one day though.

Yimei's and my ice-cream at Swensons on 5/5. Can you guess whose is who's? Hee =P

On the 7/5, went with Jeffery to take a look at the Jurong Point extension. It was okie. Nothing much. And.. I've got rashes on my neck and back. I think I'm allergic to certain alcohol. Wah biangz~ =.=

Going to design Jeff's birthday cake here. Hm.. Anyone has a nice Mr Piggy drawing? Hee~ Shall Google it.

On the 8/5, went to Pitstop with Eileen, Minhui, Jeff, Alan, Zhanyi, Cally and Minhui's friend whom I don't really know.

Tell you all something funny: Someone stole Jeff's shoes outside my house. As we took a cab back to his house to put on another pair of shoes (before going to Pitstop), I cannot help laughing. Sorry lah dear, I know it's 幸灾乐祸 but I cannot help laughing. It's really funny what. Okie, meanie me.. Next time you put inside okie? Last time already told you to put inside.

There we are, at Pitstop =) I've won Stone Age. Haha!

After Pitstop, we went home. Eeyer~ Minhui and Alan are so bad lor, ran for the bus and abandoned me. Boo hoo~ I was left alone with Jeff.

NR3 took so long to come so we went to see people doing bungee jumping and extreme swing. Wah.. I don't dare to ride on either one. They look so scary. Too thrilling for me. Hee~

People trying the extreme swing. OMG!! It looks damn scary from near. As if they were going to crash into the tree.

Okie, have updated my blog like finally. Now, I'm trying to look for a job. Haven't really seen a suitable one yet. Hm.. Oh well, need to continue looking. Good luck to me and Jeff. He also needs a new job. Haha~ =) Oh yeah, when I passed by the clinics these 2 days, I observed that there are long queues outside a couple of clinics. Wah.. So many people are falling ill? Seems like everyone needs to take care of their health =) And also, although I'm tactless, I've refrained from blogging about certain things coz it might upset some (or a few?) people. Sometimes, I wish that I've told less people about my blog =.=

When I read the post about Tinky singing to Ting Ting, I imagined the image and was laughing. So yesterday when I cannot sleep, Jeff sang me 天使。Sorry leh, I cannot help laughing. It's not becoz your singing sucks, in fact, it's good. It's just that I just simply feel like laughing. Don't know what's so funny also! But it's sweet leh, I like people singing to me! Haha~ Go and learn more songs xD

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Okie, I told Yimei I will find out more about Swine Flu. Here's the info:
I am feeling so tired now. Eyes are almost closing yet I wanna blog. And be prepared.. It will be a long one. Haha! On second thoughts, I shall reflect my life as a student another time. When I'm less tired and can do a proper reflection =)

Anyway, first things first..

EXAMS ARE OVER!! HURRAY! Time to party, time

to play. Heehee xD

Today's macro paper sucks. Haiz~ But I prefer not to talk about it. Just glad that it's over. Hope that I can do relatively well or at least pass it =)

After macro paper, I went to Orchard with Louisa to watch 17 Again. Haha~ It's a nice show but I fell asleep in the cinema =.= Guess I was too tired, I really tried my best to keep my eyes open lor =( Before the movie, I actually went to buy the book that Jeff wanted and a card to surprise him but guess I wasn't that good in giving people surprises. Ah yah~ and Jeff flown my aeroplane. Which reminded me.. Lucky Bread and company flew my aeroplane earlier, if not I would have bought a cake for Jeff to pitstop. Then if he didn't come, I would be so paiseh =.= Haha~ I was just telling MH that. Lucky I haven't ordered the cake yet. Next time don't anyhow try to surprise people, you may end up being surprised! Or shocked!

So anyway, I was so sad and disappointed lah.. I was so looking forward to going out and enjoying myself today. But Jeff got OT so I also cannot do anything. Heng, I called Yimei and asked if she's free. And she happened to be free and at home so can accompany me to Swensons and eat ice-cream. Hee~ I ate a main course and ice-cream. So li hai. Photos will (might) be uploaded later. Lolx~ But anyway, thanks for meeting me gal =)

Lastly, yesterday, I almost fainted seeing my UOB bank statement. I spent $500 plus last month. OMG!! Like how on earth did I do that?

PS: Thanks Bao Chuan for the belated birthday gift and Happy Birthday to Guan Zhi. Hee~ All the best in your exams yeah? Cheers!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I feel like dying for tmr's EC3102 paper. Haiz =( And I cannot really concentrate to study. How? Anyone can help me? *sob sob* Oh, and Louisa said today she went at 8am but is still queuing to take her temp. Wah.. Then I got to go earlier tmr. I try. Haiz~ Time is really running out for me. Argh!! I predict I will look like a panda tmr with the serious lack of sleep. Don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

PS: Someone xing zai le huo lor =( Mr Meanie~~
I suddenly thought of what to do for Jeff's birthday. Hohoho~ xD

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hey people, sorry for being so emo on my blog. Ah~ Don't know what has been happening to me. Some things are small stuff but I made a big fuss out of it. Can I push the blame to the exam stress? Hee =P But not to worry, I'm fine now. Hope to post happier things and less sad stuff. Okie, after exams I shall go out and enjoy myself more and post more photos. Don't wanna cope up at home anymore. Also need to look for a job. Any lobang? xD
I just wanna be pampered, doted on and loved. Heehee~

And I just received a sad news from school. Have to go 1 hour earlier than the exam time to take our temperatures. WTH! That means got to reach school at 8am. OMG! So damn early can?!?! Sianz 1/2 liao.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I miss the old me so much.
I cannot hear the bloody alarm clock and overslept. OMG! So much time wasted. But.. just as well. Cannot really concentrate on my books =(

Today, I picked up my phone wanting to call you. But I realise I can no longer share certain things with you. I don't know how to go about sharing or telling you what has happened to me and asking you for opinions. I miss how we used to talk about anything and everything (almost). Now, I feel like I'm troubling you sometimes, acting like your burdens coz you have problems/troubles of your own also. Well, who doesn't? And I really got troubles too often these days.
Hello, Miss Avid Blogger is here to blog again. Wanna keep away from blogging but there seems so much to blog about. I've posted this song here again. This time, this song keeps appearing in my head coz it depicts my feelings and situation quite well? I suppose so. I'm very sorry to myself and some people. I've broken my promise to post light-hearted and cheerful things here. But recently, like got nothing happy happening to me. Haiz~

PS: I really need to 收拾好心情 and mug for my macro =/


你指向远方 爱情很晴朗
怕泪会反光 钻进你的胸膛
但那不是感动 是 泪无法储藏

把美梦锁上 以为是天堂
还得乔装安份 靠在你肩膀

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 该怎么生活

你说你喜欢 我笑得开朗
你越温柔 我越不想撒谎
客气地配合你 我感觉更勉强

别人的幸福 何必要模仿
心不在何苦 留躯壳在身旁
加满自由 我要无重量飞翔

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 该怎么生活
放了爱 会明白
有种拥有 叫做放手

我的心 为爱流离失所

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 想要的生活
放了爱 你会明白
有种拥有 叫做放手

The part in blue is so true~
Do you love me enough to let me go?
My smile has been replaced by tears...

郭美美- 许愿树

梦破了沉默便不敢哭 伤痛了拥抱胜过安抚
你最会解读 我内心的日记簿
错一次就像看一本书 而用心的从泪水提炼礼物
太过倔强 虽然有苦说不出
跑上了山坡尽头断了路 勇敢就是我的许愿树
我用梦想 在天空中飘浮
海边的日出前都会有雾 勇敢就是我的许愿树
用眼光照亮 模了糊
每当我追求完美太顽固 是你化身我的许愿树
你给了我 无限量的呵护
每当你突发奇想要倾诉 让我化身你的许愿树
为你一起哼着 幸福

A song which I like.
Wish to dedicate this to Jieying =) Although she said that she's all right already but still.. something cute for her. Hee~

Happy Birthday to my dear cousin, Julian =) Although your bday is tmr.. I wish you here first. Just in case I'm not going to blog tmr. Haha~
Happy Labour Day everyone =) All 辛苦的 workers.. You deserve a break =)