Monday, June 27, 2011

Haven't gotten used to the new blogskin. Find it quite weird especially when I post pictures/photos up.

Anyone good in HTML or blogs can give some advice?
Wanna rant!! Bought a groupon for colourful nail bar and booked an appointment for Diana and me yesterday. We even took a cab all the way to marine parade, roxy square and the shop was closed. They have the annual company trip. Wth lor. They have their annual company trip still allow us to do the booking. What a waste of our time!

Hope to get a refund from groupon. Don't feel like going there anymore.
Product Review

Just went to buy another LoveMore mask at Watsons yesterday. Last time bought the pink one, now am gonna try the green one =) Haha. See which one nice. I really love this LoveMore mask coz there's a hook to hook to my ears. This allows me to watch TV, surf the internet and play iPhone games while doing mask. In the past, I feel so lazy to do masks as it kinda waste my time as I have to lie down.

Also, I really feel that this mask has the lifting effect. Makes my face tight!

Me doing mask. Ah yoh~ Look so unglam leh.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've finally changed my blogskin!! Yay! xD Now I need to figure out how to edit some stuff. Almost forgotten how to play around with the HTML code.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sometimes we tend to hurt other people with our words and/or actions. But some things still need to be done. Some things still need to be said. How?? We can either hurt others or ourselves. So should we be selfish or selfless? But we only live once. How many times can we be good to ourselves?

Ah yoh~ Very fan!! Does being nice to others sometimes mean being cruel to yourself?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anyone like to buy sales items? Think that the quality of sales items are not so good.. Spoil quite easily even if it's expensive stuff. Wonder how true is that?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alamak!! Don't know why I kept having all those weird dreams =.=

Maybe I should write down all my dreams in a book coz I only remembered them shortly after I wake up. Then later forget liao.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Job application

I know and understand how hard it is to find the ideal/dream job or even simply just a job. Well, something could be wrong with their resume and/or interview. Now, how to perfect your resume or interview skills? Don't ask me coz my interview skills suck =.= So why am I writing this? Because sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with your resume and/or interview skills! Last time my boss actually didn't choose some people coz they were over-qualified for the job! They did too well for the interview. Sometimes, I think it's just plain luck. If your interviewer like you, you will definitely be selected =)

Anyway, I wish that I can help these people find jobs.. Seriously. I saw some people asking in fp that they want referrals to work in banks. But too bad, it's not within my means. If I can help, I will. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Travel Trip

I wanna change my blogskin. Sourcing for a nice one =) Anyone has any idea? I want something bright and cheery so that it can raise my spirits up whenever I look at it. Haha~ Is livejournal, tumblr, etc.. better? But I don't wanna lose all my previous posts.

Anyway, just remember that I haven't updated about  my KL trip with Diana. And it was more than 1 month ago. Oops~ Paiseh ah~ Let me try to recall about it.

30/4/11 Sat

Assembled at Grand Orchard Central hotel at about 7:30am to take the WTS bus to KL. Woo~ Excited!!

The bus we took. Not bad, quite comfortable. Just that it's very hard to adjust the seat. By the way, I really wish that these tour buses can have better entertainment system. 

As we were stuck in a bad traffic jam at Tuas checkpoint area, we only reached KL at about 2:30pm. The traffic in KL was also bad. By the time, we checked in to our hotel, it is already about 3:30pm. By the way, we stayed at Istana Hotel. The staff there are very nice and polite. Thumbs up for the service! =) And I like our room very muchie =)

This is the entrance to our room. I don't know why but I can't rotate the photo. It is saved correctly in my computer but don't know why appear like that in blogger. Tried a few times liao lor =( 

The bathroom. There's a bathtub and a standing shower cubicle. Cool right? Clean too. 

Shower cubicle.

The toilet is right behind the bathroom.. Inside it. Got another separate door. Haha~ I like. But one bad thing about this bathroom/toilet is that the doors can't be locked. Argh!! No sense of security. 

2 people can brush teeth at the same time. Heh~

Robes provided.

Coffee, tea or ME? =P Sorry, also can't rotate this photo. Don't know why some can, some cannot.

Huge space to put clothes and luggages.

Tada~!! Beds with lotsa pillows.

The view from our room.

After we have checked in, we decided to go for lunch. Hungry lor!! Wanted to eat at A&W but someone was complaining about their root beer float. And there was a super long queue. Diaoz~ So we left.

Cute!! Miss it!

We just walked around and went to Lot 10. In Singapore, got Lot 1.. In KL, got Lot 10. Haha~ I went to both. Don't know what to eat and we actually asked the customer service staff for recommendation. She recommended us to eat at Bon Ton. The food there was great!! But expensive lah~

See the area.. So nice...


Got indoor seating as well as outdoor. I would recommend outdoor =)

Stupid photos!! Why can't rotate properly?!?!?!

US! Gosh, I love my rebonded hair now =)

Diana's fish.

My black pepper chicken chop with mango. Not bad!   

The satay was yummylicious!! Seriously! I love it! There's a nice satay stall at Newton Circus but I can't really remember which stall it is =(

The total bill came up to about RM90 plus.

After filling our stomachs, we went SHOPPING!! Heehee~ Just shopped nearby at Bukit Bintang area and Sungei Wang. Quite crowded in Sungei Wang. I went to change my iPhone screen protector. Diana made me pay more for a t-shirt lor =( Blogged about it before so shall not elaborate here.

Since we had such a full meal at 4pm plus, we didn't eat dinner. We just went to have desserts at T.bowl. It is a toilet concept restaurant.

 Cute menu~ 


Cool seats eh?

 Our table

Closed up view. 

Basin under the table.

My ice lemon tea in the cup used for putting toothbrushes. 

Gosh! How to reduce/remove my eyebags??  

Diana's ice-cream. It looked like... Oops~ =P But taste not bad lah.

Closed up look. Actually, she wanna order the chocolate flavour but chocolate will really look like... lor. Haha!! 

My dessert in a "bathtub". Taste not bad. 

Why my house's toilet bowls are so plain and boring??

The restaurant's design.


Kawaii neh.

After dessert, we walked back to our hotel for a short rest. Wanted to go for a drink at night but lazy. Legs so tired. In the end, we just settled going to the lounge near the hotel lobby. I didn't drink any alcohol. I drank tea. Haha~ Don't know why.

The lounge looked nice. There was a band playing and people singing.

By the way, I took more photos with my handphone (which I haven't uploaded on my computer yet) as I didn't bring my camera to the hotel lounge. Left it in the room. The above photo of the lounge was actually taken the next day morning.

1/5/11 Sun

Went for breakfast in the morning at the hotel's cafe. I wanna sit outdoor but Diana wanna sit indoor. It's not even hot lor. Can get some morning breeze. Don't know why we have so many differences during this trip =.= In the end, I let her lor =( But I still went outdoor myself to take photos!

Argh!! Can't stand why the photos look like this!

Buffet breakfast indoor.

I like the alfresco dining. Better what. 

Swimming pool view somemore. 

After breakfast, we took a cab to KLCC. I wanna go to the Petronas Twin Tower bridge there. It was crowded and tickets were sold out. OMG!! At 10am plus and the tickets were sold out for the day. WTH lor. Been to KL so many times but have never been up the Petronas Twin Tower before. Maybe they should increase the ticket price. KL Menara Tower is more expensive and the tickets never got sold out before. Not that I know of anyway.

What to do.. Only can take photos downstairs lor. 

 Nice hor?

ME!!! Haha~

Cannot go up the tower, so we went shopping at KLCC lor. Didn't really buy anything there coz all the shops are expensive and branded. The branded stuff are about the same price as those of Singapore.

We had coffee at Cafe Vienna. Really need our daily dose of coffee if not we will feel so lethargic. 

See how my latte was served? Nice right? 

Many angels on the ceiling. 
This shop name is so cool!!

After window shopping at KLCC, Diana went to highlight her hair at Fahrenheit. While she highlight her hair, I went to shop around a bit myself. I walked all the way to Berjaya Times Square then decided to shop around there as Diana said that she didn't wanna go there. Diaoz lor. Come all the way to KL still don't want to go there. Anyway, she went there with me in the end.

Krispy Kreme shop!! It's located at Berjaya Times Square. By the way, surprisingly, this time the vertical photo turn out okie. 

Smell great =)

Feel so hungry now looking at the photo!!!

I bought a box for Diana and me!

Why no Krispy Kreme in Singapore?

There was a cafe there. Should be quite good if I can sit there, have a drink and eat doughnuts. But I got no time leh. Wanna shop around first before Diana finished doing her hair. As it was really hot and I don't really know the direction back to Fahrenheit, I took a cab back there to meet Diana. First time taking a cab alone in KL. But okie lah. The cab driver was quite nice and friendly. Better than Singapore ones.

After meeting Diana, we went to have lunch at Dome at Pavilion. There was a fashion show and event going on. OMG~ The music was so loud until we felt our hearts thumping.

Juicy Couture shop!! Huge! I like a pink bag but I scared cannot take photos inside so... didn't take any photo of the bag.

We went to Berjaya Times Square after Pavilion. Bought some cute stuff there. Took a cab back to the hotel afterwards.

Ordered room service coz was really too tired and it was raining heavily. My char kway teow was really salty =.=

Heehee~ Our achievements!!

Hello Kitty earrings!!

Just did our masks for the night and we zzz.  Nothing interesting on TV there leh.

2/5/11 Mon

We didn't have breakfast at the Hotel (wasted) as we woke up late. We had Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to walk around nearby. Bought some food from Isetan supermarket to bring up the coach. Also bought some Taiwan magazines to read. Then we went back to the hotel at about 2pm and waited for the coach. The coach was about 30 mins late lor.

We were stuck in the stupid traffic jam again and we only reached Singapore at 11pm. 宝宝 came and fetched me from Grand Orchard Central and we took cab back.

Okie, that makes up my KL trip. Took so long to blog about it.