Thursday, March 19, 2009

16/3~ Jeffery came to NUS to help me carry the shoes to return to Im@geturn. I feel touched. Thank you =) Then I treated him to ThaiExpress. Went home late that day which pissed my Mum off. Recently, I kept pissing people off. Hm.. I guess it is really difficult to make everyone happy. Yeah, including myself. I haven't been feeling very happy lately.

17/3~ Went to school at 10am to do the BSP1005 presentation and report. Pretty last minute but we managed to finish the report by 3pm. That's a whopping 5 hours but yeah, great that we can complete it. Hee xD. I shall compile the slides tonight then okie liao. Didn't sleep at all for the entire night lor. Haiz~ =(

18/3~ While rushing to school, I dropped my son =( We got shot many chim questions during the BSP1005 presentation. Wah.. there's this guy who likes to shoot people with difficult questions. What the... Got this gal even picked on our English! Hm.. like what Vina said, our class is critical. Oh well~ Went home then slept immediately. So tired out lor~

19/3~ Nothing much happened. It is an ordinary day. Except that becoz it is getting late, I don't want to meet Jeffery anymore. But his reaction made me feel bad. Haiz~ Wah lau eh~ Damn sad lah, these few days I cannot concentrate fully on my studies. Die lah. I don't know what to do. Exams are coming! Pek chek lor. Where is my metal heart? Nobody understands me. Should I be compromising? But if I do, I wouldn't feel good. So it is a matter of myself feeling good or making the other party happy. Which one should I choose?

PS: How come no one tries to make me happy ah?
PPS: Jiajia said that I 重色轻友。Do I? But I only have 24 hours a day leh, how to share with so many people =.=

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