Monday, November 25, 2013

Haiz~ Why do I feel so 煩 so easily nowadays? Little things seem to irritate me more than it used to. I really have no idea why. I think I'm just getting more impatient. Or are the people around me getting more annoying?

Maybe I just need to relax. I know I suck at relaxing. Oops~

Just a side note: For those people with high salary, are they afraid of being retrenched and being replaced by people with lower salary? So sometimes, it does seem scary if one was to keep working in the same organization and keep getting increment. For retrenchment, I think they will retrench people who are more "expensive" rather than people who are less capable. Okie, I am worrying over nothing again. Oops =.=

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Batam Day Trip

It is possible to go to Batam and back to Singapore in a day. Was feeling bored one day and decided to just head out to Batam with Onyee for food, supermarket shopping and facial. We also tried out foot reflexology and cut our hair there!

The ferry tickets cost $47 per person for a return trip. We took Batam Fast. Think there is currently a promotion to get tickets at $38 from But the ferry is Wavemaster. Never tried Wavemaster before. Maybe I'll try it one day!

There was a long queue as usual.

Many people were going to Batam on that day!

Onyee and I =)

Bye Singapore! =)

The interior of the ferry.

We were feeling hungry so we went to Coffee Town for some food first.

See the price? It's damn cheap! But the food portion is very little. Thought I took a photo of my bowl of mee soto but I can't seem to find it. Strange.

I love the ice tea there.

After we had something to eat, we went to The Spa Secret for facial and foot reflexology. As there were quite a lot of people there. We had to go for our facial and haircut first, then go for some supermarket shopping before coming back here for the foot reflexology. The Spa Secret looks beautiful. I like the interior design of that place.

By the way, the blackhead extraction was really extremely painful. Seriously. Was crying/tearing quite a lot. Never had such a painful extraction before. My face (especially the nose area) was also very red after the extraction. 

The Spa Secret is located just opposite Nagoya Hill and beside The Hills hotel.

The interior looks nice right?

Getting ready for my facial.

See my new haircut and my red nose. 

Oh yeah. This is the before photo. 

Onyee was cutting her hair. We have the same hair stylist.

Went to eat Ayam Penyet nearby before our foot reflexology. Sorry, just realize that I didn't take any photo of our foot reflexology session. It was really too dark in the room to take photo. Anyway, I don't recommend the foot reflexology there. Like can't feel anything. I prefer the foot reflexology in Eska.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hoshino again

I kept going to Hoshino somehow. Haha. Don't know why. Already did 2 reviews there previously - and Now you know what happen to my money. A lot of them goes to food and beverages.

I love the creme bulee there. But the way, the size looks kinda weird here. Hm..

Review - Kazokutei

There are many new restaurants in Plaza Singapura and its new extension. Went to try out this Japanese restaurant in Plaza Singapura with Robin the other day. The food there is not bad. I can't really remember the price. Don't think that it is expensive.


I was surfing the Internet and I happened to chance upon Xiaxue's blog. Wow! She has a new blog post here - It has been ages since she has like really blog properly. Anyway, after reading that blog post, I think that my clock is also going tick-tock, tick-tock. I seem so busy everyday, even weekends. Sometimes, I don't even know what I am busy with. I just keep feeling tired and hungry (sometimes) almost everyday. Terrible right? In fact, I really need to go and sleep soon. I can feel that a flu is coming. Argh!

Oh well. I can't imagine how I will be like if I become a Mum. How will I allocate my precious time? Will I have time to do my own things? Some ME time? Guess mothers are really noble so.. We need to treasure our Mums okie? Especially those full-time working Mums. They are superwomen! We will keep this in mind whenever our Mums nag and start to... Haha~

By the way, although I have been using my Samsung phone for quite some time, I am still not used to it. I don't know how to shift my app icons around the screen. I think my iPhone was more user-friendly.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Just wanna share with you guys and gals what I eat for lunch on some days. I had it at munch. The rosti there is great! Tasted almost like Marche's but cheaper.

Review - RamenPlay

RamenPlay is a modern, authentic Japanese ramen restaurant serving ramen dishes in an upbeat and lively setting with bright lights. RamenPlay is a collaboration between Singapore’s BreadTalk Group Limited and Japanese Sanpou Co. Ltd which has decades of experience in the Japanese food and beverage industry.

Robin and I went to try out the RamenPlay restaurant in Suntec. It is located in the basement. I actually find the food there not bad. Worth a try.