Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am feeling kinda 烦 lately with work, etc.. Am I feeling burnout? Oh boy… Damn sianz~ There seem to have more annoying and worrying things working than studying.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I am here to rant again. Oops~ I am such a rant queen. Anyway, I really hate it when people owe me money and/or things. Gee~ Why can't they be more automatic? It's not like they are poor or anything.

Brighton Trip Part 5

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The next day, we were ready to begin our tour around London. Yay! We were looking forward to it. The weather in London then was slightly warmer than in Brighton. We booked the The Original London Sightseeing Open Top Bus Tour tickets and The London Passes online before going. If you are interested, here are the links - http://www.theoriginaltour.com and http://www.londonpass.com. Can take the open top bus to go around some of the popular attractions in central London. Quite fun.

Getting ready to explore London!

The view outside our hotel.

The oyster card. It comes in a nice cover.

Surprisingly, it was quite empty in the tube.

Trafalgar Square. The nearest tube station is Charring Cross.

Saw Tourism Malaysia there. Wow.

We finally found the place to collect our Original Bus Tour tickets. We had a difficult time finding this place. Tried to ask for directions but the people there were all tourists! 

Had breakfast at Garfunkel's after collecting our tickets.

I LOVE my omelette. It is really very very nice. A must try!

I also like the service at Garfunkel's. There is a cute waiter there! Haha.

Saw this cool hotel.

Finally found the place to collect our London passes.

The Original Bus Tour.

I saw our Singapore flag there. Cool.

Buckingham Palace. The guard looks so cute with his big furry hat.

Too bad Buckingham Palace was closed on that day. Boo.

Jerica. She looks so cute.

The London Eye.

The buildings in London look so unique and cool. I like their architecture.