Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I cannot open blogspot with firefox =.= Got to use IE. Haiz~ But I'm still lazy to upload my photos. Also don't have many good photos to upload leh.

22/3~ So sad lah. I did not have a good one month anniversary =(. Morning, I went to buy cakes then went to Jeffery's house. I bought a cup, towel, headband and wristband for Jeff. I even wrote him a card lah. I wanted to buy something but I couldn't find it in BPP or CWP. Boo! But he only gave me a rubic cube and a water bottle. Somemore, his art is like... =.= not very artistic and nice leh =P

No romantic dinner coz I got a headache and went home early to sleep. Eeyer~ So bu shuang leh. But.. actually, 付出的感觉也蛮好的。xD

23/3~ Went down to Bugis with Jeffery to engrave our necklaces. Saw Saliah working at the shop (Silver Corner). Haha~ So I really didn't see wrongly on that day. It's really her. Long time no see liao lor! Exchanged our numbers and arranged to meet up with Diana and her on Sunday. Feel excited coz.. we have lost touch for like around 6-7 years. And we have known each other for 10 years already. Can celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Haha xD

Jeffery gave me a treat at Crystal Jade to make up for yesterday. But Crystal Jade isn't romantic leh. Haiz~ Okie okie, I am now doing my favourite activity.. hiaming~ oops~ But really what. *pout* Took neoprints with Jeff also. Let you all see xD

So small. Dunno why =/

I like this photo! xD

24/3~ Went to Causeway Point Singtel shop to change my handphone. Yay! I got a pink handphone! =D

This is the phone I've got =) But it's quite difficult to use a touchscreen phone. Haha, perhaps I'm just not used to it yet.

Wanted to go and pull out my wisdom teeth but need to book an appointment. Already booked an appointment to go on the 4/4. Wish me luck. By the way, got this salesperson at Guardian who was quite rude to Mummy. Jeffery took half day leave to surprise me at the dental clinic. But ended up, I haven't pulled out the teeth yet. =.= Thanks dear anyway =) Oh yeah, my new specs hurts my ears =.-

And this ring is nice~

PS: Seeing Minhui studying so hard makes me feel guilty for slacking leh. So long didn't see her and didn't really talk to her online liao. But it's good that she has the determination. Haiz~ I also want! I wish to concentrate fully also.

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