Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NTU's final year engineering student stabs professor

So scary and sad~ A promising young life has been lost just like that. To think that he was a smart student who came to Singapore on an Asean scholarship. Hm.. I wonder if he did what he has done due to too much stress. Better handle stress appropriately and don't be too extreme. May he rest in peace and the professor get well soon. For more info, please refer to http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/412450/1/.html

Many thanks to everyone who is concern about me. I'm fine, I really am. I should stop feeling stress and guilty. Must learn to relax a bit. Haha~ Today was a relaxing day, nice and pleasant. Even the weather is great! =) Met with Wen Min at PS to collect some shoes for the photo shoot. The Image Turn's boss is very nice and friendly. Shared with us his business experiences and stuff. Learnt quite a number of things from him. After that, I met up with Jeffery. I asked him some tough and ridiculous questions. But.. who knows? It may happen in real life. Anyway, I seemed to cheer up asking bo liao questions leh. Hm.. I really miss just being happy and not having to think about projects, assignments and stuff. Come to think of it, I really should relax, exercise a bit and just enjoy myself sometimes. Therefore, I cannot wait for my birthday! A good reason/excuse to play! Heehee xD Jeffery helped a lady and was on "Just for laugh" --> something like that.. I forgot. So, do look out for him on tv one day. Haha~

Spent an enjoyable time at my house with Jeffery. I shall change my viewpoint. It is not time wasted for me. Heehee~ In Econs, there's an opportunity cost for everything. So, it is okie lah. Yay! Just wanna be happy and at peace =) And somehow, now I suddenly don't feel guilty for not replying to smses or taking a long time to reply. Don't know if it's bad to the sender(s) but I don't care le. They can happily flood my phone. I just hope that they are understanding lah, if they are not, lalala~ not my business also. Hee~

Oh yeah, I got 20.5/35 for my macro. That tough paper. Although I wasn't that happy about it, heng, I've passed! Coz that paper really sucked man~ Hope to do better in the final exam bah. Don't know my results for the EC2374 quiz yet though. Hope will be better than macro. Okie, I shall go to sleep soon as I have an 8am lecture tomorrow. So tired. I need more sleep. Haven't managed to watch my macro webcast yet but I will definitely do it tomorrow after tuition. I shall go straight home after tuition tomorrow and no more procrastinating. Yeah, so good night to everyone. Sweet dreams =)

PS: Ah, I really must learn from Regina. Able to juggle so many things. 佩服,佩服。

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