Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okie, I'm here to blog. If I wanna blog about everything, it's gonna be a long one and.. yeah, Shan.. I'm lazy so.. let me cut the long story short.

Sat, I went to watch Street Fighter and Confessions of a Shopaholic with Jeffery. Heehee~ Confessions of a Shopaholic is nice. So funny~! Haha. Worth watching. Diana, you said you wanna watch a movie right? Can go watch Confessions... It's good =)

Sun, met up with Diana and Saliah. Wow~ We've known each other for about 10 years already. Haha~ How time flies.. Sometimes I wish that I was still in sec sch. So young and stress-free.. But actually, I think I like poly days the best xD Feel quite happy for Saliah, seems like she's really enjoying her work and her boss treats her well. Good for her~ =)

I really dislike the EC2374 prof. So unhelpful and doesn't seem to like teaching. Asked me to email her but when I emailed her, she doesn't reply. What the hell lor... I have a question to ask leh =/Oh yeah, just uploaded loads of photos onto facebook. Wah, I got so many albums on facebook! By the way, Jeffery is such a meanie, he lied in his blog! =.=

Friday, March 27, 2009

I went to see a doctor and she said that I was down with food poisoning =/

Louisa said that the EC2374 prof was rude to her.. Yeah, she seems dao~

My dear daughter (hp) hanged for no reason today. I haven't even dropped her before. Sob sob~

I haven't complained about the Vision Co manager although Jeffery got me the boss' number. Decided not to be so mean.

Why does Jeffery sweat so much? Hm.. =.=

I want the best of both world.. Who can help me? =(

I've tried not to blog so much but I cannot help it. I'm such a blogger. Haha~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I got a flu but can't take flu med. Coz I will feel so drowsy and keep sleeping =( By the way, the staff at Vision Co. optician shop is more polite than the manager! The manager is like quite rude. Hm..

The Chinese Economy textbook is so chim.. Uses such chim English.. Or is it that my English is too lousy? Something worth pondering over...
I cannot open blogspot with firefox =.= Got to use IE. Haiz~ But I'm still lazy to upload my photos. Also don't have many good photos to upload leh.

22/3~ So sad lah. I did not have a good one month anniversary =(. Morning, I went to buy cakes then went to Jeffery's house. I bought a cup, towel, headband and wristband for Jeff. I even wrote him a card lah. I wanted to buy something but I couldn't find it in BPP or CWP. Boo! But he only gave me a rubic cube and a water bottle. Somemore, his art is like... =.= not very artistic and nice leh =P

No romantic dinner coz I got a headache and went home early to sleep. Eeyer~ So bu shuang leh. But.. actually, 付出的感觉也蛮好的。xD

23/3~ Went down to Bugis with Jeffery to engrave our necklaces. Saw Saliah working at the shop (Silver Corner). Haha~ So I really didn't see wrongly on that day. It's really her. Long time no see liao lor! Exchanged our numbers and arranged to meet up with Diana and her on Sunday. Feel excited coz.. we have lost touch for like around 6-7 years. And we have known each other for 10 years already. Can celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Haha xD

Jeffery gave me a treat at Crystal Jade to make up for yesterday. But Crystal Jade isn't romantic leh. Haiz~ Okie okie, I am now doing my favourite activity.. hiaming~ oops~ But really what. *pout* Took neoprints with Jeff also. Let you all see xD

So small. Dunno why =/

I like this photo! xD

24/3~ Went to Causeway Point Singtel shop to change my handphone. Yay! I got a pink handphone! =D

This is the phone I've got =) But it's quite difficult to use a touchscreen phone. Haha, perhaps I'm just not used to it yet.

Wanted to go and pull out my wisdom teeth but need to book an appointment. Already booked an appointment to go on the 4/4. Wish me luck. By the way, got this salesperson at Guardian who was quite rude to Mummy. Jeffery took half day leave to surprise me at the dental clinic. But ended up, I haven't pulled out the teeth yet. =.= Thanks dear anyway =) Oh yeah, my new specs hurts my ears =.-

And this ring is nice~


PS: Seeing Minhui studying so hard makes me feel guilty for slacking leh. So long didn't see her and didn't really talk to her online liao. But it's good that she has the determination. Haiz~ I also want! I wish to concentrate fully also.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello people~ Haven't been blogging lately coz I haven't uploaded photos. Hee~ Have been busy lately so.. wait ah~

Just post a nice song here first:

Would you be there by Redwan Ali~ The lyrics is on the video itself, so don't need to paste any lyrics =)

And while searching for this video on youtube, I happened to chance upon this video which someone made for their anniversary. Hm.. Quite cool to make a video leh. Perhaps I will do so if I have plenty of time since I sort of know how to do it. Haha~

Would you be there?

PS: I suddenly have this thought: I'm getting tired already. I just wanna stay at home and be a taitai. Haha~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's not that I have nothing to do. I have. Tons of things to do but.. really no mood to study or do my work leh =.=
Yawnz~ Feel so lethargic man. Now, I'm suffering for the lack of sleep these past few days. Have been sleeping so little and tired myself out. Slept for like practically only 1 hour plus to 2 hours last night. Felt so sick this morning. So when I sms Jeffery and said that I am unable to meet him this morning, he actually said okie and asked me to take care. Haha~ I actually felt happy for awhile. Thought that he has become understanding. See, what I want is so simple, just your understanding. I don't even expect you to come and bring me to see the doctor! But.. We quarrelled over this again after I got home and woke up. Yeah, I flew your aeroplane again.. But I was really sick what. So you want to see me faint while going to your house then you happy right? Gee~ You must have hated me. Anyway, as I've told you.. I am quite sick and tired of the frequent arguments so let's let go once we quarrel again? If you are not emotionally tired yet, I am already.

Wonder how I will fare for the MKT2413 test this morning. The true/false questions seem quite chim. Don't know is it true or false. Then there is this part on deriving your own scale measurement or something.. I just anyhow write coz I'm really not sure what she wants. =.= Oh, and I felt cheated by the prof lah. 2 questions came out from a topic she said not tested. What the.. That time I even went to ask her whether that topic will be tested or not. Haiz~ =(

Oh yeah, I suddenly recalled something: one day while we were doing the BSP1005 assignment, Terence suddenly thought of a question and he just went to knock on Dr Soma's office door alone. Wah.. so zai. Like so random. Lolx~ Then he said must make use of school fees. Wah, really a true-blooded business student! Anyway, I find that those econs profs are not helpful one leh.

PS: It would be better if you can think for me, instead of thinking of me.
A quiz I have done in facebook. Is it true? Lolx~ To a certain extent maybe =)

You are lovely and caring. You help others and spread out a lot of sympathy. Your life aim maybe is to serve the people. But your weakness is that you forget about yourself, your own needs. All your time is hold back for your friends and family. You are always there for people in trouble. Ready for any emergency. You make a lot of sacrifices just to be a good human. But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny. Don't loose yourself in work or curing other people's souls. You will have your own problems in your life. Another problem is that you don't say your opinion when it's right and important to say it. People trample onto your soul if you are always so kind and lovely and helpful. They will play on you. Though you should try to relax more and enjoy your life, you should not loose the gift that was given to you to help others . Not everyone is created this way... You are uniqe and rare!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Biz library is so quiet that it's a bit eerie. Haha~ Quite paiseh to make any noise so gotta be gentle. Lolx~ Anyway, am mugging hard for tomorrow's test. All the best to me! xD By the way, am quite surprised that there are more than 1,000 viewers in my blog. Haha~ Must be some people keep viewing it. Please remember to tag when you visit hor. Thanks =)

And I really miss talking to you, telling you my problems and listening to what you have to say. But I guess you are busy. Things just aren't the same anymore with both of us being so busy. I can understand, I should understand. You need to chiong for your cap mah. Hopefully, we can go back to where we were during the holidays. Long time didn't go out already lor. I miss going out and crapping with you =)
Just now Jeffery came over to give me a musical box. I don't know what to say.. Think I'm not a good gf. Hm.. I'm sorry. Although I always say sorry has no effect but.. besides sorry, I really don't know what to say. I want you to understand me yet I do not understand you. I don't know who is in the wrong.. Perhaps we are all selfish, only want the other party to give in to us.

I used to find it hard to cry but recently, I can cry easily. Haiz~ Don't know what happen to me siah. Sometimes, I hate myself lor. I lack discipline. I need to be more disciplined. But don't know how. See or don't see? For me, see le will 舍不得,might as well don't see. Don't see then can suppress it and not think about it for the moment while I concentrate on doing my work. Haiz~ I should wish for a metal heart on my birthday. I hate to be distracted...
I just happened to chance upon this while I was randomly surfing the net.

Say It With Roses

Meaning of colour

* Black - You're my obsession.
* Blue - You're unique.
* Champagne - You're tender & loving.
* Orange - You're my secret love.
* Pink - I declare my love to you.
* Red - Eternal & passionate love.
* White - Pure & innocent.

Number of Stalks

* 1 - Love at first sight.
* 2 - Mutual feeling.
* 3 - I love you.
* 7 - I'm infatuated by you.
* 9 - Together as long as we live.
* 10 - You're perfect.
* 11 - You're my treasured one.
* 12 - Be my steady.
* 13 - Friends forever.
* 15 - I'm sorry.
* 20 - I'm sincere towards you.
* 21 - I'm committed to you.
* 36 - I'll remember our romantic moments.
* 40 - My love is genuine.
* 99 - I'll love you till the day I die.
* 101 - You're my one and only.
* 108 - Will you marry me?
* 999 - My love will last till the end of time.

By the way, I never know that there are black roses. Hm..
Just to share a song which I like =)


你指向远方 爱情很晴朗
怕泪会反光 钻进你的胸膛
但那不是感动 是 泪无法储藏

把美梦锁上 以为是天堂
还得乔装安份 靠在你肩膀

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 该怎么生活

你说你喜欢 我笑得开朗
你越温柔 我越不想撒谎
客气地配合你 我感觉更勉强

别人的幸福 何必要模仿
心不在何苦 留躯壳在身旁
加满自由 我要无重量飞翔

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 该怎么生活
放了爱 会明白
有种拥有 叫做放手

我的心 为爱流离失所

放了爱 为了爱
这不是我 想要的生活
放了爱 你会明白
有种拥有 叫做放手

Thursday, March 19, 2009

16/3~ Jeffery came to NUS to help me carry the shoes to return to Im@geturn. I feel touched. Thank you =) Then I treated him to ThaiExpress. Went home late that day which pissed my Mum off. Recently, I kept pissing people off. Hm.. I guess it is really difficult to make everyone happy. Yeah, including myself. I haven't been feeling very happy lately.

17/3~ Went to school at 10am to do the BSP1005 presentation and report. Pretty last minute but we managed to finish the report by 3pm. That's a whopping 5 hours but yeah, great that we can complete it. Hee xD. I shall compile the slides tonight then okie liao. Didn't sleep at all for the entire night lor. Haiz~ =(

18/3~ While rushing to school, I dropped my son =( We got shot many chim questions during the BSP1005 presentation. Wah.. there's this guy who likes to shoot people with difficult questions. What the... Got this gal even picked on our English! Hm.. like what Vina said, our class is critical. Oh well~ Went home then slept immediately. So tired out lor~

19/3~ Nothing much happened. It is an ordinary day. Except that becoz it is getting late, I don't want to meet Jeffery anymore. But his reaction made me feel bad. Haiz~ Wah lau eh~ Damn sad lah, these few days I cannot concentrate fully on my studies. Die lah. I don't know what to do. Exams are coming! Pek chek lor. Where is my metal heart? Nobody understands me. Should I be compromising? But if I do, I wouldn't feel good. So it is a matter of myself feeling good or making the other party happy. Which one should I choose?

PS: How come no one tries to make me happy ah?
PPS: Jiajia said that I 重色轻友。Do I? But I only have 24 hours a day leh, how to share with so many people =.=

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am finding it so difficult to juggle everything =( Just now, I got scolded by my Mum for talking to Jeffery on the phone. I feel so innocent lor. I only called him while waiting to print my BSP1005 presentation slides. Not as if I've talked to him for the whole night or something. Haiz~ I just wish that everyone will stop nagging/controlling/irritating me. Anyway, haven't slept for the entire night, so I shall go and take a wink first. Blog more later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wah lau~ I went to try 3 sockets but all 3 sockets have no electricity. What the... NUS is so lousy lah, compared to NP. Like that how do they encourage students to be IT savvy and use laptops in school?
Attention: This is going to be a long post. Haha~ I'm so good at crapping and coming up with words man. Hee~ =P I love blogging! It's a good way for me to reminisce next time.

Supposed to be paying attention to my macro lecture but.. the lecture is damn boring lah! And chim. Gee~ I really hate macro lor. Why is it a compulsory module? Damn disgusting lor =( And full of math and calculations. Hm.. think I prefer words, not numbers and formula and those weird weird symbols which I will never use in real life. Haha~ I actually prefer math to macro. At least math makes more sense.

Anyway, let update you people from 13/3. Haven't been blogging in awhile. Hee. Paiseh lah, been busy lately. One good news: I've got an A for my EC3371 essay! Karmun also. I think many people got A or B leh, maybe the tutor is too lenient. Haha~ That's good lah. But my EC3371 presentation hasn't gone that well, couldn't answer the questions the tutor asked. OMG! I can't even fully comprehend his questions lah. When he asked, I got this huh? in my mind. Karmun tried to answer but.. also like not what he wanted. In the end, he said never mind and asked us to continue. =.= Haiz~ And I did not do well for my EC2374 quiz =( Sad-ded~

My BSP1005 test is okie bah, I think. Wasn't that sure with some of the answers so I tikam. Hee~ Someone used a pen to shade the OAS before realising that he should use pencil so he requested for a new OAS. The BSP1005 prof is quite bad leh, she made fun of him. What the.. I mean, what's wrong with making a mistake? Need to make fun meh? =.= Alamak~ Quite scared of her leh.

After the test, met up with Jeffery. Then we went to the dentist. Wah lau, so sad can. I need to do wisdom tooth extraction/surgery. Eeyer~ I don't want lor. So painful and expensive. And I paid $50 for the dental visit, which I still find so bo hua. That's why I'm ranting now. Wasted my money only and the dentist didn't even do anything much! Gave me some medicine which I think I don't really need. Pek chek ah~ And because of this, I've got to miss the Cleo Bachelor's party.

14/3~ Happy Birthday Ah yi! Hope that you have a good birthday =) Supposed to have lunch with Jeffery before heading to Bugis to engrave our necklaces then to Jieying's chalet. But somehow, I woke up late. Anyway, by the time Jeffery reached my house, it was like around 2:30pm (I think, a bit forget). Then we wasted some time at my house. And that Jeffery is so clumsy lah, he dirtied his pants so we have to go to his house to change =P By then it was already almost 5pm. Don't ask me what we have done, time just zoom by without us realising it. Later we stopped by comics connection at Causeway Point. I bought Jeffery a comic, that was my first physical present to him. Haha~ Then we head over to his house where we continue to waste more time. Don't know leh, time seems to pass by so fast nowadays. Eileen called to ask me where I was. Oops~ Paiseh, still at his house. In the end, we were so late that we took a cab down. Think we reached at around 9pm? Am starving by then. Paiseh lah, I'm so bad. I go to BBQ just to eat not to cook.

I want to thank Min Hui and company! They got a surprise for me! So we celebrated mine and Eileen's birthday (and also Eileen's friend, Jake, and Jieying's sister). And I love my present from them. A bikini. Haha~ Yay! But it's not the shorts kind, so a bit paiseh to wear leh =/ *blush* The chalet is so expensive lah, $33 per person. Haiz~ But it was fun and enjoyable. Went to the Ehub Cathay to watch Dragonball. The movie is not bad although Jeffery said it's different from the original one. I don't know leh, never seen the original one nor read the comic before. Managed to see a bit of sunrise but the price is.. many mosquitoes bites. I would really love the person who can make mosquitoes and cockroaches extinct!

Was totally shagged by 15/3 Sunday. Took a bus to Bugis to engrave our necklaces but the person who does engraving isn't there. =.=~ And I thought I saw Saliah. Not thought, is quite confirmed but somehow, after not contacting for so long, I find it a bit weird to call out to her. Besides, I looked so chui then so.. Oh well~ A bit regret now though. Maybe next time go with Diana to look for her. By the way. I will post up the photos someday.. one day. Haven't uploaded the photos yet.

When I reached home on Sunday, I just slept and slept and slept. Woke up at around 8:30pm. Felt so sleepy lah. Clarence told me to call him and we had a chat. Didn't expect to chat so much with him. At first he just wanna tell me something about work but somehow we OT (yay, I'm a pro at OT-ing) to other things. He said that he's looking for a partner whom he can marry and not play play. Wah.. Cannot tell leh, suddenly I find that the guys are all so serious. Oops~ I used to think that guys like to flirt! Haha~ Clarence said he wouldn't want/wish that his gf go to the Cleo Bachelor Party also. He said he would feel insecured. Ah yoh~ How come? Should trust your gf and have more confidence in yourself mah. Anyway, gained some insightful thoughts from him. Okie, got to go now. The blog post is so long liao so.. I will blog again another time =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wah.. I took so long to blog, it's already 3:22am. Anyway, good luck for my studying for BSP1005 test. Friday still got the EC3371 presentation. Shit man! Hopefully all goes well! Jiayou Jiahui!! Yay!!
Just now Mummy asked me how many birthday cakes have I got. Then I counted. I got 5 birthday cakes leh! Haha~ Really must thank everyone who got me the cakes and celebrated with me. 谢谢你们! xD And I've got 3 bouquets of flowers. Mummy said that I can be a florist liao. Yeah yeah, I love flowers! Heehee~

Anyway, my birthday started out sucky but it ended well =) Oops~ I said that I wouldn't type anything negative on my birthday but.. now is already 12/3. My birthday is over! Haha~ So can be negative. Muhahaha~ Okie, lame, I know =/ Last night, I couldn't really sleep well due to the EC3371 essay. Was trying to draw graphs using my laptop but it didn't turn out well. In the end, I got lazy and just scanned the figures and graphs from the textbook and put it in my essay. So difficult to draw those curve graphs lor. Waste time~ Hope that I can do well for my essay.

As a result of not sleeping well the night before, I woke up this morning feeling extremely tired. So sianz lah~ Don't feel like going to school but.. no choice lah, have to. The people in my BSP1005 tutorial are so noisy. Kept talking and made me couldn't really concentrate. Felt like dozing off. Haha~ After my macro tutorial, I went to the computer lab to do my work. Wanted to drink ice lemon tea but when I pressed ice lemon tea on the vending machine, 100 plus came out instead. Yucks! I don't like gaseous drinks. Wasted my $$ siah =( Oh yeah, the guy beside me in the comp lab was damn irritating. Kept asking me questions. I was like.. Hello? Can't you see that I'm busy? And what I'm doing is none of his business lor. So kpo for what? =.= Anyway, really sorry Wen Min. Flew your aeroplane today, didn't go to the vanity fair with you. Really got to finish up my work lah. Sorry! Will give you a treat to make up for it =)

Was so hungry the whole day. Bought shrooms burger from KFC before walking home. Really cannot tahan until dinner. Once I reached home, I felt so tired. Felt like taking a nap but I can't. Need to get ready for going out with Jeffery at night. So I just went to bathe. Yawnz~ O.O

Jeff gave me a sunflower. This reminds me of MH. She's the one who likes sunflowers, not me. Hee~

We went to Fosters at Holland Village for dinner. I shall just upload some photos here and save the rest for facebook. Am really lazy to do a collage at the moment. Perhaps next time =) By the way, my tooth (or is it gum?) hurts again while I was having dinner =(

Menu of Fosters

Interior of Fosters

When we reached the restaurant, a guy handed me the roses. Sweet xD

I ordered a cod fillet set meal while Jeffery ordered the recommended fish and chips. They tasted great. Anyway, below are our food pictures. Haha~ Make you all hungry =P

My coffee~

Trying out Jeff's chocolate milkshake~

Nice and delicious soup xD

My cod fillet plus his fish and chips. Paiseh~ Forgot to snap a photo before we touched the food =/

Dessert: Ice-cream with carrot cake~

Jeff's ice-cream~

After the meal, the sweet-looking waitress brought my cake out. Yay! Mango cake from Rive Gauche~

Jeff was trying to relight my candles for me as the waitress didn't do it properly.

I am only 14!


After dinner just went for a walk. Ah yah~ Suddenly I feel so sleepy so.. that's all for the day. Lastly, just include my present: a couple necklace~

One for him, one for me~

Thanks dear for everything =)

Thank you everyone for their well wishes =)

Good night everyone! =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I resolve to write only happy things for today. I shall ignore all unhappy things, comments, smes, etc.. Hope that I can do it. Heehee~ I'm looking forward to tonight xD

By the way, there is something wrong with my handphone's speaker so I can't hear the phone ring or when an sms comes in. Therefore, I will tend to miss your calls and may take some time to reply to smses. Paiseh ah~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stomach cramp =( So uncomfortable~ Haiz~ That thing comes liao. I used to think that I don't suffer from PMS but going by my mood last week, I might have PMS leh. Dotz~ Beware!
You said that I have always been listening to sad songs. Hm.. Now I shall post some happy and sweet songs here. Make sure you go and learn hor =P

品冠 - 半生熟

作曲:品冠 作詞:戴佩妮 女聲:戴佩妮

(戴)你總是靦腆用幽默語言 填滿我心裡的小缺陷
灌溉滿座花園 讓我住裡面 對你我怎麼可能心不在焉

(品)你總是淘氣用微笑雙眼 照亮我生活每個陰天
   編織整片屋簷 讓我躲裡面 對你我沒有抱怨


(合)我喜歡你卻又偏偏喜歡我 零時差的擁有
(品)點燃溫柔 (戴)讓孤單解凍
(合)我喜歡追你卻偏偏喜歡躲 無條件的邂逅
(品)愛到現在 (戴)剛好半生熟

repeat * . # . #

(品)愛到現在 (戴)剛好半生熟

卓文宣 & 小鬼 - 愛的主旋律

小鬼:是你在那個雨季 走進我生命
帶著一點任性 和溫柔的表情
萱:是你在那個雨季 趕走了孤寂
溫暖的笑容 換我僅有的天地

小鬼:天上一萬顆星星 我卻只看見你
萱:身邊有太多風景 我卻停在這里
說我傻的可以 還不是因為你

小鬼:是你的聲音 萱:帶給我勇氣
小鬼:戀愛的頻率 萱:直到我心底
小鬼:如果你愿意 萱:是的我愿意
小鬼:從前都失意 萱:現在我相信
小鬼:天空會放晴 萱:愛會更甜蜜
小鬼:如果你愿意 萱:是我的愿意
合:愛的主旋律 永遠唱下去


萱:是你在那個雨季 趕走了孤寂
溫暖的笑容 換我僅有的天地
小鬼:天上一萬顆星星 我卻只看見你
萱:身邊有太多風景 我卻停在這里
說我傻的可以 還不是因為你

小鬼:是你的聲音 萱:帶給我勇氣
小鬼:戀愛的頻率 萱:直到我心底
小鬼:如果你愿意 萱:是的我愿意
小鬼:從前都失意 萱:現在我相信
小鬼:天空會放晴 萱:愛會更甜蜜
小鬼:如果你愿意 萱:是我的愿意
合:愛的主旋律 永遠唱下去
萱:啦啦啦啦啦~~ 小鬼:啦啦啦啦啦~~ 萱:啦啦啦啦啦~~
小鬼:如果你愿意 萱:是的我愿意
小鬼:從前都失意 萱:現在我相信
小鬼:天空會放晴 萱:愛會更甜蜜
小鬼:如果你愿意 萱:是我的愿意
合:愛的主旋律 永遠唱下去
小鬼:天上一萬顆星星 我卻只看見你
萱:身邊有太多風景 我卻停在這里

林俊傑 & 蔡卓妍 - 小酒窩 Lyrics
曲:林俊傑 | 詞:王雅君

林: 我還在尋找 一個依靠和一個擁抱
誰替我祈禱 替我煩惱 為我生氣為我鬧

*蔡: 幸福開始有預兆 緣分讓我們慢慢緊靠
我倆變得有話聊 有變化了

合: 小酒窩長睫毛 是你最美的記號
蔡: 我每天睡不著 想念你的微笑
合: 你不知道 你對我多麼重要
蔡: 有了你生命完整的剛好*

#合: 小酒窩長睫毛 迷人的無可救藥
林: 我放慢了步調 感覺像是盒資料
合: 終於找到心有靈犀的美好

Repeat *##

PS: I don't dare to upload our 小酒窩 video coz my singing really sucks =.=
PPS: I'm such a blogger!
Today, someone pissed me off again. I really dislike this guy. There are 2 possibilities: 1. My temper is becoming worse. 2. The people around me are just so sickening at times. So which one is it? Hee~ A mixture of both bah, I think. Anyway, I've noticed that the people around me are becoming more short-tempered as well! Hm.. Sianz lah, EC3371 assignment. Headache~

Today, I celebrated my birthday at home. Mummy bought me a durian cake! Thanks Mum =)

My cake and me

I'm making a wish. Wah.. although nowadays, I keep making wishes, all my 3 wishes are the same =) Hope that they will come true!

My durian cake. Happy Birthday to me! =)

My birthday present from Jeffery =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I really can't sleep. Cham lah, dunno how to make it for my macro lecture. Think will be so shag tomorrow lah. Thanks to you lor, I'm actually having a physical headache. Normally I will sleep when I'm tired but now is.. I can't sleep although I'm tired. Anyway, I was listening to some songs on youtube when I came across such an apt song!

Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

Are you a man who loves
And cherishes
And cares for me?
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?
Are you a guard in a prison
Maximum security?
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?
Do we stay home all the time
Cuz you want me to yourself?
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?
Or am I locked away
Had a feeling that I'd find
Someone else
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?

Well, I don't like
Living under your spotlight
Just because you think
I might find somebody worthy
Well, I don't like
Living under your spotlight
Baby, if you treat me right
You won't have to worry

Is this a relationship
Fulfilling your needs
As well as mine
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?
Or is this just my sentence
Am I doing time?
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?
If this is love
Real, real love
Then I'm staying no doubt
But if I'm just a prisoner
Then I'm busting out
Is that true? Is that true?
Is that true?


Oh, you oughta be
Ashamed of yourself
What the hell
Do you think you're doing?
Loving me, loving me
So wrong
Baby, all I do is try
To show you
That you're my
One and only guy
(Only guy)
No matter
Who may come along
Open your eyes
Cuz baby, I don't lie

(Chorus 2x)

I really don't like living under your spotlight.
Let me blog about 7/3 incident. Sorry, I will put in more photos later coz I wanna do a collage so that the photos don't take up too much space in the blog. I will do it after I've finished my EC3371 assignment and after my BSP1005 mid-term test. Haiz~ I really wanna sigh lor. Think I will die for my EC3371 assignment and the BSP1005 test. By the way, one more staff died in NTU and another student died in NUS. OMG!! Why are so many people dying? Haiz~ Sad man. Maybe one day I will die too hor? Hee~ Btw, I feel that I might be growing a wisdom tooth or something. My gum feels uncomfortable. Sianz~ I probably need to see a dentist. Where got time?

Anyway, let's move on to the happier stuff! On 7/3, my family and I celebrated my grandma's birthday at the Singapore Island Country Club. Hee~ Shun bian celebrate my birthday too. And I got angbaos! Yay! Haha~ The lunch was a good one =) Edward put on braces. So vain lor. And he's so smart lah. He got a scholarship. Why are my cousins so smart? Very stress one leh!

My Grandma and her Grandchildren. Missing from the photo: Sophie Lee

After lunch, Mummy and I went to Suntec to look at the handphones in the Singtel fair. I wanna change my phone! I wanna get the Samsung F480 (hope I got the model correct) phone in pink. Haha~ But the person told us that the fair is for corporate customers only, not for personal consumers. What the.. Waste our time going all the way down there lor.

After that, I was supposed to meet Jiamin and Jacky at Suntec to go to Onyee's house for the BBQ. Surprisingly, Jiamin was on time leh! But that Jacky was late lor. So we have to wait for him. Then I went to buy a top from Iora while waiting for him. When he finally arrived, we took a cab to Onyee's house.

At Onyee's house, we played Mahjong. Wah.. I am really not pro man! Only managed to hu once. =.=" We played min 3 tai. Difficult leh. But it was fun. Yay! I love Mahjong! Before going down for the BBQ, Onyee took out a cake and celebrated my birthday for me. It was kind of a surprise. Actually, I was quite surprised to see Weiling turning up since Onyee told me that this is an NP gathering. Hee~ Thanks everyone =) Especially Onyee and Jiamin for organising this, so nice of you gals =)

Poly friends (except Weiling - NUS). Missing: Lixiang, Bao Chuan, Rachel and Karmun - NUS

Thanks Jiamin dear for the flowers! They look nice, and I love flowers. Heehee xD

BBQ was great. Ate quite a lot. The Bee Hoon by Weiling's father is delicious. Haha~ Had 2 plates of that xD. Then we chatted about the past, the good old poly days. I really miss the poly days =) Derek seemed so blur and lost. I think he isn't from NP. He's probably from NYP. Don't know what he's doing there leh. Lolx~ =P Oh yeah, must really thank Onyee's parents for being so helpful and nice. Thank you Uncle and Auntie!

Met up with Jeffery near my house after the BBQ. Was rather exhausted already but we still had a pretty good time. Time flies though.
I hate you for affecting my emotions and me.

I hate myself for being affected by you.

If only I had not seen the sms.. Hm.. I need a metal heart~ Time to turn off my hp. Seems like people always pick a/an quarrel/argument with me at the wrong time.

Relax~ Chill a bit. I'm NOT really a 12 year old. I can think and take care of myself. You don't have to be so paranoid and worried all the time. Suddenly, this reminds me of a song: Too much by Spice Girls.

TOO MUCH (Spice Girls)

Love is blind, as far as the eye can see
Deep and meaningless, words to me
Easy lover, I need a friend
Road to nowhere, twists and turns but will this never end

Well my dear, you'll know that he pleases me
But sometimes illusion ain't no revolution
That ain't no release for me

Too much of something is bad enough
But something's coming over me to make me wonder
Too much of nothing is just as tough
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

I wrapped myself from around your finger
Hold me too tight or left to linger
Something fine built to last
Slipped up there I guess we're running out of time too fast

Yes my dear you know he soothes me (moves me)
There's no complication there's no explanation
It's just a groove in me

Too much of something is bad enough (bad enough)
But something's coming over me to make me wonder
Too much of nothing is just as tough (just as tough)
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

What part of no don't you understand
I want a man not a boy who thinks he can


Too much of something is bad enough (bad enough)
But something's coming over me to make me wonder
Too much of nothing is just as tough (just as tough)
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

Too much of nothing so why don't we give it a try
Too much of something we're gonna be living a lie

(Repeat to end)

Too much of something is bad enough: Too much of something is really bad. Even too much love is no good.

Too much of something we're gonna be living a lie: Please don't react in such a way that you make me afraid of telling you the truth. I don't wanna lie to you.

Lastly, I miss the happy and carefree me =)

PS: After speaking to MH, I really don't know what's wrong with going to Cleo's Bachelor Party. It seemed pretty harmless. No faith and trust from you. So sad~ Why can't you be like Song Hoe?

PPS: I was just wondering.. Does anyone know who is/are the "you" that I'm referring to?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy One Month Anniversary

of Blogging! xD

Oops~ Supposed to be paying attention in the lecture but.. oh well, never mind. I just pissed someone off and I feel bad about it. Certain things I know will hurt or piss someone off but I still must say/do it for the good of the future. If I accumulate everything, next time will burst our blood vessels. For me, I think it is better to discuss and solve all minor problems before they turn into something major. Haha, that's how I work. Don't know if that's how you work. I guess it would be difficult to find someone who can understand me and support me in the way I wish that he/she can. Maybe I should not expect too much and learn to be more independent. After all, depend on myself is the best.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi all~ Blogging this from the school library. Have told my student's mum that I'll be teaching until this month. She's quite okie with it but I still feel bad and guilty towards them =( Oh well~
Nowadays, I keep getting pek chek easily. Don't know why leh.. Seems like there are a lot of people who piss me off. My student also made me very pek chek, kept calling him to do his work but he's so slow. Kept wasting time and in the end, I have to stay on for an extra 20mins OT. And I even took the wrong LRT back =.= Went one big round. Someone 幸灾乐祸 lor. So bad =/ Anyway, I am seriously considering quitting tuition but don't know how to 开口 to tell the mum. Like very bad leh. Headache~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NTU's final year engineering student stabs professor

So scary and sad~ A promising young life has been lost just like that. To think that he was a smart student who came to Singapore on an Asean scholarship. Hm.. I wonder if he did what he has done due to too much stress. Better handle stress appropriately and don't be too extreme. May he rest in peace and the professor get well soon. For more info, please refer to http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/412450/1/.html

Many thanks to everyone who is concern about me. I'm fine, I really am. I should stop feeling stress and guilty. Must learn to relax a bit. Haha~ Today was a relaxing day, nice and pleasant. Even the weather is great! =) Met with Wen Min at PS to collect some shoes for the photo shoot. The Image Turn's boss is very nice and friendly. Shared with us his business experiences and stuff. Learnt quite a number of things from him. After that, I met up with Jeffery. I asked him some tough and ridiculous questions. But.. who knows? It may happen in real life. Anyway, I seemed to cheer up asking bo liao questions leh. Hm.. I really miss just being happy and not having to think about projects, assignments and stuff. Come to think of it, I really should relax, exercise a bit and just enjoy myself sometimes. Therefore, I cannot wait for my birthday! A good reason/excuse to play! Heehee xD Jeffery helped a lady and was on "Just for laugh" --> something like that.. I forgot. So, do look out for him on tv one day. Haha~

Spent an enjoyable time at my house with Jeffery. I shall change my viewpoint. It is not time wasted for me. Heehee~ In Econs, there's an opportunity cost for everything. So, it is okie lah. Yay! Just wanna be happy and at peace =) And somehow, now I suddenly don't feel guilty for not replying to smses or taking a long time to reply. Don't know if it's bad to the sender(s) but I don't care le. They can happily flood my phone. I just hope that they are understanding lah, if they are not, lalala~ not my business also. Hee~

Oh yeah, I got 20.5/35 for my macro. That tough paper. Although I wasn't that happy about it, heng, I've passed! Coz that paper really sucked man~ Hope to do better in the final exam bah. Don't know my results for the EC2374 quiz yet though. Hope will be better than macro. Okie, I shall go to sleep soon as I have an 8am lecture tomorrow. So tired. I need more sleep. Haven't managed to watch my macro webcast yet but I will definitely do it tomorrow after tuition. I shall go straight home after tuition tomorrow and no more procrastinating. Yeah, so good night to everyone. Sweet dreams =)

PS: Ah, I really must learn from Regina. Able to juggle so many things. 佩服,佩服。
Many issues kept appearing.. Today, I was reminded of Benjamin Chia's incident. Haiz~ I don't know why but you seem to sound like Benjamin Chia sometimes. Have such high expectations for me. This is a form of stress. I don't think I can live up to your expectations. My emotions have taken a roller coaster ride recently also. Anyway, if I really cannot take the stress, I'm sorry but I have to say byebye to you.. just like what we have done to Benjamin. When the time comes to let go totally, no matter how unwilling I am, I will still do it. I hope we don't end up like Ben and us. I used to be tired physically but I'm getting tired emotionally too. I hope you meant what you have said, if not I'll just be wasting my saliva =(

Nowadays, I keep letting too many things affect me and I will lose my concentration. After I've put down the phone, I feel like crying again coz whenever I think of the pile of work that I need to do, I just feel so stressed and disappointed in myself. Although the chat was good and enjoyable but after putting down the phone and seeing that the time is 4:37am, I felt guilty for being on the phone for so long. If not, I could have at least gotten some work done. Tears just flowed down. Hm.. maybe I can cry easily too. I cannot eat normally and sleep normally anymore. My appetite is getting smaller and I cannot sleep at night. I need someone to be there for me and support me, not to add on to my stress.

PS: I hope that you really love me and want the best for me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I was so tired that I didn't go for my macro lecture. Busy with retyping my MKT2413 Problem Set 1 also. Sianz~ And my neighbours woke me up early in the morning with their knocking and drilling!! Eeyer, so pek chek lor. Really don't know why I feel so pek chek and pissed off easily nowadays. Guess I need to improve on my stress management skill. Speaking of that, am just wondering, next time will my husband stand up for me and tell those neighbours to be more considerate? Heehee~ I want a brave husband. Oh my~ Seems like I like to see him get involved in arguments and fights because of me. Hm.. Siao liao. Although I'm tactless and can stand up for myself, I haven't plucked up the courage to go and argue with my neighbours lor.. Seriously. Scared of them leh =/
We had a talk, things got much better. But something else happened again. Hm.. I really don't know what to say or feel towards that incident. Anyway, I believe that love has to be shown through actions and not words. And I also don't know why my life can suddenly become quite dramatic. Am beginning to understand Jy's drama last time. Oh well~ I'm tired now so.. will update on the kbox outing soon. Feel damn busy nowadays with many things to do. I really hope for time to slow down.

"Hope for the best and prepare for the worst" --> suddenly I like this phrase a lot xD

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nowadays, even when I go to sleep I also feel stress making me cannot sleep now. Even my Mum has given up asking me to sleep early, why can't you just give up too? This is my life, I'm responsible for myself. Even if I fall sick, it's also my own business. I don't need another person to control my life and tell me what to do! I just want to do what I like. Why are you trying to change me? I always hate it when people say that they are telling me what to do for my own good. Why can't they just trust me enough to let me decide what's the best for myself? I'm not a 3 year old kid, so stop treating me like one!

Ah yoh~ I realise I feel stress easily and I love myself too much that I want lots of personal space. I don't want to be/feel controlled lah~ pouts~ I want to determine my things by myself. You can give me ideas and suggestions but please don't force it upon me to take them.