Monday, June 30, 2014

Review - Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura

I went to Tim Ho Wan again. This time round, I went with Robin to the Plaza Singapura outlet. See my previous review here - I went to the Westgate outlet with Calin previously.

Anyway, Robin and I only queued for about 40 minutes (which is considered short, I suppose). The queue moved surprisingly fast. Actually, everything is fast, fast, fast in the restaurant. Very hectic! I think that people ate in a rush too. We did feel the urge to rush somehow. I feel that the service is no good. But since their business is so good, I presume that they don't really care about their service.

I want to bring my grandma there to eat one day but don't think that she wants to queue. Anyway, I think that the seats are not comfortable, not sure if she can sit on that kind of stools after her hip operation previously. Oh well. Will probably wait and see if they will sell takeaway without eating in the restaurant.

The must have for me. The ever famous Char Siew Buns.

My favourite - Carrot Cake. I really love the carrot cakes there.

Our dessert - Mango Sago. Tasted so-so to me. 

Our bill. So now, you know where our money has gone to. 

Robin fell asleep on the bus. We went to watch a movie after our dinner. What a tiring day! Haha.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review - Miam Miam

The latest premier mall located in the west side of Singapore, Westgate offers the downtown shopping experience with more upmarket brands among its over 250 stores. It is located conveniently near Jurong East MRT station and just beside JEM. Decided to check out this new mall with Robin one day. So tired of the town area. It is so happening in the Jurong East area nowadays.

There are so many places to eat in Westgate. You will be spoilt for choices! Haha. Anyway, Robin and I randomly chose to eat at Miam Miam. Never heard of this restaurant so we decided to give it a try.

Long queue =.=



I cannot remember what this is called. Saw other people eating this and wanted to try. Not bad.

Robin's carbonara spaghetti. It is nice!

Very yummy dessert. OMG! I feel like eating this now.

Food is not really very expensive. 

We went shopping afterwards. Tried on this top and skirt. Is it nice? Should I have bought this? It is very suitable to wear this to work. I think that the skirt is quite unique. Haha.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I don't know why. I just wish that people will leave me alone. Including my own family. Somehow, I just feel so annoyed when my Mum came into my room sometimes. Even if it is with good intentions. Oh well. Very 烦。

Day Out With Diana

I am out on a ''date'' with Diana! Yay! As you all probably already know, I feel very lazy to go out nowadays. Wonder if it has something to do with age? I just have less energy nowadays. Oh well. So it is not your fault if I don't meet up with you often. It is mine.

Anyway, I still like to meet up with friends from time to time =) What's more, Diana is my ranting partner. I don't know why, I always have things to rant about. Ranting can help to relieve my stress. So, it is good to rant! =P

We wanted to have lunch at Wild Honey but it was crowded on that day.

We switched to go to Dome downstairs.

Everyday breakfast.

After lunch, we went shopping. Stopped by at TWG, ION Orchard, for some rest.

Very pretty tea cups.

Yummy dessert!

Thinking how wonderful it is if we are both rich tai-tais. No need to go to work and can have hi-tea everyday. Haha. Wonder if we will be bored then? Hm..

Review - Cafebiz at Traders Hotel

What did you do or where did you go with your partner for this year's Valentine's Day? For me, I went to work as usual. Robin got that day off. Lucky him! Anyway, we went to have a buffet dinner at Cafebiz in Traders Hotel.

Outfit of the day. This is my usual work bag. I forgot to change into a nicer bag =.=

I did my own manicure.

Surprisingly, it was not so crowded there on that day.

Food! I was too busy eating and did not take photos of everything. Sorry.

I love the satays.

The dessert area looked so nice! Everything is in pink.

My Valentine's Day present from Robin.

I cannot remember how much Robin has paid for the meal but I find the food there so-so only.