Friday, December 12, 2014

Sigh. I think that getting married is a very headache thing. Don't wish to get married :( And getting married is also not just between 2 people, it is between 2 families. When there are more people, there are more headaches.

I also think that I am easily bullied or taken advantage of. Haiz~ How you treat other people is not how they will treat you. Damn it =.=

Monday, December 8, 2014

Stylish Korean Sports Watch

*Sponsored Review*

So recently, I was offered a sponsored watch to do a review. To tell you the truth, I used to wear a watch most of the time when I was studying but I have become lazy. I just rely on my mobile phone to tell me the time these days. There were occasions when my mobile phone has no battery and auto switched off. I felt very lost without knowing the time. Somehow. Especially when I am outside and needed to know the time.

Anyway, since I was sponsored a watch, I decided to wear it out yesterday. Ah~ I still like wearing a watch! It is comfortable and can act as an accessory. Will wear one out more often.

Pardon the lighting in my room.

There is a spare battery included. How thoughtful!

Nice right? =)

For those who are interested to buy the watch, check out this link - It only cost SGD12, not expensive.
I have taken the wrong day to go on leave. I should have taken leave when my mother is not at home. I feel more tired than when I go to work =.=

By the way, I have just emailed another reader, coldkohmew, for his address regarding the Domino's Pizza because I didn't get any email reply from Mariah Cherubim.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ok, I am being random. I am just wondering how come some people like to give bad comments, etc. Especially to bloggers. If you don't like something then just don't read? But some people just like to read and scold. What's the mentality? Hm..

Review - BBQ Chicken

Decided to try out BBQ Chicken Cafe at Northpoint Shopping Centre. The food there is pretty all right. Price wise, it is also pretty average.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bottle Tree Park

Ok, by the time I blog about this, I think that the Bottle Tree Park would have already closed :( Anyway, you can check out their website ( for more details. Robin and I passed by Bottle Tree Park while on the bus one day and we just randomly alighted the bus to explore this place. Haha. We went there very randomly. I think that it is a very nice and peaceful place :) Close to nature.

Children catching fishes. I find that this is a cruel activity because some kids seem so rough. Poor fishes.

Sigh. Overcrowded fish tank :(

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Winner of Domino's Pizza Vouchers

Hi, I have drawn the winners of the Domino's Pizza vouchers. They are bbtan2008 and Mariah Cherubim. I will be sending them an email to give them the voucher. By the way, before I Google for a random name generator, I tried to pick the winners randomly by writing the names down on pieces of papers and drawing them in case I cannot find something to generate the winners. I also got bbtan2008 and Mariah Cherubim. OMG! So coincidental.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Domino's Pizza

*Sponsored Review*

Hi all pizza lovers, do you know that Domino's Pizza has 28 unique pizza flavours available? Well, I didn't know that until I went for a blogger event at Domino's Pizza. Thank you Domino's Pizza and The Influencer Network for hosting the event and inviting us. Anyway, if you ask me, my favourite is Classified Chicken! It is REALLY very nice. Check out their website for more selections -

By the way, now Domino's Pizza is having this "4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas" deal. This means that you can mix and match 4 different flavours on 2 regular pizzas from $22 (surcharges applies for certain pizzas) making it half and half pizzas. Do note that only one type of sauce is allowed on half and half pizzas. Please check out their website for more details -

You can call Domino's hotline at 6222 6333 or go to their website at to order your favourite pizzas. Have fun eating =)

We went to the Domino's Pizza at the Kovan outlet. Check here for the store location -

Took a selfie while waiting for the event to start.

You can take this opportunity to try out different kinds of flavours.

Some bloggers doing their stories regarding half and half. Some are really interesting and creative. Too bad, I don't have the creative juice in me =.=

The winning team!


The half and half pizzas.

Dessert time!

Chocolate lave cake. I like! Very rich in chocolate. I really love it =) Do give this a try.

I was given 2 vouchers for one regular pizza each which I am going to share with my readers. Do drop a comment on which is your favourite Domino's Pizza and I will randomly select 2 readers by 15 Nov 2014. Please leave down your email address too so that I can contact you to collect it or I may mail it to you. Sorry Robin, I am not including you in the draw coz we know each other so well!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Review - Osaka Ohsho

Tried out Osaka Ohsho at Plaza Singapura. The food is not bad and not expensive.

Can make our order using an iPad. The food arrives pretty quickly after we have made our order.