Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There are all sorts of people in this world. Nice, good ones and the despicable, nasty ones. Haha~ Just a general comment. I mean nothing. Oh my~ My blog skills suck.. I know. Just trying to find things to blog about. Haha~ Actually, I do have many crap to say. Hee~

Okie everyone. I feel pretty busy right now, as always. Why do I always seem so busy? Seriously, I have no idea man. I admire those people who work full-time, study part-time and still have time to go on dates. And I especially admire those whose results are excellent. Got so many things yet still can achieve good results. Admirable indeed. For those people, their bf/gf must be very supportive lah. To encourage them on instead of adding on to their stress. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don't have to keep seeing each other what.

Then I really don't encourage students to fall in love. They should focus on their studies and achieve good results. If not they will live to regret it. Unless their partner is one who requires very little time. Then when you fall out of love, it's good to go for a course or further your studies. Then can channel all your energy into your studies and you will surely perform =)
Many people are slowly falling sick in my office. Seems like more and more of my colleagues are on MC. Oh well~ Get well soon people and welcome back to work soon! Haha~ Today, got so much stuff to handle. Like short of manpower.

Just now, I watched this Taiwanese variety show about artistes sucking up to the directors, producers, etc.. Hm.. now I wonder.. do we suck up to our bosses? Or maybe not to the extent of sucking up but just try to get into their good books? I don't know. Maybe we are doing it subconsciously? And to what extent then is called sucking up? Sucking up sucks.. Like not a good feeling leh. Haha~ All right.. Am crapping now. Got to go sleep. Nights people =)

PS: Sometimes, I think I haven't been a good friend to some people. My apologies people =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The ugly truth is very ugly but it's better to accept it than to live in a fantasy. Self-denial is not a good thing =)

Then today I saw someone lose his temper by throwing things. It was a scary scene to witness. Hm.. My life seems very "interesting" leh. But now, I just want a normal and peaceful life first.
Hm.. I wish that we can all have those good and positive feelings instead of those negative ones. This way, our lives will definitely be happier and more worthwhile.
Just came back from Sammie boy's 21st birthday celebration not too long ago. Shucks, I forgot to bring my camera =( Since I've started working, I haven't really been bringing my camera around. Anyway, still managed to take a few photos using my hp. Haha~ Happy 21st Birthday Sammie Boy.. You still got a few days to join the adult world. Old liao. Haha~ =P Maybe we shouldn't call him Sammie boy anymore. Should change it to Sammie man? Hm..

The birthday boy is making his wishes.. Wonder what he wished for?? Haha~


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This post is for ranting purposes only... Why? Coz I'm feeling damn frustrated now. About what? About many things!

Suddenly, I feel that I dislike so many people. A lot of selfish people around. People whom you aren't close to and people whom you are close to.

Anyway, today I'm on MC. I'm feeling heaty probably due to the insufficient rest I had during the long holiday. I hate being so tired lor. I just want a day to rest at home.. all by myself. Haiz~ So sad.. I tell myself not to fly people's aeroplane. I haven't been a pilot recently but who's the one suffering? Myself~ WTH =.=

It's very hard to find true and selfless people. Many hypocrites around.. I find those who claim that they love you.. Well, some of them sound so fake lor. You see their actions.. They are so fake. It's so easy to just use the mouth and say.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Specially dedicated to Diana:

Smile gal =) Cheer up k?
Today, Onyee asked me if I wanna share Carmen's present. Alamak~ So many people's birthdays are in Sept. I have been celebrating birthdays and buying presents like mad. OMG! I feel super broke this month. So, after Carmen.. I don't wanna share anymore present for the Sept babies. Haha~ Don't think I have any other friends birthday in Sept anymore also. Oh well~ Argh! Lucky Diana is understanding.. I shall postpone my treat to her. Haha~ Thanks gal =)
Today is my colleague, Vic's birthday. We shared a cake for him. Initially wanted to throw the cake at him but.. his polo tee is new and it's his birthday present from his gf, so we better not. Later the gf kills us ah. Lolx~

Happy Birthday Vic =) Enjoy~
Wow~! Finally, I can upload photos directly from my laptop. Haha~ So I shan't be lazy and shall continue blogging about my Tioman trip xD.

Anyway, from where I've let off.. Jiamin and I just explored the place on 14/8 and took many photos. But I shan't upload too many photos here as I don't wanna flood my blog too much (although I already am). Ah~ How contradicting right?

The beautiful and serene surrounding =)

The deluxe chalet.

Our superior room. We stayed at the upper level.

I'm at the beach. Haha =)

This ends my Day 1, 14/8 update.

The second day, 15/8, was an exciting day. We would be going snorkeling out at the sea as well as doing our spa. Both were the highlights of this trip. Haha. We were both looking forward to them!

This is my water camera. Looks cute to me. Haha~

Preparing to snorkel.

Pre-snorkeling. Lolx~ How do we look? =P


Our room number.

Yay, photos of me! Lolx~

More.. With the room key~

This dress made me look fat lor =(

Oops~ Really have got quite a number of photos. Hm.. But I really am too lazy to do a collage. Need to arrange the photos all that. Sianz lor. Oh well~ Let me continue.. A picture tells a thousand words so I shall just upload more photos to describe about my trip. Lolx~ But the sequence of the photos is a bit off. My apologies =/

The pub at Paya Beach Resort.

My drink tasted awful man. Yucks!

The interior of the spa room. Looked cozy =)

Going for spa soon. Haha xD~ Yay!

I look fat compared to Jiamin. Boo hoo~ =(

Outside the Spa.

Fishes in the sea. Cool~

Flower bath~ Shiok! xD

Spa.. Spa.. Spa... Yay! Haha!

It's snorkeling time!!!

Random photo.. In the sea...

Under the sea.. Under the sea... Haha~ =)

More photos of us. Haha!

Don't be sick of us k? =p

Cute fishes.. I like =)

And that's basically all for Day 2. Mainly just snorkeling and spa. It was fun. Jiamin was so afraid of snorkeling at first and kept calling me. Made me drank some seawater lor.. So salty!! But during the second snorkel, she became more confident. Don't need my help anymore. Haha~ Good lah, got improvement =) And there was a Singaporean family on board the same boat as us. They seem pretty nice. Haha~ Some strangers even gave Jiamin and I some bread coz we forgot to bring/buy to feed the fishes. It's cool feeding those fishes. Special thanks to the lady. It's good to know that there are still nice people around =)

On the 16/8, it is the third and last day of our trip. Felt a bit reluctant to go back as we just wanna relax and enjoy ourselves more before we go back and face those challenges ahead of us. Haha. We do need a longer break. By the way, it's difficult to call Jiamin to wake up in the morning lor. I thought I was slow but I managed to get ready before her for all the 3 days. =.= Then made me so hungry lor, coz waiting for her to go eat breakfast together. I love the egg omelette there! xD

Chewing gum~ Nice~ But I have to throw away the unfinished ones. Can't bring it back to Singapore =(

Nice and cheap satay. Haha xD

I guess that should conclude this entry and my Tioman trip =)

PS: I realise I still have souvenirs from my Tioman trip. And now I can't really remember whom I have given and whom I haven't. Haiz~

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am tired practically everyday. So I aim to sleep before 12am everyday. Haha~ AEAP = As early as possible. Yes! I shall aim to sleep early. Need to have enough rest then can concentrate on doing my work well. My honeymoon period is over. Getting more and more stress at work. So I really hope that I can have peaceful times after work. If not, I can go mad man. Need to keep my cool and not get flustered. One thing good about this job.. I can train my multi-tasking skill. Haha~ Hope it gets better =)

PS: There's something wrong with my MSN. Need to download the new version but I can't seem to download it =.=

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sometimes when you do things out of good intentions, other people might not appreciate it. They might even blame you for it. Or when you do things out of good intentions, the results may not be what you or other people wanted. Having a good intention doesn't mean that the result will turn out good. That's why they say: 做人难,做好人更难。 Something like that. It's true. Sometimes I wanna be a good person, but I don't know how. I might even end up messing things up. This is called 越帮越忙。 Sianz man~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Please help me to click on my Ads. Haha~ I've only earned

$5.20. So pathetic lah =.=
I am feeling broke as there are so many friends whose birthdays are in September. Hm.. By the way, the service in 天天火锅 is bad. Have to wait so long before they come and start the fire for you, wait so long for them to change the aluminum foil, wait so long for them to top up the soup, etc.. Basically, it's just WAITING, WAITING and more WAITING. Am not going back there again anymore.

Was planning to celebrate Jiamin's and Rachel's birthday at 天天火锅. However, we couldn't stand it there as we were feeling hot sitting outside. No fan, nothing. In the end, we went to the Coffee Bean at Iluma to relax and cut the cake.

Anyway, it was great that we get to catch up with each other periodically. Quite a transition lah. Last time used to talk about school, tests, exams, projects, etc.. but now we talk about jobs, companies, how are we getting on, etc. It feels good to keep in touch even after we have graduated =)

PS: Too tired now. Shall continue the Tioman post soon okie? =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes! I've finally had the time to blog about my Tioman trip =) Haha~ After so long but.. oh well. Now is the time =) However, I'm still kinda lazy to make a collage for my photos. Oops~ And I feel damn f*** up with Blogger. I can't upload my photos directly from the "add image" icon. WTH lor. The problem has been there for so long yet they don't wanna fix it. Argh~!

On 14/8/09, Jiamin and I set off to Tioman in a coach followed by the ferry. I went over to her house to stay the night before. I couldn't sleep well the night before so was sort of smsing and disturbing Jeff. Oops~!! Sorry =/

Anyway, something happened on our way to Tioman. The coach which we were initially on broke down! What the hell lah. Haven't encountered this before. All of us had to get down and wait for the next bus to come. Sianz~ Early in the morning, got to stand there and wait. So tired lor. Jiamin was whining and complaining to me. Haha~ I'm too tired to complain or whine. Waited for around 45mins before the next bus arrived. Whew~ Finally, we can be on our way.

The spoilt bus.

I can't stand it. I am so disgusted with Blogger as I am having difficulty uploading my photos. What a waste of my time! Sorry but I really wanna rant. Took me at least 15mins to upload the above photo here okie. So I shan't put in that many photos =.=

The ferry terminal where we took the ferry to Tioman. Can't remember the ferry terminal name though.

After around 2 hours, we reached Tioman. Yay! Jiamin gets a little seasick though.

Taken from the balcony of our room xD

The surrounding of our room =)

The interior of our room =)

Paya Beach Resort! Our home for 2 days!

PS: I shall continue blogging and uploading photos another day as I am really tired now. This blog entry has taken 1 hour plus of my time already =(
I just got a thought. I wanna go and do a psychological assessment for my mental health. And I'm flooding my blog. Lolx~ Nights everyone =) Flood another time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
i ask u ah
ms. eng says (11:16 PM):
terrible hor
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
do u need personal time to yourself?
ms. eng says (11:16 PM):
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
everyday i must have u know
ms. eng says (11:16 PM):
if dont have i get very frustrated
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
ms. eng says (11:16 PM):
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
like now i cant sleep yet
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
coz i need to watch a small clip
ms. eng says (11:16 PM):
same here
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:16 PM):
and enjoy myself first
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:17 PM):
then can sleep
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:17 PM):
no matter how tired i am
miss busy turns into miss lazy =/ says (11:17 PM):
i still need
ms. eng says (11:17 PM):
ms. eng says (11:17 PM):
to unwind first lah
ms. eng says (11:17 PM):
omg we're so alike

Diana and I are so alike =)
OMG!! I miss blogging. Work is taking up a lot of my time and energy that I don't have the time to slowly blog anymore. There are many things which I wish to blog about. Haha. Now, I've forgotten some of them. But nonetheless, I do miss the time at night where I can spend some time to think about things and just blog alone. Have some ME/personal time to myself and just enjoy being by myself.
Study hard Jeri~ We'll miss you =)

Cheer up VerVer, you can do it! Haha~ I also need it =)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today (or rather yesterday), Diana gave me a graduation treat at Brotzeit. Thanks gal =) It was really nice of you. Ah~ After working for awhile, graduation suddenly seemed so far from me. It seems like years ago when I was still a student. Haha~ Anyway, we managed to catch up a lot with each other and reminisce the past. It was good. Missed all the food and things we ate and played in the past. Haha~ We both miss our primary school days where we used to keep going to the bookshop to buy things and ate those "junk" food in the tuckshop. Although we were from different primary school and different childhood, we played and ate almost the same things. Haha~ But kids nowadays play those computer games and PSP/DS which don't really interest us. We still prefer our zero point and barbie(s) =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate some attributes of myself. Diana too. Haha~ Essentially, we are like the same kind of people. We get stressed up easily and are a tad too self-conscious at times. Maybe that's why we are friends. But I really wish that we can do away with these negative attributes and don't care about what other people say/think. Argh~!! It's so frustrating at times. I just wanna do whatever I want but sometimes I just can't. People will judge me, people will comment about me, people will get angry with me, people will blame me, people will quarrel with me.. Haiz~ And some people are not 大方 at all. So sometimes, it really makes me wonder.. Am I living for others or myself? Now, let me ask all my readers out there.. Are you living for others or yourselves? Should we please/satisfy others first? Or ourselves? Some people said that we should be happy and satisfied first before we can make other people happy. But really.. Sometimes, other people's happiness is built on our sacrifices and sadness and vice versa. Haiz~

PS: As usual, anything regarding my blog, please comment on the tagboard. Don't come and ask me on msn or what. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

By the way, I went to watch Coco Before Chanel with Jeanette on Monday (31/8). OMG~!! It's such a boring show and it's in French =/ We seriously have no idea that it's in French. Jeanette just likes the clothes that Coco makes in the show. Haha. However, it's very suitable for Bao Chuan to watch since she likes and learns French. It's a miracle that I didn't fall asleep in the cinema.
Happy Teachers' Day to all Teachers out there =)

So good lor, my brother can sleep late while I have to go to work :S