Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Facebook is called 脸书 in Chinese. How cool is that? Direct translation.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Any good recommendation of salon and facial? Hee~
I AM DAMN PISSED OFF WITH SINGNET!! Always got disconnected lor. I hope that they can be more serious with their complaints? Ah yoh~ Sianz man.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something interesting to share =)

Ah yoh, the last girl didn't act the F4 pointing to the sky pose.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

OMG~!! I should really STOP biting myself! Got many ulcers now. Boo~!!! =(

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I want to curse and swear at this stupid person. Made me have a physical headache. I cannot believe how cheapskate and crazily demanding some people are. They also don't have a valid ground.

So anyway, I really cannot understand. Some people claim that they are in the service line, etc. but they are also the nasty customers. Hello?!?! If you are in the service line, all the more you should learn to respect people right? You will be able to put yourself in other shoes and think right? I am quite sick that some people have this stupid mindset that if you complain/make a big fuss, you will be able to get some benefit/compensation. If you got a real ground to complain, fine.. go ahead. But if you are bloody complaining for the sake of getting some benefit and can twist the story here and there to help yourself, you are so low. Really feel like slapping these people.

Also cannot stand some people who say they will sue you/go to case/write to straits times, etc.. Please lah. People so free want to entertain you meh? What a nuisance! Sometimes I see the forum, etc.. I see some people's complaints, I just feel like =.= Small things also want to make into such a big thing. This is the epic 吃饱太空,神经病。

PS: I also got many things to complain about, just that I didn't do it officially. Oh well~ Don't need to make things hard for others.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hm.. Why are we helpful towards people but people aren't helpful back? Okie, will stop thinking about all these saddening things. By the way, then should I start to be more unhelpful? =P

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oops~ I hope that I don't bore my blog readers/friends with all the boring words/details and no pictures/photos. Shall try to upload photos more frequently k? Anyway, tmr is Monday again. Sianz. Shall sleep soon. Looking forward to Friday. Haha!
Okie, so I'm back to continue blogging...

Just came back not long ago from Clarke Quay. Went for the Hippo River Cruise with Verlene, Sammie boy and Yoyo. The Hippo River Cruise seemed different from the river cruise I took last time although the route is about the same. The tour guide commented that the ride on the Singapore Flyer is $30 for 30mins. So that means it's $1 per min. The Hippo River Cruise is $15 for 30mins. So that means we paid $0.50 per min. That's expensive man. Singapore is an expensive country for tourists to visit.

Robin and Jeri came to join us for dinner later at Billy Bombers to celebrate Yoyo's birthday. Dinner was great and everything except that I have diarrhoea. Felt quite sick lor. Boo =( Really needed to go to the toilet as I walked home from the bus stop. Got to sort of run home =.=

Anyway, am not sure if Yoyo was surprised as Sammie boy and Verlene "disappeared to the toilet" for very long. Haha~ Perhaps he can now guess that they went to collect the cake. Hopefully he likes his cake and present =)

Sat (19 June), went to Partyworld with Sammie boy, Jasmin and Verlene. Robin came much later. Wah, so long never go to KTV liao. Don't really know all the new songs or new artistes. Oops~ Perhaps I should listen to the radio more often or update my mp3? But some older songs are really nice. We also celebrated Jasmin's birthday there. Think we managed to surprise her? Hee~

After the KTV session, met Desmond at Heeren for dinner. Went to Pasta Waraku (paiseh, I can't rem the actual name of the restaurant k). After that, went to catch some soft toys. Managed to win 2 small soft toys (like handphone accessory?) for Jasmin and Verlene. They have this "catch the ball" game which I think is quite fun. My record is 6 balls. Shall try to break it. Desmond's record is 2. Haha =P Robin also didn't win anything. Boo~

Next, we wanted to catch a movie but the tickets were either sold out or selling fast for many movies at Cine. Oh well~ Then we tried Cathay lor. (It's so hi-tech now. Can check availability for Cathay at Cine and even buy tickets for it! How cool is that? Wonderful~) So anyway, we ended up watching Toy Story 3 at Cathay at 11:50pm as that's like the only show where we managed to get good seats for.

Anyway, didn't regret watching that show. It's quite nice actually. Not bad. Enriching too =) Took a cab home afterward. Seems like I take cab home every weekend. Oops~ I REALLY need a car and license lor. Was damn exhausted when I reached home yesterday. Didn't even go online. Hardly had such a long day out already.

PS: I found my camera after all and realised that I haven't been uploading photos since 28 March. Wow~

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Updates Updates...

This week has been a pretty busy week for me. Especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I love these 3 days. Hate the arrival of Monday. Haha. But this coming week I only need to work for 4 days. On leave next Friday to catch the Twilight and New Moon marathon xD Anyway, come July, it will be a pretty eventful month. Batam trip, the Newpaper Big Walk and Jay Chou concert.

Back to updates.. Friday (18 June), met up with Robin after work to catch the live screening of:

We watched it free at Zhenghua CC. The place is great, plenty of seats available. No need to squeeze with other people. Last last Friday (11 June), went with Robin, Desmond and Jasmin to Clarke Quay area to catch the opening match of the 2010 Fifa World Cup but it's difficult to get a seat. Went to a pub where there is a table available but min spending is $35 per person. Boo~ So exp! Anyway, we ended up watching it at Le Noir (agar agar lah, can't really rem the place name). No space to sit so we stood and drank at a table. Don't really like the DJ though. On the music so loud that we can't hear the commentary reporting about the match =.=

PS: Paiseh ah. I need to go meet Yoyo, Verlene, Sammie boy and Jeri at Clarke Quay to celebrate Yoyo's birthday. Am running late already. As you know, I just like to share/publish/post whatever I have. Don't like to save as draft so.. just publish this first. Will update soon on another new post.

PPS: Sianz lor. Can't find my camera.

Speaking of camera, I want to get this:

It's a DSLR camera. Cool right? By the way, my current Panasonic camera is my 21st birthday present. It is more than 3 years old already. Perhaps time to get a new one? =P

All right. Continue tonight.. Hopefully I've got time yeah =)

Friday, June 18, 2010

I seem to spend a lot of money, especially during weekend. How ah?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flooding in Orchard Road area today. The last known major flooding in the area was in 1984. Heng, I am safely in the office when this happened.

Link to read more about the flood and more pictures!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

I think I need a change of environment. Not that I don't like Singapore or anything (okie, I don't like that it's so crowded and people are so ungracious but that's beside the point), I just feel that I need a change. Diana said that her brother is going to Hong Kong to work. That sounds pretty cool to me. I certainly don't mind Hong Kong, although I'll just not like the part where it's more crowded than Singapore =.=

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am very sad and sianz coz tomorrow is Monday. Then I have to submit a report to my boss. Haven't done the graphs and charts yet. ZZZ~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I think I am a reasonable customer. Somehow, I can't be an unreasonable customer although I have heard many unreasonable ones. I really seriously and sincerely wish that they will have BAD KARMA. That will teach them a lesson. Please God, please be fair. Some rubbish/ridiculous people really need to be taught a lesson.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

就算我没有做对不起人家的事, 但人家也会做对不起我的事。 So I should be selfish and think of myself what.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Okie guys and gals. Time to update my blog. The weekend is here once again and now it's gone.

Fridaeee~ Met Robin after work at Jurong East MRT before proceeding to the Science Centre to watch Beavers (Robin got free tickets to that) at the Omni Theatre. The documentary/show lasted for about 35mins. Wow~ Haven't been to the Science Centre in ages! Anyway, the show is kinda boring and the kids are so noisy =.= Oops~ But the Omni Theatre is still cool =)

Went out with Robin, Verlene, Sammie boy and Jeri on Sat. Desmond and Jasmin were supposed to join us for bowling but didn't =.= Bought someone's birthday present. Hope that he will like it. Shan't disclose who in case he's reading it? Hee~ Anyway, we didn't get to bowl at Marina Square as there was no lane available. We waited for quite long before there was a lane available but decided not to take it as it was kinda late already. Maybe we should go to Kallang and bowl next time. Need to go somewhere more ulu. Lolx~ We did have fun playing some arcade games though.

Met up with Diana on Sunday. Had a ranting session over coffee and cakes at Bakerzin before going to Harbourfront Centre to cut my hair. New hairstyle! Wanted to go back to Masa Salon but Freddie's appointment was full for the whole day. So I went to Creative Salon to try. Wah, it cost me $45 to cut my hair lor. OMG man. More exp than Freddie. Anyway, the senior hairstylist, Lionel, criticized Freddie for using those thinning scissors to cut my hair the last time so my hair is uneven (something along that line..). Hm.. I didn't notice what he used but he's fast. So anyway, damn exp leh. I want a cheap and good place. Please recommend me a cheap and good salon. Please~

Anyway, I don't have any photo to show as I didn't bring my camera along. Hm.. Seems like I haven't been taking photos nowadays. Lazy~ Oops =P

After the haircut, Diana went for a pedicure at Faceshop. Maybe next time I will do mine. Wait lor. Got party/event then do. Next, we rushed to have our dinner then watched Sex and the City 2. The movie is great. Funny and entertaining. After the show, we rushed to Watsons but it was closed. Boo hoo~ Need to get some stuff from Watsons. Think we patron Watsons quite often. Can be the PPS of Watsons liao.

PS: I really hate it when my internet connection siao siao and anyhow disconnect. Sometimes, I am in the middle of doing something then suddenly got disconnected. How annoying! Hello Singnet.. Please improve leh =S

PPS: I need to spend less and save more!!
Something to recommend..


阿翔 is so pro!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am beginning to hate many people. Pardon me but I really buay tahan more and more people.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tierra and I were thinking... Why some people do/say/ask something, they not paiseh one ah? Hm..