Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clearing Old Stuff

I will be going to KL soon! Will be doing lots of shopping! Haha. Hope that I can find many good buys/bargains. Therefore, I am clearing away some of my old stuff or stuff that I am not using anymore. Let me see if there are any new stuff then I can do a giveaway post maybe when I return. Just gave my Mum some clothes (there are new ones) for her to give away or donate to Salvation Army. Stay tuned~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Saw this in front of my office one day. Couldn't resist taking a photo of it. Saw many people taking photos of the limo as well. Haha. Cool!

Oriole Café & Bar

Remember my review on Oriole Café & Bar ( some time ago? Well, went there another day with my colleagues after a meeting and ordered different food. I like my crabmeat linguine. Nice! =)

Senki Japanese Restaurant

Senki Japanese Restaurant is located at 109 Killiney Road, behind Singtel Comcentre (at the stretch of shophouses there). For more info on the restaurant, you can check out their website:

My colleagues and I bought a Groupon voucher (can't remember the cost) to try out their lunch buffet. We ordered much more food but I was too busy eating to keep taking photos. Oops~ Anyway, the food is not bad but the restaurant was really hot! Think there was a problem with their air-con.

Bali Thai at Suntec City

Had dinner with Jeanette at Bali Thai at Suntec City quite some time ago. Miss her!! Haven't seen her for so long!!! Miss our US trip lah.

Anyway, the food there is not bad but the menu seemed a bit different from the Bali Thai at ION Orchard. Still prefer the Bali Thai at ION Orchard. Got my favourite tomyam soup with glass noodles. It is also cheaper to dine there.

Total cost is about $50 for both of us. By the way, if I remember correctly, think that they have an ala-carte buffet dinner. We didn't go for that as we were small eaters. If you are big eaters, you can go and try it! 
I wasn't thinking properly. Think I was blind lor. Don't know who's good to me and who's not. I think that there are many "harmful" people. Even if you don't harm others, they will harm you. WTF lor!! I am sleeping at irregular hours again. Just feel very stressed =.=

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No jail for Makiyo

Just read this from the Internet:

TAIPEI: Neither Taiwan singer-actress Makiyo nor her male Japanese friend Takateru Tomoyori will be going to jail for their drunken attack on 55-year-old cabby Lin Yu Jun in February, reported Taiwan media.

The judge presiding over the pair's cabby assault case took into account the prosecution's recommendation for probation, and on Thursday sentenced Makiyo to ten months in jail with three year's probation.

Tomoyori was sentenced to one year in jail with four year's probation.

This means as long as they stay out of trouble for the next few years, Makiyo and Tomoyori won't have to see the insides of a jail cell.

The judge also found that the charges against the two had to be amended from causing grievous hurt to causing hurt, as their attack on Lin did not result in him suffering from any permanent injuries, and he is recovering well from the incident.

Makiyo and Tomoyori had previously agreed to settle the case with Lin by paying him NT$3 million (S$128,000).

In light of the settlement, prosecutors revised the penalties they sought for Makiyo and Tomoyori, and recommended that their sentences be commuted to probation.

Still, Makiyo's troubles are far from over.

The star, who hails from Japan, will now have to find work elsewhere, as her Taiwan work permit had been revoked due to her involvement in the cabby assault case.

With her work permit voided, Makiyo will not be able to work in Taiwan for the next three years and must leave Taiwan soon.

Makiyo's sister later revealed that the star intends to return to Japan for the time being, and may try to find work in China later on.

She added that Makiyo, who has since given up drinking, had no choice but to continue working in showbiz to pay for their cancer-stricken mother's medical bills, as well as fulfil the remainder of her contract with her management agency.


Don't really understand this. Thought the article said that she has a jail term? Whatever lah. It will be good if everything is settled =)

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nobody is perfect but I am really tired of our relationship. The thought of breaking up is just there. Anyway, the more we go on, the more I feel that we are not suitable for each other. Our thinking is so different!

Edit: Actually I also don't know what I want. Wish that I am still young and everything just depend on family. Don't need to worry about money, buy house, etc. I wish that my bf/husband is a good planner then I can just shake legs and don't need to worry so much. But my current bf is not. Need to change bf liao lah! Or I should just plan my own life. Heck care lah. No need guys also can survive.

My Birthday Celebrations

OMG! I really 对不起 those people who celebrated my birthday with me! My birthday is in March and I've procrastinated until now to blog about it! Paiseh ah if I cannot remember the exact details.

Birthday Celebration Part 1 - With colleagues at Seafood Paradise at The Singapore Flyer

My birthday cake from my colleagues.

Oops~ My age is exposed!

Yummy. I love crabs!

Love it!

Total cost is about $300 plus (if I remember correctly). My boss foot the bill. Haha~ The food there is not bad and the service is not bad as well.

Birthday Celebration Part 2 - With family at Silk at Singapore Island Country Club (SICC)

SICC just had a revamp. Looks good =)

I was very busy eating so didn't take many photos (of the food). We ate much more food. Don't know the price coz I didn't see the bill. The ambience and view are great but the service is so-so only.

Birthday Celebration Part 3 - With Robin, Jasmin and Desmond at Korean UFO Roaster Buffet at East Coast Park

Waited for about 1 hour for Jasmin and Desmond. All Desmond's fault. Boo!! Late king. But he was delayed due to work so ok lah! Anyway, it was not really a birthday celebration coz there's no cake.

The food is not bad. They have free flow of small chili crabs as well. Too busy eating and my hands were dirty so didn't take any photo of the chili crabs.

Cost about $25 per person. We sat inside the restaurant and it was really HOT!

After our dinner, we went to KBOX at Kallang Leisure Park. Long time never go KTV. Am so not updated with all the new songs!

Birthday Celebration Part 4 - With Winnie at Paul Bakery at Ngee Ann City

Not really a birthday celebration but.. got present! Haha~

My birthday present from Winnie. LV Business Card holder. Thanks!

By the way, do you all notice the guy behind me? Think he's one of the 名厨 who appeared on TV. Recognise him?

Can't remember the cost. It's not too expensive. I like one of their coated with sugar bread. Can't remember what it's called. Delifrance used to have that kind of bread.

My grandma bought this small cute cake for me. So sweet =) 

Birthday Celebration Part 6 - With Diana at Sushi Tei at Paragon

Diana came to my office during my birthday week to treat me to lunch. Yay!! Thanks gal =) There wasn't a queue and we got a seat by the window. Great view!

Cost about $40 plus for both of us. Food and service are not bad =)

Birthday Celebration Part 7 - With Onyee, Rachel and Jiamin at Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Please remember to make reservations before going as there's a long queue. It's kinda weird as you can make reservations at Wild Honey at Scotts Square but not the one at Mandarin Gallery. The waiter showed us a black face when we entered as we were about 10mins late. Still told us that we were late.

Canadian - Delicious!!

Sunflower from Jiamin =)

I didn't take any photo of my birthday cake because the restaurant doesn't allow us to have any cake there as they also sell cakes. What the... Thought a lot of places also allow even though they also sell cakes. One example which I can think of is Fish & Co. We ended up blowing my birthday cake at ION basement. Think my hp has no batt so didn't take any photo. Rachel and Onyee gave me Chomel necklace and earring for birthday present. It's with me now but I am lazy to go take a photo of them and upload it. It's already 3:48am!

The food is not bad. I like Onyee's Canadian - Blueberry pancakes. Yummy!! Service sucks though. Total cost about $120 for 4 of us.

Birthday Celebration Part 8 - With Robin at Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) in Johor

Durian birthday cake from my mother! Yummy!

Coffee birthday cake from Robin. 

See the cute candles he got for me =). I'm loved!!

The tom yam is really really spicy!!

We had to take a cab to the Johor Premium Outlets as we missed the JPO bus! The cab cost RM45. I only bought 2 Loreal Shampoos there =.= Nothing much for me to buy but I don't mind going there again! Took the JPO bus back and it only cost RM4.50 per person.

Watched a movie at City Square Mall before returning back to Singapore. City Square Mall was undergoing renovation. Wanna go there after the renovation to check it out! Watching movies at JB is so cheap! Cost about RM21 for 2 people on weekends. Watching movies in Singapore cost about S$19 for 2 on weekends and public holiday.

Okie, I'm really tired. Nights~