Thursday, November 29, 2012

Germany (Munich) Trip Part 2

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As I have mentioned earlier, after the city tour, we went to Marienplatz. I love that place. Nice. Munich has splendid and unique shops and buildings. Some places look romantic to sit and eat/drink something.   There are nice tablecloths on their dining tables and fresh flowers around. The outdoor seating area is great because the weather there is so cool, unlike Singapore where I hate to sit outdoor as it is extremely hot.

Our bus arrived at Marienplatz.

My favourite Starbucks. Haha.

Marienplatz subway station. Still don't know how to buy the subway ticket =.= It's really complicated.

I love the nice and unique buildings.

See, nice right?

Gee~ I look fat here =.=

After walking around for awhile, Erika, Karen, Stephanie and I were so hungry. We could not wait for lunch. Hence, we just settled for some food at this place called Munchner Spezialitaten. The food tastes okie. We sat outdoor. The menu is written in German so we got to ask the waiter for recommendation.

Their tables have nice tablecloths.

The coffee is no good. Boo.

Salad. Quite salty.

Pork knuckles. Yummy!! Don't like the potato ball thingy. Tastes weird.

I quite like the meat and sausages. Don't like the meat ball thingy as well. Really tastes funny.

Wide selection of fruits xD

Hard Rock Cafe

Didn't buy the Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. Quite expensive.

Hofbrauhaus. Apparently, this place is quite famous for their beer.


Even their ceiling is so nicely decorated.

 Remember Hansel and Gretel? Our childhood story.

Dalmatian!! The people in Munich like to bring their pets everywhere. Serious. Their pets can go shopping with them!

 This thing will chime and move at 12pm. A lot of people are waiting at the square to see this. 

  Too bad, I didn't take a video to put here.

To be continued.. Part 3 - Lunch!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Golden Village at City Square Mall

*Sponsored Review*

Do you guys know that there's a new Golden Village (GV) cinema at City Square Mall? It is the 11th GV cinema location in Singapore. Showcasing the next generation cinema, GV City Square features cutting-edge technologies that will enhance the film going experience and empower audiences.

This brand-new GV multiplex will house six cinema theatres with a total seating capacity of 1082 (amazing!), of which one auditorium will be a unique 42-seater 'Couple's Cinema'. Cool eh? Can go with your significant other. All six theatres will have stadium seating, ample leg room (very important!), wall-to-wall digital screens with crystal-clear 2K digital projection, 7.1 Dolby digital sound and premium-grade EAW speakers from the United States. Anyway, you just need to know that it's new and it's great. Haha! You gotta go and experience it yourself. Just take the MRT to Farrer Park (NEL line) and walk to City Square Mall. 

GV is also having some promotions now called I Run The Cinema @ GV City Square

1. I Book Early and Pay Less - Enjoy ticket price from as low as $5 when you book early

Promotion period: From 28 Nov 2012
Applicable to 1 hall, 1 movie session every Wednesday. 
How to get the tickets: Only at GV City Square Box Office or at

2. I Create My Snack Pack

Choose any 2 items for just $8.50. Selection includes Nachos, Jumbo Hotdog, Regular Popcorn or Ben & Jerry's ice-cream (yay!).

3. I Premiere My Own Production - Screen your own videos on the big screen

Cosy and ideal for corporate bookings, independent film producers and students who wish to premiere their original films. Now there's a place for you guys to do that. Simply contact GV for a discussion. The cinema hall also has capabilities to host functions and small-scale events with the availability of a convertible function room.

 4. I Pick A Movie To Be Screened

Period: From 3 Dec 2012
Applicable to 1 movie session on the first Monday of the month. First patron to purchase a minimum of 4 tickets for the session will get to decide the movie to be screened from a selection of titles. 
Purchased of tickets on the screening day at GV City Square Box Office only. Cool right?

For more information, please refer to

By the way, like Cathay, GV also has an app in iPad and iPhone. Go download it. Very convenient.

After writing so much on the new GV cinema in City Square Mall, let me share my own personal experience with you (see my photos below). Thanks to, I managed to get free tickets to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Robin there. For those who haven't caught the movie yet, go watch it. It's great! The whole movie experience has been good. Satisfied!

The box office and food counter.

Nice and beautiful flowers for the newly open GV.

I love flowers!

Our movie tickets. The printing is quite special.

The seats are just like tour bus seats but more comfy.

So good to sit at the last room. Nice couple seat =) See, there's plenty of leg room too.