Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today, I started my day with a phone call from one weirdo and ended my day with a phone call from another weirdo. So weird~ Hm.. Many crazy people around =.=

Presentation tomorrow. Am so NOT looking forward to it. Sianz lor.

Felt so sleepy at work today in the morning. Everyone, please do not ask me out from Mon - Thu. Especially if I have to wait for you all to finish work. Haha. Really no energy to go out. Was too tired out after going out with Diana yesterday. Feet were sore from walking around with my heels. I hate heels. They are nice to look at but not nice to wear. Don't know why ladies have to wear heels to work. Stupid rule hor?

Lastly, I really NEED to spend LESS and save MORE! Haha~ Must control.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I don't like guys to come near me. Especially those not shou ones. Please don't act very shou okie and go far away from me.
Fashion according to your Zodiac Sign

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
The Rams love to draw attention to their heads. Hats and head scarves are their favourite fashion statements, as are hair accessories like barrettes, combs and sparkly bobby pins.

Aries female celebrity - Mandy Moore

Aries male celebrity - Jacky Chan

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)
Classic fashion appeals most to the Bulls, who rarely fall victim to fads. Tailored shirts, three-piece suits and sensible shoes are favoured for work, while romantic vintage pieces are worn for play.

Taurus female celebrity - Penelope Cruz

Taurus male celebrity - David Beckham

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How come I deal with so many (okie, not that many but still.. should be more than enough) weird and unreasonable people yet I can't learn a thing or two from them? Why aren't I sort of influenced? I thought I am/was but apparently, I'm quite wrong. Okie, maybe you all don't know what I'm talking about.. Haha~ Reminds me of that Huang Jun Xiong. His words are difficult to comprehend. Lolx~)

Went to play mahjong at Jasmin's house with Verlene and Robin. Desmond came to join us afterward and Verlene left. Wah, that couple is pro man. Lost $25. Boo hoo~!! Should ban Desmond man =P Hee~ Just kidding. When playing mahjong, surely "got win got lose" so it's okie =)

PS: Monday blues again. Boo hoo~!! I want my holiday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Went on a Gardenia Factory visit with my company last wed. Pretty interesting. Saw another group of ACJC students. Machiam like school excursion! Feel so young.. Ah~~ =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nice people are not nice at all. Fake people are everywhere. Heck, being around them, I feel fake too...

Anyway, if someone is bad to you, is it your problem or his/hers?

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Monday blues is getting more and more serious. I really hate this feeling. How?? =(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some people are just so damn irritating. Oh well~ I believe that I am irritating also to some people. Heh!
Fashion according to your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
The Water bearers are the fashion mavericks, among the zodiac sign. Leave it to this sign to pair a three-piece suit with combat boots. Asymmetrical cuts appeal to their offbeat sensibilities.

Aquarius female celebrity - Jennifer Aniston

Aquarius male celebrity - Justin Timberlake

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

These daydreamers prefer floating chiffon and shimmering silk to durable wool and cotton. Women often pick dresses or skirts instead of pants, while men dress more for comfort than for style.

Drew Barrymore in a nice white dress

Daniel Craig in casual wear

So how Aquarians and Piscians? Does it match your dressing style? For me, I am a pisces and indeed I do like and admire nice dresses and skirts. Just that I wear pants/shorts more often due to the convenience. Hee~

Stay tuned for more about the other zodiac signs...
我真的不明白。 为什么有些人明明不适合但偏偏还在一起? 如果选择在一起就应该好好过而不是天天吵吵闹闹。

I know breaking up isn't easy but if the other party doesn't make you happier and you don't make the other party happier, what's the point of being together? After all, 长痛不如短痛。 I regretted not being firm in breaking up in my past relationship so I don't want other people to follow my path. There are many more important things to life. Like don't let relationship matters ruin your studies/careers. Like for your exams, once you did badly, there's nothing you can do already. The results will follow you for life. Haiz~ Okie, shall put away my regrets.
The more I see the Harris Resort Batam's website and photos, the more I like it. I wanna go and stay there. Seems cool~ =)

The hotel rooms

The swimming pool

Bowling alley. Can go with friends! 

I wanna 泡澡! Can indulge myself. Hee~ xD

For more information, just refer to http://www.harris-batam.com/
Spa: http://www.harris-batam.com/Harris-Resort-Batam-activity2.shtml

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I am very angry with those people who bought Jay Chou 2010 concert tickets and re-sell them at a MUCH higher price. WTH~!! That should be illegal right? It's so unfair. So why aren't they caught by the police? Do you think I can report them? Haha~ They should all be caught. I'm sure the police or the organizers know about this since it's reported in the newspaper. I hope something can be done. Haiz~ Spoil the market rate only.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yucks! I can't get any tickets for Jay Chou concert. Tickets are sold out within 1.5hours and the website is SUPER LAG =(

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Latest update on the Dr Ionescu case. Have been reading about it in the newspapers. Hope that justice will prevail..

SINGAPORE: The Singapore government has issued a Warrant of Arrest against Dr Silviu Ionescu over a deadly hit—and—run accident, while Interpol issued a Red Notice against the former Romanian charge d’affaires.

Last month, the Coroner’s Inquiry held in Singapore ruled that Dr Ionescu was the driver of the car that hit three pedestrians on December 15 last year. One person died.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Friday met Mr Aurelian Neagu, the Romanian Ambassador to Singapore, who is based in Tokyo.

MFA said Mr Neagu was officially informed of the findings of the Coroner’s Inquiry and the charges preferred by the Singapore Attorney—General’s Chambers (AGC) against Dr Silviu Ionescu.
He was also officially informed that a Warrant of Arrest had been issued against Dr Ionescu and that Interpol had issued a Red Notice against him.

A Red Notice means the warrant can be circulated in member countries, with the request that the wanted person be arrested with a view to extradition.

Singapore’s Foreign Ministry told Mr Neagu that Singapore understood Romania cannot compel Dr Ionescu to return to the Republic as there was no Extradition Treaty between the two countries.
Still, the ministry stressed that the Romanian government had a clear moral obligation to persuade Dr Ionescu to come back to Singapore to stand trial.

It said this was in Romania’s own interests as Dr Ionescu had seriously damaged Romania’s international reputation.

Mr Neagu informed MFA that the Romanian Prosecutor’s Office had started criminal investigations against Dr Ionescu on February 2 on "homicide by negligence, leaving the scene of an accident and false statements".
These are similar to the charges which the ACG had prepared against Dr Ionescu.

Ambassador Neagu stressed that Romania was committed to seeing justice done.

The Ambassador explained that Romania would need to conduct its own investigations against Dr Ionescu in accordance with Romanian law.

He assured MFA that Romania would continue to cooperate fully with Singapore on the matter, and abide by the law and international procedures in dealing with this case.

MFA thanked Mr Neagu for his assurances of Romania’s commitment, and reiterated that Singapore would cooperate with Romania to the fullest extent possible under Singapore’s law to see that justice is served.

Singapore told Mr Neagu that it has agreed to Romania’s request to set up a Joint Commission, which will comprise legal experts from both sides, who will share evidence.

They could start work by May.

The Singapore Foreign Ministry cautioned Mr Neagu that Romania should not underestimate the depth of feelings that had been aroused in Singapore over the case.

It continued to say that the Romanian government must, in its own interests, ensure justice is served. Otherwise, there would inevitably be consequences for bilateral relations.

— CNA/yb

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some people are just simply not worth the help/sympathy/empathy. They deserve some retribution! And I wanna curse that back-stabbing idiot. F*** Off~!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sianz lor. I still can't check and book tickets online for Cathay. Other people don't have such a problem. Wah~ Anyone know how to resolve?

By the way, I've already asked the optician for the optimal light for reading but I can't remember what he said =.=

Friday, April 9, 2010

Inspired by one of the threads I've read in stomp, I am here to create my own "stores with good customer service" and "stores with lousy customer service". I like to rant only, I hardly really complain all the way. In this case, I am a pretty good customer? Or I am simply just lazy to keep complaining. Sometimes it's useless as the staff don't seem to improve (I think) coz usually I don't really go back to the store with bad service so I can't observe whether there is any improvement.

Stores with good service 

  1. Starbucks - The staff are always so joyful and enthusiastic.
  2. Cathay - Generally acceptable almost all the time so yeah, can consider them good.
  3. Bugis BHG - Personal reason. Just like lor.
  4. Giant at Parkway Parade - Personal reason. Just like lor.
  5. Prima Tower - Service is good but food sucks. =.=
  6. McDonald at Clementi - The uncle is really friendly and nice. Plus he helps customers to find seats and is efficient in clearing the table. Tierra and I want to write him a compliment lor. He deserves it.
  7. Charles and Keith - Generally friendly stuff. Their bags are quite long lasting but their shoes... Ouch!

Stores with bad service 

  1. UOB - Retrieving all my past account statements need $810. Wth~ Aren't they just some sheets of paper? Why do we need to spend $810 to retrieve these papers? And the call centre is no help at all. Haiz~ Anyone with a good bank to recommend?
  2. Timezone - The supervisor told me "move aside, don't block the way" while I was filling up the form for me to upgrade to the Gold card. Now I regret it. I don't wanna be their Gold member anymore.
  3. Jean Yip - Kept trying to promote their products and persuading me to do treatment, etc.
  4. Steve Madden - Lousy product, my bag spoilt within half a year. Yet can't be repaired and no help rendered.
  5. White Dog Cafe - Staff told me to serve myself when she came with the flask of ice water and cups.

Suddenly can't really remember. Will write/update more when I can recall. By the way, one thing to note: although the buses/mrt/lrt are still packed during peak hours, at least I see improvement to the frequency. Not bad.

PS: Okie, for some reason, I'm unable to break the line. Sorry.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is anyone using the Biofinity toric contact lens? Do tell me =)
I wanna be a kid! Yay! Less troubles. Just play. Lolx~ The weekend was long but it has come to an end. Boo! Monday blues again. Need to sleep but not sleepy. How?
Had quite a fun time during the long Good Friday weekend. On Friday, went to Sentosa with Jasmin, Verlene and Sammie boy. Did not go to the Universal Studio or Casino. Expensive leh. Will go one day next time =) Sat by the beach and talked with Jasmin while Verlene and Sammie boy went to play in the sea. Long time didn't catch up with her already. Need to update. Haha~ Didn't go drink as Verlene isn't feeling well. I wanna go to one of the beach bars. Seems cool.

I wanna blacklist White Dog cafe at Vivo. The service staff is quite rude. Ask me to serve myself. Wth~ And also Steve Madden. Their products are so lousy, I shall boycott them. My Steve Madden bag has spoilt and it's beyond repair already. The bag is only about 6 months old. So fast spoil one meh? My Charles and Keith bag can last for about 2 years! Haha~ Wanna go and buy another Charles and Keith bag but it seems like a lot of people are carrying those bags. Hm.. Saw one wallet there, quite nice. Argh!! I can't shop! Need to save up. Already spend about $400 plus on contact lens and it's the beginning of April only. Can't afford to go shop. Speaking of that, I hope IGARD doesn't cheat me of the contact lens price. Coz like suddenly so exp. Maybe I should find out from more opticians next time before paying. I want to be a smart consumer!

Anyway, went to make contact lens, watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid and play at Timezone with Robin on Saturday. The movie was nice. Went to watch at Lido as there wasn't any suitable timing at Cathay. Don't know why there was a long queue at Lido to buy tickets. Dont really like Lido seats. Not as comfortable and they seem quite old. Went to play at Timezone after dinner. I caught 2 stuff toys! One Pooh and one Piglet. Haha~ Become so pro siah. Lolx~ I like to play "shoot the basketball" game. Fun but tiring. Not a very suitable game immediately after dinner. Felt a bit nauseous then. Upgraded my paper Timezone card to the plastic one. Seems like it's hard to have fun without spending money. How? =( Anyone know of any interesting thing to past time without paying much? Haha~
Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a nice movie. Very worth it to watch. Damn funny lah. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Do you all have problem booking ticket on Cathay website? Try clicking on the link above and see if you can open it. I can't book tickets online on Cathay! Argh!
Think I've gained weight. I need to lose some weight!