Sunday, October 26, 2014


I really really cannot stand waiting and inefficiency. The people at Mediacorp are so inefficient ok. The tickets stated to reach at 6:30pm and advised that we arrive 15 minutes earlier. But it is already 7pm plus and we are still in a not moving queue. Somemore, there is no aircon in where we are queuing. Damn irritated. WTH lah really. Ask people to go there so early for what. Gee!

Review - Sushi King

Have you heard of Sushi King?  I am not sure if they have an outlet in Singapore but Robin and I went to the outlet in JB, Malaysia. It is located at the basement of City Square. They do have a wide variety of sushi along with other Japanese food at affordable prices in a friendly and cosy environment. However, the customer service can be better improved. It was very difficult to get the attention of any staff when we were there. The food there is quite ok. But this can also be improved! It was quite crowded when we were there.

Total cost. This is in Ringgit, so it is definitely very affordable.

Review - Bonchon Chicken

I have finally tried the much raved Korean fried chicken, Bonchon Chicken. The outlet which Robin and I went to is at Bugis+. I find that the chickens are not bad, can go again. But the customer service there is no good. Waited quite long for my chickens to come. About 20-30 minutes, I think. If you are interested to learn more about Bonchon Chicken, you can check out their website here -

By the way, do you know that bonchon means my hometown in Korean?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review - Mellben Seafood

Went to try out Mellben Seafood with Onyee. She kept raving about it, especially the Ang Mo Kio branch. Made me tempted to try the crab beehoon there. They have a few branches at different places now. Can go and Google for the address. Anyway, the outlet which I went to is below:

Address: 232 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (St 22) Singapore 560232
Phone: 6285 6762

I think that you can make a reservation if it is for weekdays but cannot make a reservation for weekends. I am not sure, you can give them a call to ask.

Long queue! I even saw some foreigners there. We went on a Saturday. Maybe can try to go earlier to avoid the crowd. We were there at about 6pm plus (if I remember correctly).

They gave us this card while we were queuing. 

The interior.

Onyee ordered 3 drinks while I had 2 drinks while waiting for our food to arrive.

Fried toufu.

Crab beehoon. Very very nice! I like.

I cannot remember how much we have spent but it is definitely not cheap. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review - NamNam Noodle Bar

Went to NamNam Noodle Bar with Robin at Plaza Singapura. I like the Vietnamese food there. Price is very reasonable too. But one day, I overheard one of the customers beside my table complained that there is a fly or something in their pork balls. Don't dare to eat in there anymore =.=

The customer service there is also bad. Staff seems pretty rude. The plus side is that I think that there is no service charge.


Review - Window on the Park Cafe Restaurant

Treated my Mum to Window on the Park Cafe Restaurant one day. If I remember correctly, it was a Mother's Day treat. The restaurant is located inside Holiday Inn, somewhere behind Centrepoint area.

Chili crabs with buns! Yummy!!

There are still other varieties of food. But I was famished as I went to meet my Mum there after work so.. didn't take many photos.