Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today, someone pissed me off again. I really dislike this guy. There are 2 possibilities: 1. My temper is becoming worse. 2. The people around me are just so sickening at times. So which one is it? Hee~ A mixture of both bah, I think. Anyway, I've noticed that the people around me are becoming more short-tempered as well! Hm.. Sianz lah, EC3371 assignment. Headache~

Today, I celebrated my birthday at home. Mummy bought me a durian cake! Thanks Mum =)

My cake and me

I'm making a wish. Wah.. although nowadays, I keep making wishes, all my 3 wishes are the same =) Hope that they will come true!

My durian cake. Happy Birthday to me! =)

My birthday present from Jeffery =)

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