Sunday, February 27, 2011

I really miss some things from the past, some friends, etc. But we have to move on I guess.
Monday blues ahhh!!!

I don't like those recruitment agencies. After I've sent them my resume, always didn't get back to me. Or I've received their missed calls but when I've returned their calls, they are always not around and never return call. Sent them emails also no response.

Hm.. yet people keep introducing those recruitment agents to me. Tell me to send my resume to so and so, definitely will get response.. So and so is very nice one. So and so will help you. But I got disappointed by them time and again until I really give up on recruitment agencies!

So far, among my friends, I know that Jiamin, Bao Chuan and Calin got their job offers from recruitment agents.
I just remembered.. Forgot to blog about my Valentine's Day this year. Haha~ Oops!

Took leave on Vday but my assistant suddenly fell sick so I went back to work halfday. Sianz lor. Haiz~

Robin came to pick me up from my office then we went to Harbourfront Centre to take the cable car up to Mount Faber for our Vday dinner. By the way, I don't really fancy the cable car ride as it was simply too SCARY! On the way back to Harbourfront Centre after dinner, the cable car was stuck in mid-air for probably about 5 mins but I was damn scared. Really panicked and on the verge of tears lor =(

Anyway, we had dinner at Emerald Lodge. The dinner was nice, the ambience was great and the staff were wonderful =) The price was still considered reasonable, so definitely a place worth going =)

Home sweet home after dinner as the next day got work.

PS: Robin bought me a pink bag from the souvenir shop at Mount Faber. Alamak. I have got so many bags loh. Heehee =P

Some photos to share...

The place where we had our Vday dinner.

Photo of a cable car ride

Somehow, I have difficulty uploading photos onto my blog. Argh =.= So for those who wanna view my photos, go visit my facebook lor.

In case anyone is wondering, I got Robin a pouch and wallet for the occasion =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Argh!! So paiseh! Today after I've ordered coffee I realized that I forgot to bring my wallet =.= heng, the uncle knows me and let me owe the money. But still paiseh leh =S

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Songs/MVs sharing time again

I quite like this song. And I feel like introducing about this singer, Derrick Ho aka 何维健. As we all know, he took part in the 绝对Superstar a few years ago and got popular there. Very good for him. Well, before that he used to study in Ngee Ann Poly, was my senior. We were in the same CCA for a short period of time. Too bad, I never knew him properly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I know I should be sleeping now. Not that I am not sleepy but I just want to say one thing. Buay tahan lor. Some people are damn disgusting. They kept saying that they want a long term relationship, are faithful and want someone faithful yet they themselves like to flirt around! Really WTF k.

Fyi, I am not talking about Robin. Just someone I used to know. And the thing is.. I thought I knew him quite well. I also dunno why I am so bo liao go and mind other people's business.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A question which I want to post to everyone who's thinking to change his/her job.

Will you accept a lower salary in your next/new job? If so, how much are you willing to cut?

Please answer me on my tagboard yeah. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Before I go to sleep and call it a night, I just realised that I have been blogging for 2 years and my blog has exceeded 10,000 (10k!) readers. Okie, this may not be a lot to some (or most?) of you (esp those pro bloggers) but.. this is something I am proud of and I just wanna dedicate 1 post to it.

Haha~ Cannot meh!
Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Love's in the air. Spread the LOVE around =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

WTF man!! I am really pissed now coz my assistant is sick and I have to spoil my Valentine's Day plan as I need to go back to work now. Totally spoils my mood.
I love SALES. I love good buys. I love cheap bargains.

BUT.. there's always a bad side to it. Today, I bought a new cheap Samsung DVD player from Bukit Timah Courts. Only $49, very cheap. But I just realised that the instruction book is all in Vietnamese after I have opened it. Furthermore, there was no warranty card inside. Thought that there's a 1 year warranty? I have checked with the staff.

The cheap top that Tierra bought from KL has torn after she wore it twice.

Lesson of the day: Pay more for quality products. Perhaps so..
Let me update a little about my CNY.


Ended work at 12:30pm. Ah yi came to fetch me before going to Ah ma's house for reunion lunch. Reunion lunch was okie. Catched up a little with my relatives and all.

After that, met Robin at Bedok. He was going to cook crabs for me but Sheng Siong has already closed and there were no more crabs at NTUC. Boo! Nvm. We had steamboat at Robin's house with his family.

Took a cab home afterwards. The cab driver was so weird. Asked us if he could go to the toilet coz he ren hen jiu liao. Like what the.. Anyway, we said okie and he wasted time to find the toilet. In the end, he only gave us $0.60 discount. The cab fare was $20. So exp!

CNY Day 1

First day of CNY. As usual, went to Ah ma's house to bai nian. My i-Phone just spoilt suddenly. Bummer! Everything else seemed like per normal like every other years.

CNY Day 2

Did nothing at all. Haha~ Just slack at home.

CNY Day 3

Went to Singtel HQ (at Somerset there) to repair my phone. There were many people at the service centre. Waited for about 1 hour plus =.= But heng, can repair on the spot and everything is okie. My phone got software corruption. Lost all my photos and stuff. Boo!

After that, ate dinner at the Imperial Treasure Express with Robin. First time tried the food there.. not bad. Next, we went to explore SCAPE. Haven't been there since it opened. Went to Show Luo's (Luo Zhi Xiang) apparel shop there. If I remembered correctly, it's called Stage.

CNY Day 4

Went Sentosa with Diana. We went to see the 4D Pirates show, took the Extreme Log Ride (just realised that I have taken that before) and tried the Desperados game. The photographer at the 4D Pirates show was rude to us.. and other tourists. Nvm about that, don't wanna say already.

By the way, there is this flower festival at Sentosa. Nice man. The theme is about rabbits/bunnies as this year is the year of rabbits/bunnies. Those who like to take photos can go there see see =)

At night, we went to watch The Green Hornet at Vivocity. My second time watching the movie. Not as nice as the first but overall, still okie lah. Home sweet home to be prepared for the next day work after a nice long weekend. Time flies!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ah yoh! It's the new year! 2010 has gone and 2011 has arrived. Year of Tiger has gone and Year of Rabbit has arrived. I really feel like changing my job! Haha =)
Upload a recent photo of myself =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Am starting to feel sianz of work already. Monday blues perhaps. I also wanna go on a long hol!! Wanna upload some new photos here but there is something wrong with my pc Internet (yeah, I know.. Again!) so I shall just add a quick post with my hp first. Too bad, can't add (or maybe I don't know how to) photos using hp.

Oh yeah. Need to rant about 2 things. Can't help it lah. I also wish that I'll have less things to rant about in this new year. Back to the 2 things:

1. Today, went to Sentosa Cineblast with Diana (more about that later). There was this rude photographer who's damn rude. After taking photos for people, he said "get inside" and he literally shouted at some people. Most of them are tourists. What a bad impression he gave of Singapore. Just now, I have already feedback on the Sentosa website. Haha!

2. My mum is picking on me again lor. What's wrong with not buying new clothes to wear to work? Cannot buy new clothes to go out meh?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It is the first day of Chinese New Year and my iPhone spoilt! First I cannot send or receive sms and now I cannot even turn on my phone. Boo! Spoil my CNY mood only. Now, I gotta use back my old Samsung phone.

By the way, woke up early to do my make-up. Put on my fake eyelashes and everything. However, I didn't take any photo. Forgot loh.
祝大家新年快乐,万事如意,心想事成。 Huat ah!! 希望能发大财! Haha~

Goodbye Tiger, see you in 12 years time. Welcome Rabbit =)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today has been a busy day for me. Went to work as usual in the morning. After work, went to Grandma's house for reunion lunch. After that, met Robin at Bedok then go to his house for reunion dinner. Went to the new Bedok Point to take a look at the new shopping mall but alas, most of the shops were closed. Perhaps next time bah.

Reunion dinner at Robin's house was okie. But I didn't help to prepare the food nor clean up afterwards. So paiseh.. Like not really sure what to do. Fell asleep in his room as I was really tired. Heng, nothing happened. I was wearing my contact lens! Am not supposed to sleep in them.

Took cab home at about 10pm. The cab driver asked if he could go to the washroom. Then he drove all the way to Eunos MRT to use the toilet. Ended up our cab fare is $20.60. He charged us $20. Wah.. Normally from Robin's house to my house only cost $16 plus. But Robin said nvm. Oh well. For CNY then nvm.

There are just too many things that can piss me off.. Even small little things. I don't know what to say to or about myself. Maybe if I have the time, I can do a deep reflection. Somehow, I really don't sympathize or feel sorry for people. Not really anymore. Why should I feel sorry for them? We all have our own worries and troubles. Then who's going to feel sorry for me? Not that I need it anyway.

Watched The Green Hornet 3D with Robin at PS GV last Saturday. My first 3D movie at GV. Always went to Cathay for 3D movies in the past. Don't really like to watch 3D movies. Don't like to wear the specs. Haha~

Anyway, the movie was not bad. If you are free, can pop by the cinema on CNY to watch =)

Met Onyee at Cuppage Terrace after the movie to pass her the Monopoly Deal card games. Saw Tianwen for the first time. Not bad looking. Hope things turn out well between them. Hee xD