Saturday, April 30, 2011

Got many things to update but no time. Anyway, let me summarize in points:

1. Last day with the company is over. Hope to get my pay soon.

2. Going to KL with Diana later.

3. Will be starting my new job soon when I come back.

4. Very sianz of driving. Wish to get my licence but I really don't want to drive if I can help it. Weird right? Hm.. but I don't like to take public transport also so...

5. Fed up with my Mum just now. Kept coming into my room. Why can't she say all she want one time? So irritating. And also make me jump =.=

6. Very interesting and exciting general election coming up.
Nice song to intro =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Today is my last day in this company.

Have some mixed feelings about it.

All the best to me =) Haha~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't really like to drive. I prefer sitting in a car and people drive me around. Haha =P

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I really wish, hope and pray that 好心人会有好报,不好和麻烦的人会有坏报。 那是他们应得的。 Please please please...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I think I tend to mood-swing more. I get more irritated and buay song easily. Why is this so? Something wrong with me or are people just getting more and more irritating?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The General Election (GE) is coming. Saw so many articles regarding it on the newspapers. Am still not sure if I need to vote for my area. Anyway, to me.. What I am really concern is regarding the transportation in Singapore. Sometimes, I think that our public transport really sucks. Overcrowding and long waiting time. If I am not in a rush, I don't mind waiting for the buses but if the bus takes a long time to arrive, the overcrowding problem starts. Now I seriously HATE to squeeze with people coz I don't like them touching me, be it accidental or on purpose. Seriously, some guys/people might take the opportunity to molest innocent victim(s). If the bus/MRT is so crowded, it's hard to tell and those people will get away with it.

I am not sure if my MP can do anything but the transport minister can and should do something about it. I can see that they are building more MRT lines, etc.. which is good. But that is the long-term solution. Can't really see what they have done in the short-term. Okie, they did but it's not enough to solve the problem.

Maybe the MPs and Management of SMRT should take public transport to work, etc everyday. Then they will be able to empathize with the passengers better. Seriously, I think that SMRT cannot make it. Always give standard answers but see no improvement made. I don't blame the staff and didn't make things difficult for them. I know that they are just the employees and they are just doing their jobs. So now the point is.. Why didn't their management come up with some brilliant solution? I remember vaguely reading that the CEO of SMRT commented that people can still get on the bus/MRT and it is not overloaded yet (something like that lah, forgot liao). She mentioned that it's people who choose not to. Alamak~!! She so clever she go squeeze lah. Talk is cheap. I bet the CEO probably drive to work everyday.

Come to think of it, maybe should put in some competition for SMRT. If not, we complain and complain but we can't boycott them. So argh!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My KL trip with Diana is confirmed! Yayss!! I cannot wait until 29 April. 2 more weeks to go. I hardly wish that time passes by faster but for now, I wish that this month can faster come to an end =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alamak!! I can't stand so many people and things lor. Really WTH and WTF!!

There's this person whom I really don't feel like talking to right now. She want to ask people for help yet doesn't wanna let people know her number. Then don't ask people for help lor. Why should I be the middle-woman and SMS for her? Maybe she's used to guys being good to her coz she's pretty but sorry lor.. I am NOT a guy so I am NOT attracted to you.

Btw, when is my replacement coming?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People/friends say that I am nice. I think that I am nice (okie, I know.. sound so bhb but..). Now, I REALLY don't wanna be nice okie?!?! I wanna be irritating! Wahaha =P

I also want my bf to be fierce and irritating (to others, not to me) but.. boohoo~!! Why is he not fierce, etc??? Ah yoh~ So much to hiam right? Haiz~ I also dunno why am I like that? Sianz lor~!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fossil charges $20 to replace my watch battery. Wth lor. Daylight robbery!!

Btw, was at Fossil yesterday then heard this Angmoh scolding the staff. Like so bad lor but.. Oh well~ I don't know what to say coz I also buay song them leh.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I feel so lazy and bad. I don't feel like helping people. Why can't they do things themselves? Especially when they don't even talk to you or anything and only find you when they need you.

Please go fly kite!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Internet is very weird. Everytime I think that it's working well, something got to happen. Really =.=
I think and feel that no one loves me as much as 宝宝. But.. Sometimes it's not easy to completely trust someone because then the disappointment and betrayal will be too great. So, although I am very sorry about this but I have to constantly tell myself to doubt him. So bad huh? Hm.. I am becoming weird. I know.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I just came back from Muar and Malacca today. Many things to update!! Haha~

Went there on 1 April, Fri. Waited quite long for my grandma and auntie at the Woodlands checkpoint. Wah.. The weather is really hot! I almost thought that they are not coming, going to fly our aeroplane or something (which I do know it's not possible but still.. while waiting, many things can pass through your/my mind). I think they should set up a cafe for people to sit down and drink something there while waiting. Haha~ Wonder if ICA will allow it? Or if there is any space for it?

Anyway, when they finally arrived, we took bus 160 to the JB custom and walked to City Square Mall to meet one of my uncles. Before he arrived, we have some time to shop and I bought the same pair of shoes which I have bought before.. only different colour. Hee~

My uncle drove us to his house in Muar. Halfway, we stopped by Yong Peng for dinner. Ah yoh~ Very hungry liao. My uncle drove so fast lor.. Scary. Reached his house at nearly 11pm. Tired.

The next day, we went to Malacca in the morning to visit one of my relatives who just had a knee operation at Pantai hospital in Melaka (I think that's the name of the hospital). The hospital looks very much like the one in Singapore. The doctors, nurses and facilities seem not bad compared to Singapore. I like the nurses' uniform. Too bad, I didn't take a photo coz I'm not sure if can take photos in the hospital. Never thought of also. Now, we have to drink more milk and eat food high in calcium. If not, next time we are old, our knees and joints will not be so good. Especially for women.

After the hospital visit, my uncle drove us around Melaka. Didn't really take much photos. Next, we went somewhere crowded for dinner (I really forgot the name of the place as I was really too hungry to take note, didn't have lunch lor). I just know that they will seal the road at 6pm so that cars cannot drive in and that the place will turn into a mini night market. Saw some tourists there.

Bought some souvenirs and a pair of slippers there. Very cheap lor, only RM10. It's a cute dinosaur beach slipper. Can wear to Sentosa. Hee~ Didn't not get to shop much as one of my relatives brought 3 kids and they were all very tired and rowdy =.= Oh yeah, one of the kids is really cute lor. Chubby chubby and so cute and pretty when she smiles. Like to buy things for her.

Before going back, we went to Tan Khim Hock to buy some local products and food back. Saw the owner, Mr Tan Khim Hock there. He treated us drinks (very generous lor, told us to just open and drink) and I even took a photo with him! (Will upload soon.) At first, I thought who is this old man? Said that will treat us drinks and told us to just open and drink. No need to pay one lor. Later, my uncle told me that he's the boss, the founder of the place. Wah.. Win liao!

Went back to my uncle's house to rest for awhile. After resting, we went out to this mini night market which sells mostly Malay things. Nothing much for me to buy, just bought some earrings. After that, we went to have Zi Char for supper near my uncle's house. Yum yum =) Then home sweet home (ok lah, not my home but... hee~) Took a bath before sleeping. The weather is really HOT lor. I think hotter than Singapore.

On Sunday, 3 April, I played mahjong with my relatives while waiting for my uncle to bring us to Pantai Hospital to visit my relative again. Am glad that she's feeling better and looking quite energetic. Also can eat some food liao. She can be discharged in a few days =)

After visiting, my uncle drove us to this big new shopping mall in Melaka to shop. Saw Popular bookstore there. Haha! But didn't go in lah. Not much time to shop also as my auntie called halfway and said that the car we booked to drive us back to Singapore is here. Wah lau.. Say come then come lor. Told us 3-4pm then come. So no choice lor, didn't shop liao. My uncle quickly drove us back to his house in Maur where the car is waiting. Actually, that kan cheong guy didn't wait for us, he told another friend/driver to come. He said that he doesn't want to wait as there was a jam returning to Singapore. Wah.. Really attitude lor. It's not really cheap lor. RM260 for 4 people. Also around SGD$100 plus.

There was no jam at all returning to Singapore. The driver drove really fast. At about 150-160km/h. I wanted to sleep but I was really scared lor. Drive so fast.. So scary lah. I got a headache liao. Wanted to ask him to slow down but he's in a rush. But one good thing, we reached Singapore very fast. At around 6pm. Only take 3 hours. The driver also shared with us some stories about some ridiculous and unreasonable customers. Said that he has been in the line for over 10 years and have seen all kinds of people. What he said seem kinda true also. Sometimes, if you try to be difficult, you don't feel good also. Why not be more chin cai and learn to tolerate other people/things better? If you can be more chin cai, you will also feel good. No need to be so unhappy all the time. Haha~ I gotta learn from him lor. Smile smile, happy happy all the time. He seems so cheerful. Hope that I can do it. Hee~

Well, that marks the end of my Maur/Melaka trip. Maybe will go back again in September to attend a relative's wedding. See how first. Should be able to take leave for my new job by then.

Very tired already.. Still got work tomorrow (or rather, later today). Nights everyone. It has been an enjoyable and tiring trip. Really got to thank my uncle for driving us around. He's really nice and not calculative.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I shall just ignore all those gossips and politics. Shan't waste my time coz I am getting out of there already =)