Saturday, February 28, 2009

我还是被爱冲昏了脑袋。--> I saw this on MH's blog. I guess this is something everyone will easily fall trap to. Love is just 4 letters but it is so powerful. Hm.. Scary! It makes people neglect other important stuff in their lives. I think I do need more time to myself. I really need to concentrate and jiayou for my studies! Miss Chia, please focus!!

By the way, Happy Birthday Esther =)

PS: I really wish for a holiday~ want some stress-free time =)
Today, I just thought of one thing: money $$. Haha~ It's true, in life we need money for many things. Sometimes people may not want to be materialistic/practical but forced by the circumstances and society, we all tend to "chase" after money. Oh well, as long as it is legal and not against your own conscience, I suppose there is nothing wrong with wanting to earn/save more money. And another thing, we cannot survive on love alone. We need to eat bread to survive. So actually, bread is more important than love.

Another thought that I have: people. Among so many people and friends, how do we know who is true to us or who is just trying to make use of us? That person/people may be plotting and trying to cheat you. Hm.. Don't ask me why am I so pessimistic. I find it hard to trust people 100%. You never know what secrets they might be hiding behind your back. After all, the way you treat others might not be the way others treat you back. When a person wants to get married, the husband/wife he/she chooses is very important. Too bad there is no test before marriage to help us judge our husbands/wives. You have to know what kind of person he/she is based on your own judgement. However, sometimes our judgements may be wrong. We may be too "blinded" by love at that moment to open our eyes and see. It really takes time to understand a person fully. Many times, I (or anyone else) really want to believe someone/something but somehow, there is always this nagging voice telling me to hold back.

Haiz~ I guess people may be really hurt when they know that someone they love doesnt believe/trust them totally but.. I really find that the reality of life is too cruel at times. It seems like nothing is absolute, nothing is forever and the only thing that would never change is change itself.

PS: I feel that in this world, I can only trust myself 100%. Even then, sometimes I also don't trust myself to make the best decisions for myself.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

幸福的感觉真好!Blissful =)
I was so pissed off just now. Everyone was late! Made me miss the 7pm show. Lucky I haven't bought the tickets yet, if not will be wasting my money. To think that I rushed all the way down from school. Haiz~ Actually Hector was early but Jeffery told him the wrong place. What the... lor. I said Cathay. It's understood that Cathay refers to the Grand Cathay that side what. If go to Cine, I will say Cine lor. I won't refer Cine as Cathay. So pissed and hungry~ =/ In the end, we have to watch the 9:40pm show. Ended at nearly 12am. Tired~

Anyway, He's Just Not That Into You is okie lah. Not bad but too many characters. Was a bit confused about who is who =/ Just know that the gal, Gigi, is quite poor thing in the show but luckily she has a happy ending. So.. yeah. Mr Kpo Jeffery wanna try his hand at matchmaking and.. all I can say is.. hopefully it all goes well between our friends! Woo~ I'm so excited for Diana. Haha~ and Hector, hint hint.. Please be more gentlemanly next time can?

Something nice I kope from MH's blog =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yay! I'm back to blogging. Just finished my MKT2413 Problem Set 1. Whew! One assignment down. Now, am in the library. Going to watch He's Just Not That Into You with Diana, Jeffery and Hector later. So need to pack up and go off soon. The show is at 7pm. Hope that there's enough time to eat coz I'm hungry le. Hm.. Blog more later =)

This morning, my mother hiam that I didn't read the newspaper =.= Ah yoh~ Think I inherit the hiam genes from her lah. Boo~ =(

PS: Happy Birthday Calin! And Feb seems like the month for love. Love is in the air and love is everywhere. Lolx~ Quote from MH.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I thought of what I want for my birthday liao. I want a bikini! Haha~ *blush blush* By the way, I forgot to say.. I've shrunk by 3cm! Don't know what happened wor~ =/
Got a couple of things to blog about. Feel so lazy nowadays to blog everyday =/. Haiz~ Let me just quickly summarise coz it's pretty late now also. I'll be uploading photos as well so.. a picture tells a thousand words! Just see the photos. Haha~

21/2 Sat~ went to school for the health check-up then to vivo for a meeting. Then later went to Peace Centre (I think) there to play Frozen Throne. Haha~ Think it's my 2nd time playing in a lan game shop.

My super advance bday cake~

Happy Birthday to Me =) Thanks everyone!

A nice cup of coffee. Ah~ Enjoyment =)

PS: It finally rained on Sat. Yay!!

22/2 Sun~ Supposed to head down to IMM but I overslept and it was raining heavily. So I didn't go. Anyway, I've called the printing place and no one picked up so.. Will go tomorrow or Tuesday instead. Don't wanna make a wasted trip. Ended up eating KFC at BPP and going to Woodlands.

Flowers for me~ xD


Yay =)

PS: Flowers are the only impractical gifts I like. Hee~
PPS: I am so not photogenic lah! =(

Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG!! I suddenly feel stress. Got people waiting to read my blog. Hm.. Some things to blog about. 1. My EC2374 quiz~ It seemed better than the macro test for certain but.. also a little worried leh. Don't know how I'll fare. Saw people wrote a lot while my answers are pretty short. But I really cannot remember any other points liao. Oh well~ Heng, it's only 10%. 2. Am dreading the amount of work piled up for me to complete during study break. Boo hoo~~!!

3. Due to my nightmare last night, I've decided to add on to my list of 20 Must/Should Haves in a Dream Guy. Heehee~ I wish that he can protect me, from danger and harm and would not forsake me. Haha~ I need a brave guy, preferably one who can fight! But of course not fight unnecessarily lah. Hee xD~ Oh, and also preferably he can be a punctual person. I really don't like waiting for people leh. Oh my tian~ Think I will be left on the shelf. So many requirements. Hm.. The list just seems to add on. I better stop. Wonder how come some people got so little to write. 4. Am dreading the health check-up tomorrow =( 5. Maybe I should really make my blog private so people cannot read and I can just simply post whatever I want! xD

PS: Going to be Eileen's bday in 25 mins. Happy Birthday in advance gal =) I'll call you later. I need to give Ben priority to call you first so I wait lor. Cannot call you at 12am sharp le. I'm a gentle-lady. Haha xD~
PPS: Jeffery, give me some time to think about your question okie? =) Don't gan cheong. Haha~ I also very stress =/
Due to my dear Jeanette's request, I've decided to post something.

Reflection - Christina Aguilera (Mulan)

Look at me,
You may think you see
Who I really am,
But you'll never know me.

it's as if I play
A part.

Now I see,
If I wear a mask,
I can fool the world,
but I cannot fool my heart.


Who is that girl I see?
Staring straight,
Back at me.
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

I am now,
In a world
Where I have to hide in my heart,
and what I believe in.

But somehow,
I will show the world what's inside my heart,
And be loved for who I am.

Who is that girl I see,
staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection someone I don't know?

Must I pretend that I'm
someone else for all time.
When will my reflection show,
who I am inside?

There's a heart that must be free to fly
That burns with a need to know the reason why

Why must we all conceal
What we think
How we feel?

Must there be a secret me
I'm forced to hide
I won't pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time.

When will my reflection show
who I am inside?

When will my reflection show
who I am inside?

oh, ooh yeah

原谅我 - 萧敬腾

默默低头 那时我很多话哽在喉咙

你的笑 你的快乐
不是我爱太多 想太多
爱放了手 我伪装冷漠

请原谅我 原谅我不成熟
不爱你是借口 好让你离开我
请原谅我 好想自私将你占有

默默低头 那时我很多话哽在喉咙

你的笑 你的快乐
不是我爱太多 想太多
爱放了手 我伪装冷漠

请原谅我 原谅我不成熟
不爱你是借口 好让你离开我
请原谅我 好想自私将你占有


原谅我 必须假装爱错
别让时间倒流 我怕说不出口
原谅我 没有解释太多心痛
别无所求 彻底忘了我

我难过 我才懂

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just wanna share a note which I've posted on facebook =)

20 Must/Should haves in a Dream Guy! Haha~

1. Must be able to click
2. Can communicate reasonably well
3. Faithful, doesn't flirt! --> very important!
4. Can accept my flaws
5. Love me for who I am
6. Have a good temper
7. Non abusive
8. Supportive
9. Responsible
10.Treats people around him well =)
11. Romantic (Haha, I don't know any such guy =/)
12. Smart, can solve my problems and give constructive suggestions
13. Dress and behave appropriately
14. Not stingy and calculative
15. Not so pessimistic with life and keeps complaining
16. Taller than me, kan de shun yan~
17. Can drive and got a car (haha!)
18. Good career, willing to work hard
19. Filial
20. Genuinely cares about the family

Alamak~ Think like cannot find leh, extinct liao. Hoho~
Oh yeah. Some people have been asking who's the "you" I've been referring to in my blog. The "you" doesn't refer to a specific person. Rather, I just use "you" when I don't wanna reveal the person's name. For eg, in this post, the "you" can be referring to Jeanette and the next post, the "you" can be referring to Hui Shan.
Actually, should have blogged yesterday but I was too tired and lazy. So yeah, I procrastinated until now. Lolx~ Erm.. I am beginning to think that my life is quite dramatic nowadays. Haha~ Anyway, I just told people on skype that I should be more contented and hiam less but.. sometimes I really cannot help it leh. Haiz~ Like what Diana said, don't know why there are so many things in life for us to hiam about. Is it because of our characters or ... ? Ah yah, I really don't know. Too many confusing things in life. Okie, last thing to hiam here.. I've emailed the EC2374 prof a question but she didn't reply me! And the EC2374 quiz is on Friday! Oh well~ I agree with Wenmin lah, our school fees are quite wasted. Then think I'm quite a good tutor (blush) coz I will reply all smses and msn questions.

Now move on to talk about happier things xD~ Went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Tuesday with Jeffery (I didn't spell his name wrongly, it's like that) yesterday. The show isn't bad except that it's too long and a bit draggy towards the end. Kept wishing that the show can hurry finish coz I was freezing in the cinema. Really cold man! Forgot to bring a sweater =/ Anyway, it made me wonder.. What will happen if I can grow young everyday? Haha~ I don't wanna grow old lah. But then, I also don't really wanna grow young like Benjamin Button. I just wanna remain at my current age.. forever~ Heehee~ Sounds like an impossible dream. Oh well~

We had our dinner at makansutra. The food is not bad =) It has been some time since I ate crayfish and stingrays. Nice =) Passed by some high-class and expensive looking restaurants. Looked empty and deserted. Maybe due to the recession then those restaurants got less biz. Wonder how much does the food cost. There is this restaurant at Clifford Pier. It looks so unwelcoming and scary. Hm..

PS: Cham ah~ I got no mood to study =( and I think my English really sucks now =(
PPS: Someone just told me something I don't really know how to react to.. yet.

The unwelcoming high-class looking restaurant

Our food xD

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just wanna share this... =) Do go take a look.. Very interesting! Yay!
Jeanette said that I've been blogging everyday. Haha~ Yeah, seems like it! But but.. I really got things to blog about mah and Jeanette dear.. I miss you. Quick, come back and let's go cake testing!! Eeyer~ My macro test sucks! Big-time. One mcq is 2.5 marks. OMG!! And it's soooo tricky. Made me very blur! Boo!!

Received my first flower of the year today. Haha~ =)

Yea~ =)
I want this cake for my bday! Hahaha~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My mother is irritating me siah =/

Oh, today I gave Esther cosmetics for her bday. Can't believe that my little cousin has grown so big now, still can demand cosmetics for her bday. Haha~ So ai mei le!

PS: Think I'm going to die for my macro test tomorrow! SO DIFFCULT LAH!

Random: Why am I so speechless towards you and can't refute you? Hm..
I'm back! So tired lor. Suddenly got a lot of things to blog about, I dunno where to begin. My feet are sore from walking so much in heels today. The interview was so long, 2 hours. Watched a video and played cashflow. DOTZ lor. So lame. And it is a FINANCIAL CONSULTANT job. OMG! They bluffed lor, said hiring marketing trainee. What the... Oh well~ Should have left earlier.

Anyway, more about today another time can? Feel really exhausted plus have to wake up at 8am to go to mandai. My grandfather's death anniversary tomorrow. But today, I just learnt that I am too frank and straight forward and not tactful enough =( Hm.. Not good meh? Telling the truth is better than lying to people mah. Okie lah, blog again soon. Need to chiong my macro also!

PS: What a pity, I forgot to bring my camera so cannot take any photos.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Diana said that this place would be my personal ranting place. Haha~ Okies, I'll try not to rant so often but... hey, this is my blog! I can type whatever I want.. right?

Anyway, the EC2374 prof didn't reply me lor. So slow one but I've already got a group! Haha~ Someone left my friend's group so I can join them. Haha~ Nope, I didn't chase the person away. She just suddenly wanna join another group. Heehee~ It was Friday the 13th but I'm lucky! Sort of. By the way, I think my devt tutorial is so boring lor. One good news though: I've finished my BSP1005 assignment. Don't know how to do question 5. Maybe see my group members know or not. Haha~ Just sent them the email with my other answers. Just now my scanner cannot work. Then I have to wait for my brother to come home. Haiz~ I'm so not IT savvy lor. Boo~ But anyway, am so glad that one thing is out of the way. But still got the macro test. Argh!! Am dreading it!

Went for an interview at Pathfinders today. Eh.. Quite okie bah but there are 3 rounds of interview. Sianz diao lor. Anyway, the interviewer talked a lot, asked a lot. He interviewed me for an hour. But not bad lah, he's quite pleasant to talk to =) Oh yeah, am going for another interview tomorrow at Orange Grove Road that side. Not sure how to go leh. Hm.. Wish me luck! =)

PS: I'm really sorry Jiajia, I didn't mean to fly your aeroplane. Just that I really need to finish my BSP1005 assignment. Sorry =)
Happy Valentine's Day people!!!

Flowers for all the gals =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So sad, I got no project group for EC2374. Shit lah! This is the first time I can't find any project group. Hope that the lecturer will allow me to join my friend's group.

*pray hard*

Taken by my friend at Kenya Safari. Wah.. I wanna go on a holiday larhh~~!
I got betrayed by somebody. You know who you are.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OMG!! I got so many things to do that I feel like crying! BSP1005 assignment 1 due and Macro test on Mon. Thurs got China economy quiz. And I need to edit the iMfashionista articles by this weekend. Also, need to do MKT2413 project. Eeyer~ I hate that project can. About GT cars. Marketing for those cars.. Yucks! I have totally no interest in cars and the car industry! Need to read and research on it. So chim can. Furthermore, the devt econs assignment is out liao. Wah.. Dunno how to survive man. Boo~ I haven't bought any vday gift yet. Sorry, no time to go shopping. Too shag ah~

PS: Friday, still got interview. Think I really need to learn time management skill from Regina. She's such a pro!
PPS: I have no interest to be a financial advisor! Dunno where those companies got my info and keep bugging me =/

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I GOT CHEATED $77.36 BY ANTI-VIRUS 2009!!! Don't ask me how.. I'm just stupid. Haiz~

And I'm not gonna continue with the flu medicine. Makes me so drowsy and sleepy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I keep sleeping and sleeping. Think the flu med is just too powerful. Completely no energy~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wah.. I keep blogging. But I really wanna put down the note I've written on Facebook. Oh, and people.. please tag me if you have read my blog. Haha~ Quite scary if people just read stealthily. Thanks =)

1. I need to call Minhui to ask her how to write a new note =/

2. Relating to no 1, I'm so not IT savvy and not up to date with the latest technology stuff.

3. I miss my son.. Fujitsu is taking such a long time to return me my son =(

4. I'm still in the CNY mood although school has resumed.

5. I went out on chu er and it's quite saddening to see an almost empty Orchard Road.

6. Kept getting pissed off by some people.

7. I am addicted to skype.. I love the longest skype convo peeps!

8. Sick and tired of school and tuition =S

9. Sick and tired of life --> but don't worry, I love me, myself and I. Haha xD

10. I don't cry easily.

11. The ... button is going to replace my space button as the most used button on my keyboard.

12. My English proficiency is deteriorating.

13. I love to play Mahjong! Haha~

14. I love to travel overseas but hate to take aeroplanes.

15. I am afraid of many things --> Eg: cockroaches =/

16. I don't like roller coasters and all those thrilling rides.

17. I got bluff people before but I have never harmed anyone =)

18. I'm feeling more and more random as I typed this.

19. I can crap a lot and digress a lot.

20. I like to take photos.

21. Getting to like camwhoring nowadays.

22. I wanna go to the zoo!

23. I want a pink son~ I like pink stuff nowadays.

24. Thinks that it feels good to have someone sent me home. Haha~ *blushes*

25. Don't like it when the people didn't reply my SMS.

PS: Am wondering if you have learnt anything new about me from my note.
PPS: 25 things not enough leh!
Just came back from iMfashionista meeting and going out with Eileen and Jenson at Vivocity. I am so tired already. Seriously, time to cut down on social activities. Fell asleep on the bus and bit my lips. Ouch~ Plus, think I'm having a flu already. Keep sneezing.

Somehow, I just heard something unbelievable so I shall just listen and put it aside. I am more interested to know what Eileen will do regarding ... Haha~ Hope she doesn't disappoint me. Anyway, also none of my business. Just that it would be sad to know that actually my friend is that type of person. Okie, okie. I must seriously start practising something called MYOB! Just hope that all is good and that no one is hurt =)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random post: Nice? Haha~

I just suddenly have some random things to say, which happened recently. But since this is a public blog, I have to be tactful about what I post and yeah, although I would like to say whatever I want, I shall skip some parts/details.

1. Esther is confirmed going to NP, studying mass comm. Haha~ Glad that she can get in =)

2. I think I should heed Yimei's advice and stop being so bo liao with my exploration of human character. Yeah, I may find myself in deep shit later so better don't get too carried away.

3. I should also heed some other people's advices to not let my friends' troubles/problems affect me too much. I got enough things on my hands to handle now.

4. I'm so sorry. I can be there for some friends all the time, can be there for all friends some of the time but I CANNOT BE THERE FOR ALL FRIENDS ALL THE TIME. Really sorry~ I will try okie?

5. I am finding it more and more difficult to trust people, especially guys =/

6. I think I am super fickle-minded sometimes! I don't know exactly what I want =.=

7. With regards to Esther's MSN nick, should I just close my eyes and take in your sweet lies?

8. Please do not ask me anything about what I've posted here. What I want to say, I will post. What I don't want to say, just let it be within me. Thanks =)

9. I should really go out less often!
Went out with Guan Zhi for dinner at Chong Pang (don't know if it's the correct spelling =/). Eh, he's damn blur one leh. He can be blurX3. Come my house also can mi lu =/, his gps really cannot be trusted siah. But anyway, he managed to drive to Chong Pang.. haha~ already very good liao. At least can find the way, unlike the last time. Lolx~ By the way, don't know why he got so worked up while driving. Think he will burst his blood vessels soon.. wahahaha~ oops~ I'm being so mean. Haha~

The Thai food there is relatively cheap. One big plate of pineapple rice, one whole fish, one cuttlefish, one kang kong and one bowl of tomyam soup only cost $29. Wah.. So full lor. After eating, we went to Bottle Tree Park. There were many people fishing there. Quite a cool and relaxing place. But also a little ulu.

PS: I received my replacement card from UOB already. So efficient siah~
PPS: I'm really sorry, I can't seem to shake off typing Singlish. Haiz~ My English sucks le =(

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tired liao

At first I saw many nice blog skins which I like. I wanna keep changing but.. it's so tedious and cumbersome to change a blog skin. Coz it's rather hard to read the html codes. Calin said that I will improve after changing a few times. Okie loh. But anyway, not in the mood to change anything now. And I have no idea how to change the photos wor. Ah~ Shall explore further when I have the time. Want to head off for dinner now. Am so hungry can! But my friend hasn't come yet. Sianz~

My First Post

Yay!! I've finally created a blog.. after months of procrastination. *blush blush* But as I am really so not IT savvy, I got to learn how to change blog skins, put tag boards, etc.. So please bear with me. I will also try to update it regularly. By then, hope you people aren't too sick of reading it. Hee~ Okie, so long~ stay tune~ haha~