Monday, October 31, 2011

Review - Waffletown!!

I went to Waffletown again yesterday. This time round, I got to control myself not to order the black pepper chicken chop. If not, I'll be too full to eat the waffle.

The fried chickens are better than KFC's. 

Waffles!! I like! =)

PS: I am not related to Waffletown and they didn't pay me for advertising but I really wanna share with everyone one of my favourite food place. Hee~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today, I went for the Makan session organized by Nuffnang and SMRT ( with Dr Leslie Tay, owner of the food blog - I eat I shoot I post (

We met at Farrer Park MRT at 1:45pm. After that, we walked to Westlake Restaurant - 西湖小吃 ( for lunch.

Dr Tay was teaching us how to use his latest app. He came up with it. See here for more info:

Group photo.

Entrance of the Westlake Restaurant. 

The interior. Quite 复古. 

The other bloggers/participants. 

The food arrives in a short while.

Nice food! Yum yum =) The popiah and the soup are very suitable for those who like spicy stuff. 

Ngoh Hiang.

Gong Bao Ji Ding

Yam... (sorry, don't really know what this is called =.=)

Is this photo nice? Dr Tay taught us how to take nice photos of food. Take it from the top vertically.

Dr Tay with the owner of the restaurant. 

Dr Tay and Me. 

By the way, I have won Dr Tay's book - The End of Char Kway Teow and Other Hawker Mysteries. You can find many things about food in the book. It also has Dr Tay's recommendation on where to get fantastic hawker food in Singapore. It would be suitable if you have foreign friends who love eating/food. Can bring them around to try the stalls in the book or give them the book as a souvenir. After all, Singapore is well-known for being a food paradise. Those who are interested can purchase a copy from Popular. Think it's about $28 (not sure) but there is a 20% discount for this book at Popular until 30 Nov 2011.

I got the autographed copy =)

Somebody won the Churp Churp (correct spelling?) bird. So cute can!

Sharin and Me. SMRT also kindly gave each of us a goodie bag. 

There is a cute mini-colour pencil set inside the goodie bag. Kawaii neh =)

The makan session ended at about 4pm plus. We took another group photo outside the restaurant before we left (need to wait for Nuffnang to upload it online before I can post it here). It was a fun session. Dr Leslie is such a nice and 亲切 guy.
I have so many things to blog about!! Heehee~

Met up with my ex-colleagues for dinner at Holland Village Swensen's on Friday night. It is 24 hours. So it's a great place for those who want a place to chit-chat and have ice-cream at night =) Can plan your gatherings there.

By the way, after repeated changing of my dear phone's "clothes", I realized that the rubber type is still the best. Not so slippery. Won't keep dropping my phone =)

I feel so kiasu but I cannot help it. I have already bought my 2012 diary. Plan to use it next month, Nov.

See, so cute!!!
Hello everyone. I'm on my way home from the makan session with Dr Leslie Tay, owner of the food blog - I eat I shoot I post (more about that later).

It's also the first time I've taken the other side of the circle line since its opening on 8 Oct 2011. Although there are only 3 cabins and 148 seats (I just learnt about it), the new circle line seems quite empty and enjoyable. I hope one day, the NS and EW lines can also be less crowded and enjoyable =)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today, I receive an SMS from my colleague.

Don't take anything personally... Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering - Don Miguel Ruiz

Thanks =)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got a betrayed feeling today =(
I am such a late queen. But I really don't mean to be late. I don't know why the buses/MRT are always crowded. At anytime of the day some more.

But anyway, I will improve =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I come

Some of you may be wondering.. What's Nuffnang Blog Awards? It is aimed to honour the top and incredible bloggers across the Asia-Pacific region. 500 bloggers, including the biggest names in the blogosphere from all over Asia-Pacific, will be invited to the gala dinner at Putrajaya Marriott on 16 December 2011, where they will be dazzled by celebrity emcees and talented entertainers well-loved in the region.

That's my first reason why I want to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011. Imagine this, can get to know other bloggers. Some of them are famous and interesting bloggers leh. 

Like Xiaxue aka Wendy. I have always wanted to meet her coz I think she's cool although she's bitchy. Haha~

In addition, the Blog Awards experience will not end there, because after the glamour and fanfare of the awards ceremony, foreign bloggers will also get the chance to get a taste of the unique, colourful culture of Malaysia with a semi-guided tour around the city of Kuala Lumpur the next day.

That's my second reason why I want to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011. I love KL. There are so many things which I want to buy there!! 

I miss Berjaya Times Square and Sungei Wang. Rows and rows of shops waiting for me! 

Lastly, I want to stay in Putrajaya Marriott. You see the hotel. Looks so grand!! 

Never stay there before.

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.
Hereby wishing everyone a

Smile =) Hope to light up your life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Review - My favourite black pepper chicken chop place!!!

I have finally gone to Waffletown again. I miss it soooo much. It has the best black pepper chicken chop I've ever tasted. I am not exaggerating. I simply love the sauce. Yummy! In fact, I feel a little hungry already while typing this.

Fyi, it is located at Balmoral Plaza.

There are many items on the menu.

The sitting/interior. 

My black pepper chicken chop. It may not look that great here but I can guarantee that it tastes wonderful!! 

The set only costs $7.80 and it comes with a drink. By the way, it actually comes with a salad and potato wedges but Robin changed it all to french fries =.= My advice: The wedges taste much better than the french fries so DON'T change it. 

Robin's steak.  

I hardly dare to guarantee something but this place is really great. Their waffles are great too. Just that I was too full on that day to eat any waffle =(

271 Bukit Timah Road
#01-08 Balmoral Plaza
Singapore 259708

Contact No.: +65 6836 6536

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm, daily

Getting Here: (See map on right)
By Bus (Bus Stop )
SBS Transit: 48, 66, 170
SMRT Bus: 67, 171, 700, 700A, 960

Newton Station
(10 minutes walk from Newton MRT)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hi Everyone. See this email which I've received..


This is a confirmation email to update you that you have been selected to be part of the exciting Makan Session with your favourite Top Blogger ieatishootipost!

Get ready your CEPAS (EZ-Link) card and be prepared for the ‘Makan Session’! Just in case you forgot, here’s a brief write-up of the session:

Details of the Second Makan Session are as follows:
Date: 29th October 2011, Saturday
Time: 1.45pm
Venue: Farrer Road MRT Control Station

We will be there at the MRT Station waiting to set off with you for our Makan Session! So we will see you there at 1.45pm sharp. J

To confirm your attendance, please reply this email with:

1)      Your Full Name
2)      I/C Number
3)      Mobile Number

Yay! Anyone going for this event?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hi everyone. I have just celebrated Robin's birthday at his house. Don't really know where to go and I have a craving for crabs!

So anyway, I ordered Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake for Robin (at his request and recommendations I saw in the forum). I only had time to order it on Thursday and I cannot make it to do the customized cake. You need to place an order at least 3 working days in advance. So never mind. I just took the ready-made one.

The cake is not bad, tasted great. Better than Swensen's, I would say. But the staff there bluff me! He said that the ice-cream is chocolate flavour but it turned out to be peppermint (which is nicer than the chocolate flavour which I've tried). So lucky that it turned out better but still.. He should have given me the correct information right? Secondly, the staff failed to give me any candle holder for the candles. Okie, I also forgot to check so it's partly my fault =.=

Anyway, don't think that I will order any cake from Baskin Robbins anymore. I feel that the service provided is not up to the expectation with the price paid. Or maybe I expect too much? In any case, I welcome new suggestions/recommendations on where to buy nice birthday/ice-cream cakes.

Let's talk about happier things. We still have a great time celebrating Robin's birthday with his family! xD Sometimes, it feels good to have some family bonding time. I feel that our relationship has improved.

I was at the Novena Square outlet. I specially drove there to order the cake. A bit disappointed.

In case anyone is interested, they got many cakes to choose from. So be sure to order early.

The box looks nice though.

Camwhoring =)

I like this photo =)


Some cocktail to celebrate. Haha~

For the birthday boy. 

My favourite black pepper crabs!!! 

Only can put one candle coz no candle holder. Don't want the cake to be full of wax!

Finished! But not drunk. 

Sorry, the time is 1:45am now so I'm just too tired to slowly do a collage for my photos although I have just come across some fantastic apps which allow me to make collages and beautify my photos. Shall share more about the apps another time.

PS: A very happy be-lated birthday to Sammie boy although I've already wished him on the actual day. Sorry that I didn't celebrate your birthday with you today but you have got many other people to celebrate with you =)