Sunday, October 31, 2010

Celebrated Robin's birthday on 16th Oct, Sat. Somehow, I was sick on that day and was late to meet Robin. Subsequently, we missed the movie. Ah yoh~ Like not a very good birthday celebration. So decided to meet him on his actual birthday, 18th Oct, to give him a treat.

Birthday cake on 16th Oct.

Presents for him.

Cakes on the actual day. But no present =P
Okie, I know. I am flooding my blog with posts. Long long posts somemore. But I would really like to say this. Today, I flew Robin's aeroplane. I didn't really mean to but.. I don't really know why myself too. Too tired and lazy, I suppose. I just feel very tired easily recently. Stress from work also makes me zzz.

Oh well. I'm sorry for not being a good gf. Ah yoh. Sometimes I also think that I'm not a good friend as well. I try to be but it's hard. Maybe it's because I didn't put in enough effort. However, if that's the case, the other party is also not putting in enough effort to be a good friend to me. Right? Anyway, it's hard to say because we just see things from our perspective. (Okie, maybe only I do? But sometimes really hard to see things from other people's perspective what. Especially when we are not them so how to see things alike?)

PS: I do not blame anyone for anything. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free ad

Now, take a look below. There is a good opportunity for you guys and gals to take part in if you are looking for a job. Particularly if you are looking for a 6-month internship. I would so like to take part in it. There is a SGD 30,000 remuneration (SGD 30,000 for 6 months leh. More than my salary now!) and obviously I believe you can learn many things from it. Especially in area like mobile marketing, which I believe sounds interesting. After all, we all like blogging, facebook-ing, twitter-ing, etc. Perhaps you can do all these while you are at work, if you got the internship.

Too bad, I don't have the time to do up a nice blog entry on the contest. Also, now is my company's peak period. Haiz~ May have to pass up on this opportunity first. But for those who are interested, feel free to participate.

Genting Travel Trip

Greetings! Wonder if I should blog about my Genting trip since it has been some time ago. Anyway, went for a short trip with my Mum to Genting from 11th-13th October. Haven't been there since I was a kid. The place looks very different now and not as cold as I remembered. So anyone who wants to go to Genting, just remember to bring along a sweater.

By the way, we stayed in First World hotel. Not so bad except that there's a long queue just to check-in. It is also in the Guinese book of records for having the most number of rooms in a hotel. (Fyi, it has 6118 rooms.)

Photo of Genting. Looks beautiful.

Nice model of Genting Highland.

On the first day, went to watch Detective Dee (in Cantonese. OMG!) with Mummy.

This is how the cinema theatre looks like. Not bad.

There's a Singapore in Genting. Haha~ Do check out the cultural village there. Quite interesting but things are expensive.

Went in to the Casino at night. Won RM50 for the first day but lost RM120 on the second day. Dots~ We just played jackpot as we don't know how to gamble other things. One thing which I don't like about the casino, I smelt of cigarette smoke. The smell is very strong.

On day 2, we went to visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple. The people there are nice. Wrote my wishes there (Don't ask me what it is. Secret okie?) and I saw people 放鞭炮。 It's a cool sight. Did not try though. Maybe next time I can try.

I have decided to post a photo of myself here. Just for fun. Hee~

Nice ride.

自拍 in the ride.

Nice photo.

Miss my childhood.

Boat ride. 

This boat will pass through the Lover Bridge. But as my Mum took an unclear photo of me at the Lover Bridge, I will kop someone's photo and put here.

Nice leh. 宝哥哥 will bring me here?

Nothing much on day 3 as we just had breakfast, packed and caught the bus. Then home sweet home. By the way, Jasmin told me that there are some farms to go to but we did not go as we were not aware of it. Those interested can visit here:

By the way, the coach which I took is nice with big seats. From WTS.

My student goes from getting 48 marks in her Math exam to 67 marks. Haha~ From fail to pass, congrats!! I feel so happy for her and for myself. Although she has only improved by 19 marks, but I haven't been teaching her for long. To me, it's enough already.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh no! I have become hypocritical.. Slowly. Haiz. Talking to some people really make me feel =.= yet.. Nvm. Perhaps we are living in a pretentious world? After all, how many people like to hear the truth and can bear it?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I really don't understand why smokers are so inconsiderate. They want to smoke, can. Why can't they smoke in a place and stop moving with their cigarettes? It really makes it hard for me to avoid their smoke. Haiz. Early in the morning somemore.
Hi everyone. It has been some time since I last blogged. Well, my comp is so laggy that I have to blog with my hp which is kinda troublesome. Nothing beats the old computer. Anyway, that's not the point.

I have just uploaded my latest photos onto my comp and facebook. Will be posting them here if can. So.. Stay tune =)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I know, I know. I should go and sleep soon. Long day tomorrow. Was just reading some people's blogs. This makes me wonder.. I think sometimes you will wish that you are so and so because you envious that person. Well, I used to think that one of my friends life is very good but nowadays do hear some bad things happening. Maybe she has too much of good life? Anyway, I really hope that she can be happier.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am going on a short trip tomorrow. By right, I should be feeling happy and excited about it but I am not. I am actually regretting on going already because I cannot stand my controlling mother. Don't even know why I want to go in the first place. I must be crazy already.

Growing up is difficult lor. There are added responsibilities but no added freedom. Anyway, the only reason I wish to get married is to move out of my current house/family. That's the only pull factor for me but I cannot do that. Because.. It is very unfair.. to many people.

I think people don't understand how I feel now. It's hard to explain anyway. When they are in the same situation, then they will know. Some people around me are feeling down also. Sometimes, I really cannot understand why. Oh well~ Just like they cannot understand me.

Gosh, I don't know why but I am getting less sympathetic towards people. It's bad...

By the way, today is the 10/10/10, 10th October 2010. A rather special day =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OMG! I cannot stand my mum sometimes. She's really selfish!!

I sound like Diana, Diana sounds like me. Fan leh~
I must tell myself.. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

May you Rest In Peace Mrs Lee. Your contributions have made a difference and will be very much appreciated. We love you.