Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Damn sianz of some stuff and some people. Argh~!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I saw this in Jiamin's blog:

That day I saw my friend posted this on FB-

'some people has nothing better to do than to make life difficult for others!'

Have you met someone like the above mentioned? Or are you one of them?? If you belong to the latter, come..come and give me your extra time!!

Life is short. Don't make it shorter, ok?

Hm..There will always be those eat finish too free people. Perhaps they should do some volunteer work. But I know, they won't be so kind. Just hope that something bad happens to them. Okie, I am bad but.. I don't care. If good begets good, why shouldn't bad begets bad? So if something bad happens to them, it just serves them right. Haha~ Or they can start changing to be good?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot news now is the Hong Kong tourists becoming hostage case. For more info, please refer to:


Very cham ah.. My condolences~

Monday, August 23, 2010

I just wanna REACH home. How come it's so difficult? First LRT stuck, then 190 is damn slow. Then it rained and just nice, on a day where I forgot to bring my umbrella. Then my good mother doesn't answer her phone. So I learnt.. Not to depend on others. Got to depend on myself. Therefore, I am waiting for 922.

When can the transport system in Singapore ever become world class?? Sorry can't help ranting as I am really starving!!
I can't believe Aeries is already married and pregnant! OMG! She's going to be a mother soon! That's great =) All the best to her. Wah.. She's my age and yet progressed so fast. I must jiayou then. Haha~

Am going to be quite broke this month. Have some major expenses like making passport for me and my Mum (cost me $140 in total), dental and going to the National Skin Centre. I think it's hard to save money lor =( I shall start planning...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a question everyone.. Do you feel bad/paiseh/guilty for taking mc?

Monday blues again.. Argh!!

Batam Trip

Time to finally blog about my Batam trip.. Have finally uploaded all the photos. Heehee~ Kindly refer to the photos on my blog as I can't upload the photos here.. Don't know why?? Boo~!!

Day 1

We missed our ferry as Desmond was late so we had to catch the next ferry. Reached Batam at about 6plus to 7pm.Was famished. Checked into the Hotel - Novotel. Love the hotel, lolx~ Am not sure what Robin did but he sort of spoilt a side table. Think the side table wasn't stable in the first place, anyway, it was dangerous lor. Could have crushed a small kid or something. Feedback this to the hotel staff, and they fixed it for us. Very nice of them =)

After that, we went for dinner at Nagoya Hills area. Ate a total of $249,150 rupiah. Wow~ Have never eaten so much all my life. We can all be millionaires in Batam!! Went to sing KTV after that. It's quite cool, they do have rather new Chinese songs there. Played some card games back at the hotel before calling it a day.

Day 2

Wanted to play water sports the next day. Didn't have a good start to the day as we have spent a long time (can't remember how long but definitely more than 1 hour) waiting for Desmond's uncle as he was going to bring us to the water sports area. Sianz lor~ I hate waiting for people!

The water sports place is near to Harris (which is the resort where I wanted to stay in at first). Haha~ So I took the opportunity to take a look at the place. It definitely looks better on the Internet than in real life. The interior is still nice but the exterior.. Hm.. Can be improved =) The staff are rather nice and polite though =) Took the opportunity to take some pictures around the resort. The swimming pool area is nice. Hee~

Robin and Desmond went for some water sports at the Monkey Hut. That place charges in SGD. So strange. And the water sports activities are so expensive! SGD60 each for 3 sports (I think, can't remember the details too clearly now =.=).

After leaving the Monkey Hut, we went for some massage. Robin and I chose to just go for the foot reflexology while Desmond and Jasmin went for the body massage. I tell you ah.. The foot reflexology was damn painful!! Alamak~! The person is trying to kill me lor. Don't know why so painful. It was less painful the last time I did it in China. Hm.. Anyway, quite hard to communicate with the masseur as he doesn't understand English and I don't speak Malay/Indonesian. Wanted to ask him to be softer also can't communicate properly. Ouch ouch~!!

Some mis-communication with Desmond's uncle (=.=) later, we finally had our dinner at nearly 9pm. Boy, were so hungry! Luckily, the food was great. Had seafood - Chili crab, black pepper crab, la la, gong gong, veggie, sotong, etc.. (think that's about all. Can't really recall all now.) Robin is really pro at eating gong gong lor. Can't practically polish off the whole plate of 1kg of gong gong. Alamak~!! Peifu, peifu.. Speechless ah~

Head back to the hotel afterward. Planned to take a rest first before going to The Pacific hotel just opposite our hotel for the Ah Gua show at the Club there (heard from Desmond, there got. Wanted to see see look look. Was curious..) However, I felt too tired and somehow, I fell asleep while waiting for the time for the Ah Gua show (boo hoo~). In the end, Desmond and Jasmin also didn't go. Heard they went for supper. Hee~

Day 3

Our last day in Batam before Home Sweet Home. Desmond and Jasmin went for a spa in our hotel while Robin and I chose to do the facial. Have been wanting to go for a facial since in Singapore. Am still currently looking for a good and reliable facial place in Singapore. Very scared of those who keep pushing sales. So irritating. Luckily, those overseas are not like that. They are not that aggressive in pushing sales. I think that if you give your customers a good time/impression, they will automatically want to come back for more sessions, etc. Why is there a need to be so aggressive and spoil the customer relationship? Haiz~ Many beauty/slimming/facial places in Singapore seem to have a bad reputation for pushy sales tactics. Tsk tsk..

After the spa/facial, we decided to take the opportunity to do some shopping. Yay! My favourite activity. Haha~ Didn't really buy anything much as the stuff there was like Singapore's price. Not really very cheap. I admit that I suck at bargaining but.. it's really hard to bargain with the people there. Guess they are too used to tourists there so will sell to us at a more expensive price bah.. Anyway, I bought a polo tee for Robin and got myself an O.P.I nail polish. Haha~ Heard a lot about the O.P.I nail polish and wanted to try it (not cheap also lor). Oh yeah, we also had A&W. A must have there. Lolx~

Somehow, we missed the ferry back so we had to take the next one. Boo! Oh well, never mind. Was pretty tired by the time I reached Singapore. Wanted to take a cab back but NO CAB!! Damn it lor. Tried to call for a cab but to no avail. WTH lah~!! Tried so many times. There were so many people at the taxi stand at Harbourfront Centre also. In the end, we took the MRT to Outram Park before taking a cab back from there. Alamak~ I had to call my Mum for help. Don't know why also. Just felt so helpless then, need to qiu jiu. All those stupid cab drivers. Why don't they wanna go to the Harbourfront area? Maybe all go to the resort world at Sentosa so that they can earn the extra $3. So unfair!

PS: Wish that I can show some photos here but.. sorry, really don't know why blogspot/internet connection/web browser is/are getting siao siao sometimes nowadays =.= Oops~
It is exasperating. Whenever I've got time to slowly sit down and post a long blog post, something happened to my Internet connection. Difficult to use the iPhone to type long posts so.. Maybe will blog again later. See how..

Just a note: Many people are not updating their blog. So boring~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Was just telling Cindy and Jermyn that I hardly fall sick and MC. Then I was down with a fever and stomach flu yesterday =.=

WTH lor~ Shouldn't talk so early =(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear all,

Please refer to this:


How disgusting :S

This kind of people should be ban from everywhere!
Haven't been updating news. Something to share here.. For those affected to take note =)

Train services disruptions expected in September
By Dylan Loh | Posted: 18 August 2010 1108 hrs

SINGAPORE: Up to 400,000 commuters may be affected by service disruptions over two weekends due to modification works at the Jurong East train station.

On September 4 and 5, there will be no train services between the Jurong East and Clementi stations on the East West Line.

Train services will also not be available on September 18 and 19 between the Jurong East and Bukit Batok stations on the North South Line.

Buses will be deployed to provide free bridging services.

An additional train platform and track are being constructed to better serve commuters travelling through western Singapore.

Under this project, 22 new trains will also be progressively deployed through the Jurong East Station at shorter intervals.

This is expected to reduce waiting time for commuters by half and also increase the passenger carrying capacity of the North South and East West train services by about 15 per cent.

While modification works are ongoing, the authorities urge commuters to use alternative transport and plan ahead for their journeys.

"However, should commuters be at the affected stations, and need to travel between the affected stretches, we have in place free bus bridging service so that to enable commuters to come out of the train at Jurong East for example, and then take the bus, and then afterwards, travel to Clementi, and then board the train at Clementi and continue the journey," Thomson and Existing Lines group director Chua Chong Kheng said.

More than 70 bus shuttles will be deployed, leaving from affected train stations at three-minute intervals.

"We are (also) actively working with the advisors and the grassroots to make sure that the residents in the area affected are informed," he said.

The Jurong East Modification Project is on track to be completed next year.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BLOODY HELL!!! I really need to rant!!! I really cannot stand some idiot people. F***
宝哥哥很单纯。 我喜欢单纯的男生。 但是单纯很容易被人家欺负。 我又不忍心看到他被别人欺负。

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My nice bling bling phone cover is about to spoil. So fast! Lousy quality lor =(

I am turning out to be such a shopaholic!! Can't resist nice bags/wallets/stuff...
Have quite a few things to blog about.

1. The Singnet person has came to check on my internet connection and deduced that it's my browser issue and to contact my computer's technician. Singtel doesn't cover that issue. Oh well~ GREAT HELP =.=  Sort of wasted my time waiting for him. From 9am to 11:30am. Haiz~

2. I know this is bad but.. sometimes I really feel very fan when I hear my Mum's voice. I just want her to leave me alone. So I always need to escape to my room =.=

3. I wish that I can find a job which I really enjoy. I am feeling the Monday blues again.. Any exciting job around? Hm..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today is Friday the 13th. Good luck to everyone =)

Good luck to me at work.. Haha~ xD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

After talking to Yoyo, I was thinking.. Hm.. Maybe I shouldn't be such a difficult/demanding customer towards Singnet. Because I really don't know what goes on behind the whole internet connection thing. Well, I suspect maybe Singtel got not enough bandwidth liao lor.. Whatever~!

Anyway, so just now when I came home, I need to restart my modem again. WTH lor~ Damn sick of this. But I didn't call Singnet to complain. Oh well~ Sometimes, it's not easy to be a good customer. Will still get 气死。 I know it's not the staff's fault. It's the company's.. They should have more technical experts.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned this before? I do like the way DBS' CEO handle the DBS system down issue. I think he sounds very sincere in his apology and did not push away the blame. More importantly, I believe he will take steps not to let this type of thing happen again. Or at least try to. I hope that the CEO of Singtel/Singnet and SMRT can learn from him as I have seen so many complaints about these 2 companies but like not much improvements.. Hm.. I think not only Singtel/Singnet.. Starhub and M1 also got their problems. What's wrong with all our network providers?

Omg man~ Just now I was so pissed until I got a headache and really feel like crying. So you might ask me what happened. Here goes...

First of all, I want to watch 施公奇案 2 but I can't as my internet connection is really very slow for the whole day. Okie, never mind. Then I can't even open any webpage/website. I can't use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Hm.. So there must be a problem with my stupid internet provider - Singnet right? WTF lor, this is a recurring problem. The last time I called them, they asked me to change my cables. I did. Then they asked me to change my microfilter. I did too. Now this happened again. So, do they think that I am too rich? Can keep buying things to change for nothing? And also I have so much time to waste? To keep calling them.

Second, so I gave up talking to them as it is damn exasperating from all my previous experiences. Robin tried to help me but he ended up pissing me off too as he told me to follow the instructions of the customer service officer. They asked me to key in an IP address, and I did. Doesn't work. So they said to restart my computer for the new DNS thing to take place (not so sure what). Okie, I restart.. reboot my modem too. Then the IP address is gone =.= Really WTH okie? Nvm. I can't sign in to MSN either. Lagi worse. Only skype works. Only can use MSN with my hp which is troublesome as I will need to key in slowly. Can't really chat. Nvm too as I am so pissed, how to chat? No mood to chat with anyone as I don't want to vent my frustration on them. Later will end up scolding them only. Too pissed already!!

Third, so my problem is still unresolved. Hello?!?! I paid (okie, my brother paid but still...) $60 plus (including GST) for such a lousy service and connection. They think I/we are too rich?

So, should I/we switch to Starhub? But still under contract leh. Re-contracted not too long ago. Perhaps I should "force" them to let me terminate early or waive off my subscription fee since I am paying for nothing. Waste my time, effort and energy. Made me so tired talking to them. I need/want to answer some emails but I can't. Now, too tired already, thanks to them.

So, thanks to them again.. I will need to go home early tomorrow to do my stuff. Haiz~ I am so speechless also...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My grandma just randomly told me that she doesn't want me to go overseas and study. Dots lor.. Why? So selfish!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I can't wait for my long weekend to arrive. Have been feeling stressed and down recently. Haiz~ My boss seems to give me lots of invisible stress. I hate being executive and professional. I just want to be a normal person. But I want and need the exec pay. WTH right? I should have known all along.. nothing is free in this world.. nothing comes easy in this world.

Anyway, my assistant seems quite carefree leh. Maybe I'm not a demanding boss so no stress for her? So good hor? My ex-boss is nice but I can't say so for the company. Lolx~

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wonder why am I not sleeping? I've got to wake up soon for work and my right eye hurts. Oh well~ The reason is.. I CAN'T REALLY SLEEP!! Quite bad Monday blues! I want holiday, I need holiday. If only I can don't work and money just fell from the sky. Lolx~ Am dreaming already =.=

By the way, does anyone has any YOG opening concert ticket or something? The one that has BEAST performing. My cousin has been bugging me for the ticket. Ah yoh, very fan leh. I have been asking around for her, also don't have.