Thursday, January 31, 2013

Genting Trip - Part 1

I accompanied my mother to Genting in December. Had complimentary 2 nights First World Hotel deluxe room stay from Resorts World Genting. Yay!! Booked coach tickets from WTS.

Our coach.

Pretty spacious inside. Just that it is short of an entertainment system.

Our room - quite small though.

The shower area.

Bought this mocha coffee to try from Yong Peng. Taste awful =(

We left Singapore at about 7am and reached Genting at about 1pm. Upon reaching Genting, we checked in and went to have lunch. It is very convenient to check in now using the check-in kiosks located at the lobby. By the way, you guys can go and sign up for the Resorts World Genting membership card. Very useful and it's free.

Lunch at Hot Pot, level 2.

My Yang Zhou fried rice is quite nice.

After lunch, we walked around the place. Nothing much has changed but it's still quite refreshing to me. The place is nicely decorated due to the Christmas season. Nice! There were many shops having good discounts so we did shop around a fair bit.

Merry Christmas 2012.

Delicious looking donuts. Looks yummy!

See the big and nice strawberries.

The nice donuts, pies and cakes can be found at the Lobby Cafe located near the lobby of First World Hotel. Can go and try them and let me know the taste coz I haven't tried anything there yet.  

After exploring and shopping, we went to the casino and played jackpot. We lost about RM200. Shucks. Then we went to have dinner at this Freshly Made Noodles near the casino. After dinner, we went to watch Freeze 2 performance. It cost only RM3 per ticket and 1 Genting Point, a great price for Resorts World Genting card members. Not sure if the promotion is still on. More info here:

My dinner. So-so only.

Went back to the hotel room and slept at about 12am. I do sleep quite early when I'm overseas. At least earlier than in Singapore.

Review - Chin Huat Live Seafood

I have ever asked Dr Leslie Tay (owner of the popular ieatishootipost blog) where to eat the best black pepper crab in Singapore. He recommended Chin Huat Live Seafood (located at Sunset Way) to me. Can read about his review here -

Very big Sri Lankan Crabs (I think).

Huge lobsters!!

The interior of the restaurant. A bit run-down but acceptable lah.

Sorry, I didn't take photos of the food as I wasn't feeling well that day so kinda lazy to take photos, etc. Food-wise, it does have its standard but the price isn't cheap as well. 一分钱一分货吧。

Review - Wedding Dinner at Marriott Hotel

Went to Jermyn's wedding dinner with Robin at Marriott. Feel happy for him =) By the way, I saw a fellow blogger there. How coincidental! And we can sort of recognize each other although we have never seen each other in real life before. That's how amazing the Internet/online media is. Wow~!!

Anyway, I find the food there so-so only. 

They have a candy bar outside the ballroom. Can pick and choose your own candy. How innovative.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am very tired and sleepy but I can't sleep coz I have been feeling troubled over something. A major thing actually.

So.. a song for myself.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Okie. I really should be sleeping now but well, I will just like to pen down some stuff. I am thinking about my life. Life is not perfect. It never is. I think that life is not fair too but sometimes when you look at it the other way round, it just seems kinda fair from what I have observed in general.

Let's take some examples. For me, I will categorize my life into Family, Love Relationship, Friends, Studies/Work, Money, Social and General Outlook in Life. Some phases in my life would include Primary School, Secondary School, Polytechnic, University and Work. Prior to Primary School, I was too young to remember much.

Primary School

Family - Ok.
Love Relationship - None, of course.
Friends - Good.
Studies - Average.
Money - I can't remember my allowance then.
Social - Good, I think.
General Outlook in Life - Too young to ponder over this then.

Secondary School

Family - Ok. But I had irritating cousins around who could drive me nuts sometimes.
Love Relationship - None.
Friends - Ok. Actually, I had less friends in Secondary School than in Primary School.
Studies - Not that good.
Money - I can't remember my allowance then. Really.
Social - So-so.
General Outlook in Life - Too young to ponder over this then.


Family - Ok.
Love Relationship - Brief one. It was just simple puppy love. Nothing much so still ok.
Friends - Very Good.
Studies - Very Good.
Money - Overspent.
Social - Good.
General Outlook in Life - Good.


Family - Good.
Love Relationship - Disastrous during my last semester.
Friends - Ok. Didn't have many friends in University compared to Polytechnic due to different schedules.
Studies - Not good. Worrying.
Money - Overspent.
Social - Good.
General Outlook in Life - Ok.


Family - Good.
Love Relationship - Good.
Friends - Ok.
Work - Not so good.
Money - Sufficient. But have to start thinking about buying house, etc.
Social - Not good. Either I have no time to socialize with friends or they have no time to socialize with me. Or I am really tired to go out. Wonder if it has anything to do with age or..?
General Outlook in Life - Sometimes, I am quite bleak about my future. I am not too sure what to do. Or when I know what I want to do, I am not given the opportunity to do it. I do not want to be greedy. living a simple life may not be that easy in Singapore.

So as you can see, if one aspect of my life is good, another one will be not so good. Hm.. I guess life is sort of balanced out in a way? I regret doing some things and regret not doing some things. Life/people get more complicated when they are older (really!) but I am also improving my EQ skills. However, I wonder how come people can be so tactless and low in EQ but they are the happiest. They just say and do what they like. Hm..

Anyway, I just want to have something more balanced. I hope and pray that I can and it will happen =)

PS: I think my XXXXXXXXX --> I think Diana and Robin will understand but I have to XXX because I realize that there are quite a number of people who will read my blog and I XXX it is to be tactful. Nothing to do with anyone. It is just that my luck in XXX is really terrible and one thing just leads to another.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review - Bangkok Jam

Those who know me know that I absolutely love Tomyam. I may not adore Thai food that much but I like to drink Tomyam soup a lot. Anyway, I'm a soup lover =)

Now, have you guys and gals heard of Bangkok Jam? It is a Thai restaurant with modern bistro-styled interior.  Apparently, there are a few outlets in Singapore. The outlet which Robin, Diana and I went to was at the PS new extension. Food-wise, it is so so. But the place is kinda new and refreshing. Diana told me that she saw that the kitchen was quite dirty. Erm.. Go and see for yourself?

The interior. Looks nice.

The menu. It is printed as if it's like the newspapers but smaller in size.


I like the modern bistro-styled interior.

Us =)

See the coasters. So cool.

Even got traffic light and road signs. But the traffic light will really change colour.

My favourite Tomyam soup =). The bowl was really special. I forgot to take a photo from the side. You will see why it's special from the side view.

Robin's seafood platter.

Diana's fish and rice.

After dinner, Diana went home first while Robin and I took a walk along Orchard Road. As it was near the Christmas season, Orchard Road was brightly lit and decorated. The lights were really beautiful. My camera didn't do justice to them. Oops~ =.=

I didn't mean to take a photo of the Indian family. I wanted to take a photo of the Santa Claus but there were many people who wanted to take photos with Santa too. As I got impatient waiting, I just took this photo randomly.