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Hi. I specialize in teaching Math (from Pri 1 to Sec 4). I have been teaching private tuition for 5 years. Due to popular demand, I have decided to open a small tuition group in my house at Bukit Panjang area. This group will specially target students who are weak in their Math and want to improve them.

Classes: Sunday morning from 10-12pm, once a week,

Fees (per month): 

Pri 1-3 - $100
Pri 4-5 - $120
Pri 6 - $150

Sec 1-2 - $180
Sec 3-4 - $200

Assessment books, worksheets, notes and exam papers will be provided.

Email me at or post a comment here if interested. Places are on a first come first served basis. Max: 6 students.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I've copied this news from here:,-says-Lui

Multiple transport operators could see commuters paying more, says Lui

SINGAPORE - In response to the National Solidarity Party's (NSP) call for greater competition in public transport - including opening up bus services to small private operators - Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has warned that this could hurt the interests of commuters in the long run.

Speaking at the Choa Chu Kang LRT Station - where he also announced improvements to the LRT system - Mr Lui reiterated that the "cherry-picking" of lucrative routes by multiple operators could end up with commuters paying more.

Mr Lui noted that the two public transport operators - SBS Transit and SMRT - run a mix of profitable and loss-making routes which they are obliged to do so under their universal service obligations.

The minister added: "There is a certain amount of cross subsidy that is taking place from the profitable routes to the non-profitable routes ... if you allow cherry-picking to the profitable routes - and certainly everybody who wants to run one or two buses will want to ply on those routes - then the challenge is what happens to the non-profitable routes? And in the end, would commuters end up having to pay more overall?"

Mr Lui noted that the contestability of bus routes "is a very complicated issue", and its implication on fares has to be studied.

On Wednesday, the NSP suggested multiple smaller bus operators who will propose their own routes and respond faster to changes in demand.

NSP secretary-general Hazel Poa also suggested tenders for trains to be awarded based on service and cost - which Mr Lui pointed out yesterday is being done "and nothing really new".

More trains for Bukit Panjang LRT line

Yesterday, Mr Lui rode the LRT during the morning rush hour. Speaking to reporters later, he announced that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will buy 13 more trains to ease congestion on the 7.8km-long Bukit Panjang LRT line.

The additional trains, which will be put into service from 2014, will boost capacity by 50 per cent and increase train frequencies. For instance, the waiting time for the loop service between Petir and Senja stations will be reduced from five minutes to 4.4 minutes.

As it will start the procurement process later this year, the LTA said it was "premature to provide cost estimates at this stage".

In the meantime, the SMRT will run a parallel bus service to Choa Chu Kang Station that serves the Senja, Jelapang and Segar LRT stations.

To improve reliability of the LRT system, SMRT will also spend S$3.12 million over the next 12 months on improvement works. These include the replacement of the data communication system, a review and redesign of power system so that it is more stable, upgrading of the trains for greater reliability and increasing the signalling system capacity.

In the event of a severe disruption, the SMRT will also activate bridging bus services earlier for affected passengers.

Expressing concern over the delays and disruptions, Mr Lui noted a number were "technical in nature" and that the system has been running for the past dozen years. "What we need to do really is to sit together with SMRT to make sure they are making the right investments and to do their utmost to improve the reliability of the system," he added.

New flats and developments - such as the Institute of Technical Education College West campus - in Bukit Panjang have resulted in increased LRT ridership in the last few years. Average daily ridership on the LRT has grown from 43,700 two years ago to about 51,000 currently.

While the added trains would only be rolled out in 2014, the ward's Member of Parliament, Mr Liang Eng Hwa, welcomed the enhancements. He felt the "big game changer" for Bukit Panjang would be the opening of the Downtown Line in 2015.

"Once the MRT lines come in together with the enhancements, it would largely solve the increased demand from the population increase," Mr Liang added.

Ah yoh!! How to resolve this transport issue? If I remember correctly, WP suggested to nationalise the public transport system but Mr Lui also said cannot (but I can't remember offhand what reason he gave). So what is his brilliant solution? Going by the current situation, by the time the added trains start rolling in 2014, there will still be human congestion coz there are new flats/condos (which equal to more people/passengers) being built in Bukit Panjang area. Then the same issue will rise again.

I can only hope for the downtown line in 2015 now lor.
I am getting more and more despaired. I am also very sick of going to job interviews. Why is it so hard to get a job? Or maybe it is my lousy interview skills. I have prepared for it but I can't get it either. I guess the picture below depicts my mood now =(

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My dear old laptop broke down.

Boo hoo!! Sob sob =(

Only can surf net with my hp liao =.=

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photos showing time. Haha~

My eyes looked weird =.=

Lido Shaw House theatre after renovation. Wearing the 3D glasses. Do I look cool? Hee~

I want straight white teeth! Why did I turn down the chance in secondary school?

The new Lido..

How do I look? I like this outfit and love my boots! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

My latest buy online. I'm loving it! =)

The weather is so hot nowadays.

Gosh. I really don't know what to do. My stupid Internet connection struck again. I have been disconnected from the Internet for 1.5 hours. I have reboot my modem 4 times yet I still encounter problem. Usually I just reboot 1 time can already but this time round, I really don't know what the blardy problem is.

Even I'm blogging about this with my handphone.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 in 3D with Robin. (Don't say again coz this is in 3D. Different okie?) We went to Lido at Shaw House. Haven't been there since it has renovated so wanna see how is it like. Overall, not bad. The cinema is really cold so do bring along a sweater/shawl when you go there next time =)

Oh, and by the way, they said that they have installed CCTV in the theatre to prevent any unauthorised photo taking or video recording. Kinda weird. Wonder if they will know if someone brings in outside food and drinks?

Harry Potter in 3D. Is it really necessary?

The movie is a little disappointing. The 3D effect isn't really that great. Maybe the best part of the effect is in the Gringotts vault where the dragon appeared. Suddenly, I have an idea. Maybe they can have 3D for the next Jurassic Park movie. Seems more suitable for 3D effect with all those dinosaurs.

Took some photos today. Still in my hp. Will see if wanna upload soon. Nights all =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I used to like going to Watson's but their customer service is really appalling. Don't bother to reply to customer's email. Said that will call me back but didn't. Hm.. Wonder why last time I worked, I am always very gan chiong about my customers. Said will get back to them then really get back to them. But now that I am a customer, the staff all seem so relax. Looks like Tierra is right. Both of us are really NOT suitable to do customer service. We are good to customers but bad to ourselves.

So what did Watson's do to me? Well, they cheated me 20 bonus points. I am supposed to get 20 bonus points for buying a Simple facial wipes but they didn't credit me the points. Okie, 20 points = $1 only and it's a small issue but... I just don't like their lousy attitude!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Who will survive?

Have you watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? If you haven't, I will definitely recommend you to watch it. It is much better than Transformer 3. Caught the movie with Robin at Cathay today. As I was stuck in a traffic jam at Stevens Road today, I missed about 10-15 mins of the movie. Am thinking if we should watch the movie again in 3D. Haha~

Although the movie is about 2 hours, time passes very fast. Like there's nothing much and the movie has ended.

Can't resist putting up their photo here coz I think that Hermione is growing prettier and prettier.

But Harry Potter looked much cuter when he was young.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

OMG!! I have done a very stupid thing. I have somehow updated my template or something like that now my blog looks so funny. Oh no... My nice template is gone!!!

Any kind soul can help me make it nicer, welcome to let me know =)
Transport cost is already so expensive. I hope the PTC will not allow SMRT and SBS to raise their fares. I wouldn't have minded so much if I'm getting better service, etc but sad to say.. The service still sucks and bus frequency sometimes really cannot make it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I got an offer for a good job. Everything about the job seem good and satisfactory but... there's a 1 year bond involved. I hate to hear of the word bond. Besides, it is quite suspicious why they need a bond right? It's not as if they have sponsored my studies or anything so why should I sign the bond? They did give their reason. Anyway, I have rejected it. Hope that it's a good decision made.

I really really hope that one day I can get to stay by myself. I really want my own space. But I think that if I marry Robin, he will give me lots of space (although we are staying together). Sometimes, I feel that I'm often "at war" for freedom with my mum. So my mum asked me how much freedom I want. I also don't know. Perhaps I just want complete freedom??

I always admire those whose parents are like their friends. Have complete freedom and a good relationship, For me, I have to fight for everything so every fight leads to a cold war of some sort.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drove a lot on Sunday. My first time driving on the expressway. A bit scary coz all the cars just zoomed by me. And I realized that I can actually parked. Haha. Not so bad after all =)

Will have to drive Robin around one day. But need to add my name to the car insurance thingy before I can borrow the car and drive on my own. Can't wait. Yay!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Yay! Just passed my TP yesterday with 8 demerit points =)

Those who intend to take your TP at SSDC, go to a video viewing room at level 4 immediately to view a video after the tester handed you your results before making your payment at the counter. That is if u pass lah. Coz yesterday I stupidly queued at the counter first then the lady told me that I have to proceed to level 4 to view a video first then can make my license. By the time I went up, no more slots for the video and I have got to go back to SSDC again today =.=

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today, my ex-student's Mum just whatsapps me if can teach her son tuition to help him prepare for his PSLE. Am kinda happy coz they didn't go find other tutors after I've quitted =) Feel bad turning her down so I accepted it. But I will be really busy then with so many things to do.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An article I came across while doing some google-ing,

When failing means breaking 

your bond

By Dawn Chia

STRAIGHT out of secondary school, she got a chance to become a teacher.
While studying for a diploma in education, she would also get paid $1,500 a month by the Government in her final year.

Good opportunity.

But what if she was not cut out to be a teacher?

Only a few flunk badly and failed students have to repay a sum - as much as $76,700, as one trainee learnt.

Miss Siti Suhana Saat has been asked to return this sum to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for failing her teaching course.

As soon as she completed her O levels, she had applied to the National Institute of Education (NIE) to become a government primary school teacher.

She was accepted for the four-year programme but she failed her final practical examination - twice.

As a result, MOE terminated her appointment, in accordance with the Teacher Training Agreement which she had signed.

Her four-year bond was deemed broken, and she had to pay MOE just over $76,700.

Miss Siti told The New Paper: 'I want to teach'.

But she just didn't make the cut.

In a recent letter to The Straits Times Forum, MOE said the agreement is explained to each applicant. But Miss Siti claimed she it never occurred to her that failing would be equivalent to breaking the bond.

She scored mostly Cs and Ds in the first three years of her course. The real blow came in her final semester last year.

She failed her practicum - the teaching practice module where trainee teachers are assigned to teach at schools for a two-month period - and two related modules.

Miss Siti recalled: 'I was stunned - I'm not a straight As student, but I felt I did all right for my practicum. I couldn't believe that I failed the last exam.'

She argued that assessment for the practicum was subjective - a view echoed by her former employer Mrs Ann Tee Chye Hoon, whose letter was published in The Straits Times on 12 Feb.

When The New Paper asked about Miss Siti's case, and whether she had been told specifically that failing would be deemed as breaking her bond, MOE referred us to its response in The Straits Times, published on 25 Feb.

In a joint reply to Mrs Tee, MOE and NIE said the terms and conditions of the agreement are explained to each applicant before they sign, weak students are given counselling and coaching and those who fail the teaching practice module are given a second chance. Miss Siti took a re-examination at another primary school in July. When she got her results in December, it was still bad news.

'I stared at the computer screen for a very long time - the letter 'F' kept flashing across my mind.

'After a while, I dashed around my room to look for any documents which might help me, but it was useless,' she said.

Miss Siti showed The New Paper a copy of numerous assessments done on her repeat practicum last July. She had scored some C (average) grades.

There was an overall B (good) grade for one of her practical assessments by her co-operating teacher.

In it, an experienced teacher, assigned to give the trainee guidance and support, commented that Miss Siti had planned the day's lesson well, managed the class well, and that she had gone to every student who needed extra attention.

But this was just one assessment.

When she was failed the practicum, Miss Siti was crushed.

'One teacher may think that I'm a good teacher, but another may not,' she said.

'Grading is after all done based on each individual's standards.'

NIE and MOE did not respond to our queries on the grading.

But she clung on to hope, and wrote a letter to NIE on 23 Dec, begging for another go at her practicum.

She said: 'I went for the same interviews, sat for the same exams and attended the same classes as my course mates.

'If I didn't acquire the necessary skills, how could I have stayed on the course for almost four years?'

NIE rejected her appeal, listing 'weaknesses' like poor classroom and time management, and late submissions of lesson plans.


She admitted deviating from the lesson plans occasionally because she felt the need to spend more time on areas which students didn't understand.

'Teachers have to be flexible and adapt to the students' needs, and not follow the lesson plans so rigidly just because we planned them,' she said.

'That's what what teaching is all about - to make sure the students understand.'

She has begun repaying the $76,706.32 that she owes MOE.

An MOE officer told her the amount covered salary earned, tuition fees and interest.

She made her first payment of $7,700 - a loan from her grandmother - to MOE on 15 Feb. And she is proposing to pay $200 every month annually.

MOE has apparently agreed to this being a long-term repayment plan provided she makes regular payments in her first year.

'I think it'll take me at least 40 years to repay the entire amount, with a yearly interest of 6 per cent,' she said.

She recently found a job as a teacher at a childcare centre, where she receives $750 a month. To supplement her income, she works as a private tutor, making about another $100.

Her father, a taxi-driver, makes just enough for the family's expenses, and doesn't have savings to help her pay off her bond.

Indeed, despite the bond repayment, she gives her parents $200 every month.

The eldest of three children said she used to give half the allowance she drew from MOE to her parents for household expenses.

In her final year, she was getting just over $1,500 a month.

Despite her failure, Miss Siti is determined to pursue a career in teaching.

Armed with only an O-level certificate, she admits that she is stumped when interviewers ask about her failed NIE stint.

'It's embarrassing - I spent four years at NIE, but ended up with no diploma and a huge debt.'

She added: 'I still love teaching.'

I cannot believe that MOE is so damn mean. Still got to charge interest. Like totally no compassion. I don't know why I am beginning to feel that I cannot stand the government. I cannot stand the Ministries and the civil servants. And they should not even be called civil servants in the first place coz I don't really feel served by them. Not at all.

Just feel disappointed with some cold-blooded policies. Want to say/write more but.. Oh well. There's no 100% freedom of speech here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Diana has finally passed her driving test. Congrats to her =) Feel happy for yet I am not happy myself. Many things going on. Communication needs to be improved yet it's hard if it's one-sided. 

Anyway, I feel that I am distancing myself from others.. sort of maybe. I am not really doing it on purpose just that currently I feel that there's a lot going on and others cannot help me. Hm.. I'm just not in the mood to go out or what. I just wanna be left alone till things are settled. 

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just edited my blog template. I like and hate changing blogskins. It is always nice and refreshing to see changes/new skin yet it's so tedious and irritating. Or maybe because my html skill sucks. Whatever~ Am so hungry now!