Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just now Mummy asked me how many birthday cakes have I got. Then I counted. I got 5 birthday cakes leh! Haha~ Really must thank everyone who got me the cakes and celebrated with me. 谢谢你们! xD And I've got 3 bouquets of flowers. Mummy said that I can be a florist liao. Yeah yeah, I love flowers! Heehee~

Anyway, my birthday started out sucky but it ended well =) Oops~ I said that I wouldn't type anything negative on my birthday but.. now is already 12/3. My birthday is over! Haha~ So can be negative. Muhahaha~ Okie, lame, I know =/ Last night, I couldn't really sleep well due to the EC3371 essay. Was trying to draw graphs using my laptop but it didn't turn out well. In the end, I got lazy and just scanned the figures and graphs from the textbook and put it in my essay. So difficult to draw those curve graphs lor. Waste time~ Hope that I can do well for my essay.

As a result of not sleeping well the night before, I woke up this morning feeling extremely tired. So sianz lah~ Don't feel like going to school but.. no choice lah, have to. The people in my BSP1005 tutorial are so noisy. Kept talking and made me couldn't really concentrate. Felt like dozing off. Haha~ After my macro tutorial, I went to the computer lab to do my work. Wanted to drink ice lemon tea but when I pressed ice lemon tea on the vending machine, 100 plus came out instead. Yucks! I don't like gaseous drinks. Wasted my $$ siah =( Oh yeah, the guy beside me in the comp lab was damn irritating. Kept asking me questions. I was like.. Hello? Can't you see that I'm busy? And what I'm doing is none of his business lor. So kpo for what? =.= Anyway, really sorry Wen Min. Flew your aeroplane today, didn't go to the vanity fair with you. Really got to finish up my work lah. Sorry! Will give you a treat to make up for it =)

Was so hungry the whole day. Bought shrooms burger from KFC before walking home. Really cannot tahan until dinner. Once I reached home, I felt so tired. Felt like taking a nap but I can't. Need to get ready for going out with Jeffery at night. So I just went to bathe. Yawnz~ O.O

Jeff gave me a sunflower. This reminds me of MH. She's the one who likes sunflowers, not me. Hee~

We went to Fosters at Holland Village for dinner. I shall just upload some photos here and save the rest for facebook. Am really lazy to do a collage at the moment. Perhaps next time =) By the way, my tooth (or is it gum?) hurts again while I was having dinner =(

Menu of Fosters

Interior of Fosters

When we reached the restaurant, a guy handed me the roses. Sweet xD

I ordered a cod fillet set meal while Jeffery ordered the recommended fish and chips. They tasted great. Anyway, below are our food pictures. Haha~ Make you all hungry =P

My coffee~

Trying out Jeff's chocolate milkshake~

Nice and delicious soup xD

My cod fillet plus his fish and chips. Paiseh~ Forgot to snap a photo before we touched the food =/

Dessert: Ice-cream with carrot cake~

Jeff's ice-cream~

After the meal, the sweet-looking waitress brought my cake out. Yay! Mango cake from Rive Gauche~

Jeff was trying to relight my candles for me as the waitress didn't do it properly.

I am only 14!


After dinner just went for a walk. Ah yah~ Suddenly I feel so sleepy so.. that's all for the day. Lastly, just include my present: a couple necklace~

One for him, one for me~

Thanks dear for everything =)

Thank you everyone for their well wishes =)

Good night everyone! =)

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