Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some videos to share.. Not taken by me though~ Should have posted them earlier but.. busy lah.. and my internet/laptop's speed is like... damn slow =(

Okie.. He's so lame in this.. Pay attention to the lyrics =.= But also damn diao leh!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For all your info, irritating messages/spams will be DELETED.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes I really don't like myself. I wish that I can be xxx, yyy, zzz (some adjectives) and/or be more like so-and-so.

Confused? Never mind, me also. But it's very hard for me to change my personality... extremely hard.. Not that there is something seriously wrong with me but it's just that, there are areas where I can improve, to be a better person to myself and those around me. The question is... HOW?

Just came back from Jay Chou's 2010 Era Concert. It was amazing =) Jay Chou was a bit sao siah (no voice). Haha~ Understandable since this is his 3rd concert performance 3 days in a row. Of course, he'll be tired and no voice. Poor thing~ Nonetheless, it is still a GREAT concert with all the visual effects. Technology really amazes me sometimes. It would have been perfect if there are no irritating guys sitting behind me. Kept hitting my head with the... (dunno what is it called.. something like those long sticks people hold for concerts, use to cheer?). And 宝哥哥 didn't even help or protect me lor. (He could have put his hand on my head and not my shoulder?) Am pissed with him.. again...

Didn't manage to take many photos as the lighting was not really suitable for me to take photos. For those who are interested, you can buy his concert VCD/DVD when it's out.

I wanna buy this cap but it's sold out. Wow, long queue for his merchandise. He (or the appointed merchandiser) must be rich!!

In any case, for those who are interested to purchase any of his merchandise, you may go to this website:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

When I see Pei Ting and her sister's photos, I wish that I have a sister who can go to places with me, etc. We'll be there for each other. How good is that!

By the way, I really adore my iPhone but I really wish that the battery can last longer.. Now, I have to charge it at least once everyday!! =( Or maybe they can have spare batteries so people can charge and change. But now, the battery is in-built which means that I just have to keep charging and can't change battery. Want to keep spare ones also cannot =(
I really think that branded bags can last longer. Don't know is it the way I use those bags, too rough or something but I think my cheap and nice bags spoil easily =( Although I won't exactly call them cheap either =.=
Just came back from watching Inception with my 宝哥哥 at Causeway Point. The movie is pretty good, intriguing. Took awhile to understand the whole movie.

Sometimes, I feel bad towards 宝哥哥. He treats me so good but sometimes I bully him? Hm..

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My nice pink bag from Bugis has spoilt. Although I have changed the ring, the skin is like coming out. Tuo pi lor. WTH~ Wasted my (Robin's) $25. Dots~!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogging from my iPhone again. Am loving it =)

By the way, some people are so damn irritating. Why ask others for help when you can help yourself? Fan leh =•=

But don't know why I will feel bad for not helping leh. By right, I shouldn't be what =.=

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hi all =) am blogging from my iPhone. Haha, testing only.. Not very used to using it now yet though. Anyway, 500 smses per month is really not enough!! I need more!
There are some movies which I wanna watch!!! Hee~
Many things to update. Had a busy weekend. Will continue to be pretty busy for the rest of the week. Oh well~ I haven't uploaded my Batam photos leh =( Neither have I blogged about it =( =( It's old news already lor. Boo~

So anyway, let me just briefly update about the last weekend. Went for the (branded) bag sale with Jasmin and Verlene at M Hotel on Sat. The sale was okie only. Didn't really find any good bargain so didn't buy anything. Jasmin said that the price is almost similar to the retail price during the GSS. Hm.. perhaps?? Nothing really catches my eye anyway. But then also good. Can save $$. Haha~

After that, went shopping for awhile at Orchard. Then I went off to find Robin. Ah yoh~ Was damn pissed coz he made me wait. Argh~!! I HATE waiting for people. Think I have been pretty punctual recently. Seemed like I kept waiting for people recently. Gee~

Had KOI bubble tea at Marine Parade there. The milk tea there is definitely better than the KOI cafe (it's actually coffee and it tastes horrible). Again, there was a long queue. Machiam like seeing doctor okie, with the queue number and everything =.= Don't know why there are so many people, it's quite expensive!

After getting the bubble tea, we took a cab to the East Coast Hawker to eat nice seafood. Yummy!! =) Love the stingray, satay and lala. Robin had his fav gonggong. Haha~ By the way, kids are really annoying. Saw these 2 annoying kids who share table with us. Ah yoh, I think the grandparents also =.=, trying to get them to have their dinner properly. Anyway, we ate quickly and got out. Damn sianz sitting at the same table with them and seeing their tantrums. Haiz~

Saw some people doing water sports. Quite cool. Perhaps Desmond can go try there since he didn't get to cable ski in Batam. Am not sure if the one at ECP is called cable ski (and am lazy to google it now. Oops =P). Then we walked all the way to McDonald's. Far lor, but good lah. Can digest our food. Played some games at PrizeStation. Saw Desmond and Jasmin when we were about to go home. Haha~ So qiao. Then they also went to PrizeStation to play games. We accompanied them for awhile and went back after Desmond got his jackpot. Lolx~ Got one auntie beside him, she's damn pro man. Kept getting jackpot. Really good!

Met Robin on Sunday at 7:30am. We were going to participate in The New Paper Big Walk. The walk is okie, it's shorter than I expected. Didn't really sweat much. Anyway, the weather is cooling also. It practically rained the whole day after the walk. Heng, they gave us free umbrella inside the goodie bag. Haha~ How smart of them =)

Accompanied Robin back to his workplace to settle something after that. Ah yoh. He said very fast but it took so long. Waited for him for almost one hour. Haiz~ Was pissed at him again.. Okie, don't say anymore regarding this.

After that, we went to watch Ip Man (paiseh, can't remember the full title, something about legend.. the legend of Ip Man??) As Robin booked the 5:15pm show, we have plenty of time so we went to shop around. Then I suggested going to Singtel to take a look at the iPhones and eventually bought one. Haha~ I shall stop being such a shopaholic. By the way, I still can't check Cathay timings nor book for any Cathay movie online using my laptop. Strange hor? Everyone else seems can. Just now, I've tested.. Can use iPhone to check. Don't know what's wrong with my laptop. Just can't suddenly one fine day. Also didn't do anything lor..

Okies, nights... ~~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have just upgraded my phone to an iPhone. Haha~ Never think that I will be getting an iPhone but... oh well~ Hope that it's a good thing =) The only downside is.. my monthly phone bill will be more expensive =.=

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I miss Deming!!

Haha~ Don't 想歪歪 k? It's work related. Shan't mention more.
Spain is the official winner of the Fifa World Cup 2010. Below is the result:

1st placeSpain

2nd placeNetherlands

3rd placeGermany

Robin helped me to bet on Spain win but we didn't win anything as Spain only scored during the extra time. Damn it! Boo~ =(

By the way, I didn't watch the final match as I decided to be a good employee and went to work. Got meeting (sort of) with my boss also so.. haiz~ Didn't take leave earlier as I thought am supposed to go on a course but my HR missed the submission for the course dateline (too late or something bah) so can only join the Oct course. Nvm. It's okie.

Monday, July 12, 2010

By the way, today I went to Marina Bay Sands with Jeanette. The place is nice and grand =) Wanna go to the celebrity/atas (correct spelling?) restaurants. Seems so cool leh =P
Dear all,

By right, I should be blogging about my Batam trip in this post but there's something more important which I need to blog about.

Today I got CHEATED by Mary Chia!!!

I have a $3 promotion (from Singtel) for eyebrow trimming which I can use at Mary Chia. They didn't write any terms and conditions apply whatsoever. So today, I went for the eyebrow trimming at Jurong Point Mary Chia. Who knows, the branch manager told me that in order to utilize the $3 promotion, I need to do an eye therapy. WTH lor. So I asked her, it's not written on the voucher. She said if I had asked her, she would tell me. Like so F*** lor. How on earth would I know that I have to ask her when it's not written on the thing?

At first, Jeanette wanted to see whether the eyebrow trimming is nice or not then she wanna do but now.. because of the attitude, she doesn't want to do anymore. Haiz~ What a pity. The eyebrow trimming is actually quite nice but NOT the branch manager. Don't know how come she is a manager? =.=

So everyone, just fyi. I shall boycott Mary Chia from now on!! Anyway, I paid $16.05 for the eyebrow trimming. I rather go somewhere else to let them earn my money. Somewhere more worthwhile.

PS: I wonder what happened if I die die just refuse to pay? Police case? Hm..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am very bored now. Boo~ Got flown aeroplane =( I hate it but.. I have also flown other people's aeroplane so... no right to say others bah. Although now, I have been a pilot for a less time but a passenger for a more time. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's okie. Just forget it.
I think I am weak and easily bullied =( How come? I want to be strong and fierce but hard leh.. Damn it. Think Tierra is the same as me bah~

Friday, July 9, 2010

Suddenly came across this:

The Electric New Paper :


Victims should speak out

WE REFER to your report on the sexual harassment incidents which took place at the Youth Olympic Games Chef de Mission Seminar.

01 April 2010

WE REFER to your report on the sexual harassment incidents which took place at the Youth Olympic Games Chef de Mission Seminar.

The fact that there were quite a few incidents in a short period indicates that the reported sexual harassment incidents are not uncommon at events like this.

This is confirmed by Ms Annabelle Pennefather, who also said that she would usually brief and warn her volunteers about such matters.

Workplace sexual harassment is prevalent in Singapore but many perpetrators get away with it simply because most victims do not report it.

In this case, it is noted that the CEP Champions were not in an employment situation. They were in a project situation and thus did not have as much to lose as in an employment situation. And that may be why a few of them did speak out.

Record of harassing staff

The report 'Be my special designer girlfriend' (The New Paper on Sunday, 21 Mar) was significant because the perpetrator had a record of harassing staff explicitly but they seem to have tolerated it as they were in his employment. The whistle-blower was someone who had not yet started work there.

This goes to show how difficult it is for victims of workplace sexual harassment to report it. And if we do not start seriously spreading the message that this is unacceptable behaviour and start taking action against perpetrators, harassment will continue unpunished.

The CEP Champions involved were not shy wallflowers. They were specially chosen for their leadership qualities. Yet, it was clear that they found it hard to put their foot down and be assertive.

They declined invitations and some walked off, but it seemed that no one actually said 'Stop! You are making me uncomfortable' or 'Stop! This is inappropriate behaviour'. This is the recommended response to put the perpetrator on notice that his actions are not welcome.

The lack of specific legislation, a code of conduct and a strong culture prohibiting workplace sexual harassment makes it extremely difficult for victims to take more assertive action.

Moving forward, we would urge Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee to:

1. conduct and investigate the various incidents that have been reported, including investigating whether or not any of these incidents involving physical harassment were reported to any officials, and if not, why not;

2. establish a clear code of conduct for delegates and participants as to what constitutes inappropriate behaviour;

3. train the volunteers on how they should handle such incidents, that is, to say no firmly so that the perpetrator knows that the conduct is unwelcome; and

4. establish processes for people to report harassment incidents and for dealing with such incidents.


Really what the hell man. Why got all this kind of people? Feel like volunteering for AWARE but need to join as a member first. There is a $40 membership fee (=.=). Am considering though. Wanna do some good. Haha~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hm.. Cannot stand some people. Please keep your opinion to yourself. Nobody asks you for it so SHUT UP k? Please..

Okie, shall try not to be bothered by other irrelevant people's comments, etc. Heck care is the key! Yeah, Jiayou Jiahui. Jiayou gal~ Lolx~ Am cheering for myself. Weird?

PS: Must be more firm. Yes!

PPS: Oops~ Siao liao~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello everyone. I am back from Batam!! =) The trip was okie, got some ups and downs. Will blog more about it later or another day as I am feeling quite tired and sianz today. Will upload the holiday photos too.. soon. Am really addicted to coffee once again. Feel damn lethargic if I don't drink coffee for one day. Don't know why, or is it just psychologically? Hm...

Anyway, think I am more and more bao zhao recently. Why ah? Very easily to be zha dao leh =(

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello everyone =) Feel that I need to write here before my trip. Happy Holiday-ing to Us!!!

PS: Was pissed off with my Mum lor. She asked me not to waste money taking taxi back but hello?!?! I took the bloody MRT and LRT back yesterday okie?? Anyway, I've worked so hard to earn money, why can't I spend the money? It's not like I asked her for money or that I didn't give her jia yong. I did dutifully and without delay. So, what's her problem?

PPS: Okie, want to travel with a happy mind. So, yeah, see you all soon.. Very soon...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strange leh. Think I treat gals better than guys? Somehow, I feel that it is much EASIER to reject guys than gals. Hm.. Why? 为什么??

PS: I must be FIRM! Yes, I have to be!