Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Encountered something irritating and frustrating at work. Oh boy =.=

Anyway, I shall go and sleep now. Very very sleepy and the weather is so HOT!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Review - Jewel Coffee

Tried out Jewel Coffee today. Heard some people mention it so I decided to try it. I find it quite bitter. Not that nice to me. If I remember correctly, I think that you can choose the coffee beans to use. Cannot really remember. Go and try it for yourself.

This is not from Jewel Coffee. Can't remember where it was from. But I like this coffee photo with the heart in the middle =)

PS: I need to find more nice cafes to have nice coffee.

Review - Ellenborough Market Cafe at Swissotel Merchant Court

I am actually quite sleepy now but I want to blog a review first before I sleep. Have so many blog backlog to clear. Oh well. I promise myself that I will have more sleep.

Jeanette and I went to have crab buffet at Ellenborough Market Cafe at Swissotel Merchant Court some time in March. It was a treat from Jeanette. Haha xD. Can be considered as my birthday treat.

Outfit of the day.


Crabs. Yummy!!

This is durian xx. It is really very nice. Very rich. Sorry, I don't know how to spell so just put xx. Is it called durian pregnet?

Another selfie. Lolx~

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I hate cough. I really hate cough! Takes a longer time to recover. Maybe I should go and see a doctor and get an MC. The last time I remember I had cough was last year when I went to Bangkok. Ah yoh. Hope that I will recover fast/soon.