Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes Singtel/Singnet is really pissing me off. I hate getting DC and calling their hotline is of not much use. Rude staff, etc. By they way, I really need to share something with you here.. Today, there is this crazy woman on the LRT who asked this guy to give up his seat to an old uncle standing in front of him. Seems like the woman is very nice and all that right? But she's also sitting down. Like really WTH lah! Why can't she just give up her own seat? Got to ask other people to do so. Tsk tsk~
This year, civil servants are getting a 2 month bonus. Well, this is good for them. But civil servants are no longer iron rice bowls. They are mostly on contractual basis, no longer permanent except maybe teacher or something.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My boss is back from his leave tomorrow. Sianz man~ Oops!!
I am thinking... Should I blog about this? But I have decided to because I really want to vent my frustration out!

I just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 at The Cathay with Robin. There's a new Popeyes outlet at B1. The date started out ok but didn't end well. I dislike PDA... I really don't like it but.. I think Robin doesn't get it at all. Well, although he said that he does but weeks after weeks, the same thing still happens. I feel so sick, now I don't really feel like going dating anymore.

Sorry seriously doesn't mean anything to me if the same thing is going to happen again and again. What's the point of being sorry then?
I shall not use my phone in the toilet. Full stop.

PS: Nope, I didn't drop my phone into the toilet bowl or something. Just a statement.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today is Saturday and I stayed at home for the whole day. Hm.. At least I caught up with my sleep. Haha~ Seems like my eczema is acting up again. Perhaps I should change doctor? Alamak~ Sianz man. Last time I don't have such a problem. Just recently. Don't know if it's really due to stress or what?

Anyway, forgot to blog about this but welcome my Mum and Grandma back!!! Haha~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quoting from Rebecca Brandon (nee Bloomwood), we can increase our savings by 1. decrease our expenditure and/or 2. by increasing our income. OMG! But I found both hard. Perhaps I should try to decrease my expenditure first.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with Robin and Cindy on Thursday!! Took leave with Cindy specially to go coz our buyer got free tix for us. Haha~ Thanks Jason! =) But poor Robin got to pay for his own tix - $66. Quite exp!

Luckily we went on a non-peak period. The place was not very crowded. Didn't have to queue for so long at the rides. But as we met at 12:30pm, there wasn't really enough time to explore everything =( So if you guys/gals wanna go, please go early in the morning. Do not need to bring a big bottle of water as there are water coolers located at many spots. Can always refill your bottle.

As Mum has borrowed my camera to China, I have to use Cindy's camera and my iPhone to take photos. Can really take lots and lots of photos there. Cindy has posted the photos on facebook but I have yet to go and save them into my own album. Lazy lah for now...

Universal.. here we come!

With my new sunglasses.

The interior.

Scary, scary.. By the way, any idea who is this guy?

Nice photo. Think I wore the wrong t-shirt. This t-shirt makes me look fat =(

Nice place =)

Do we look scary here? Hee~

Captain Jack Sparrow and 牛仔很忙.

Me and Betty Boop.

Hard at work!!

Who call for the taxi??

Very scary roller coaster.. But not opened...

Nice Ben & Jerry's ice-cream on a rather hot day.

Someone from the outer space?

I adore the Shrek 4D show. It's definitely one of the highlights! Very suitable for adults/teenages/kids.

Pulling poor Shrek's ear.. Haha~

Battle scene. I love the show for WaterWorld too. Really very interesting and awesome!! Very grand and real too! A must watch if you go to Universal Studio.

Guess what's that creature and is it real?? By the way, do we look WET there? This is because we were soaked (really very WET!) when we took the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. An advise to all: Bring extra clothings and a towel.

Cindy said that this photo is nice so I shall post it here. Hee~

I have won the Oscars award for being the Best Lover!!!

 So many awards...

Nice sunglasses (but cannot protect you against the sun). Haha~

Although this photo is blur, I insist to upload it online because I like the caps.

That's all the photos for now. You can refer to my facebook for more photos (soon). There are still a few photos of Robin's and my souvenirs taken with my iPhone which I'm unable to post here as there's something wrong with my iPhone. Kept kicking me out of facebook =( Cindy also encountered the same problem. Boo!! Anyone else with the same facebook apps issue?

By the way, heard that there's fireworks at USS every weekend. Read on someone's blog that it is spectacular. Better than what he has expected. Those interested might want to go during the weekend and judge for yourself.

After USS, we went to eat at Ruyi (a 24hr eatery) near the casino. The casino looked quite crowded from the outside. Must be making a lot of money. I will go in and take a look if there's no need to pay for any entrance fee. $100 as an entrance fee is too expensive for me. Like bo hua leh.

Home sweet home later. Tired liao and still got work the next day! But heng, it's Friday so should be in a good mood at work!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pissed with Singnet again!!!

Rude customer service officer also.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ah yoh~ Paiseh ah, if I keep flooding my blog. Because today I didn't go out so very eng. Wanna recommend a nice song~

My dear 周杰伦 (aka 阿伦, haha) currently has a new variety show called Mr. J 頻道 where he is one of the hosts. But sadly, the show is rather boring =.= I think it's better that he sticks to doing music. That's what he is best at! Directing and acting are still okie but hosting? Still a long way to go bah...

Nevertheless, 加油喔!!!

Monday blues.. MONDAY BLUES.. Monday blues.. MONDAY BLUES..

Monday blues.. MONDAY BLUES!!!

NOOOOO!!! I don't want Monday to come so fast.. Although my weekend hasn't been that interesting but.. I DON'T WANT MY LONG WEEKEND TO END SO FAST!!!

By the way, would like to congrats Aeries on the birth of her son. Yea~!!

So cute right? But this is not her son's photo. Haven't seen her son yet. This is just a cute photo I took from the Internet.
Something wrong with my EQ recently. What is the problem? Is it because I'm too nice so they take advantage of me? Of course they will deny but.. Oh well. Don't wanna think about them.
Okie, quite depressing.. Let me post something happier here.

My new sunglasses. Nice? Hee~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Somehow sometimes I feel really detached from friends/people. Like people are becoming more selfish and self-centered. They like to make use of others. Even if I treat them well, it doesn't mean that it will be appreciated. People still can make use of you. Maybe I am too? Am I like that? Or becoming like that? One thing though, I am becoming more hypocritical. But like what Anna said.. In this society, one can't avoid becoming a bit hypocritical and fake. Perhaps that is the sad truth.
I'm very angry with my mother lor. Wth lah, coz I'm starving already at home. She's pissing me off. If she's going to be this late then don't tell me that she's going to tabao lunch for me lah. Now is what time already? Still call lunch meh?
Went for training yesterday. OMG! Was so tired. Practically stood for the whole day. Really admire those who can tahan it.

Met Robin after that. There was a long queue for Koi bubble tea at Iluma. The boss there must be rich! Went to watch a movie, The Town, at Filmgarde. The theatre is quite empty. Anyway, the show was rather boring. Yawnz~ So sianz~ A lot of F word in the show, that's all. Home sweet home after that coz really too tired. Legs very suan + no place to sit on the bus = really wanna throw my temper. Haha~

Mummy will be going to China on Monday. Somehow, I am looking forward to it. One whole week of freedom! Haha~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Argh!! 我不想长大。

I really don't know why some people always like to ask others for help. They have hands and legs so why can't they do their things themselves? For eg. I don't know why when some people go to the fast food restaurant, they can conveniently sit down and just tell others (me!) to help them order? It's not that I don't wanna help or anything but aren't they too much to keep doing that? Really buay tahan them. Okie, perhaps I'm too nice to them? Don't wanna be nice anymore.

Monday, November 1, 2010

有些人让我又喜欢又不喜欢她。 很乱吧? Haiz~ 我也很乱。 I hate people coming near me. So shoo! I didn't mean to be mean but.. really. Just stay away from me, don't come so near me. Especially those whom I am not shou with. Come so near me for what? Even if we are friends, even if we are both female, that doesn't mean that you can come so near to my personal space. We need some personal space okie? Need to leave a gap between people.
Went to JB with my colleagues, Rokiah, Anna and Cindy, today. Wanted to go to Danga Mall at first but changed our mind last minute and just stick to City Square Mall. It has been a long time since I went to City Square Mall. It has changed so much! The things there are not as cheap as before, almost the same price as Singapore's Far East and Bugis. So I didn't really buy many things. Just bought food for the family and cut my hair.

Anyway, we didn't have much time to shop as Anna needed to return early. Perhaps next time shall go there earlier and go back later. Haha~ By the way, saw Emily at the custom today. What a coincidence!

Went to REDS salon with Cindy. So cool there, can facebook and play games!

Was facebook-ing in the salon while Cindy was playing Viwawa.

This is my new haircut. Is it nice? But I looked so ugly here. Argh!!

Nice eh? Put for fun. Haha~ Hardly see a public phone in Singapore, let alone such a cool phone booth in the middle of a shopping centre.