Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I just wanna rant!! It is so difficult to get a taxi in the morning. Spent half an hour waiting for a taxi. Think if I take bus, I would have reached. Gee!!

High Society at Marina Bay Sands

Review of High Society at MBS

Went to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) with Diana on Sunday. Gosh, MBS is so big! Really!! It's a good place to shop if you are in the mood for some high-end products =) Have taken some nice photos but shall post it in another entry as I want to review on High Society in this post.

After walking for some time, we just popped into High Society for some food and drinks. The restaurant looks very modern and classy. The cupcakes and cakes look so beautiful from the glass display! As the name implies, the food and drinks there are not cheap. The servers seem atas and dao. A no-no for people who work in the service line but that's not the most appalling part. The most appalling part is that they actually charged us $8 for distilled water without informing us about it beforehand. This is the first time I paid $8 for plain water. So ridiculous!!

Total cost: $49.20 for 2 pax

Did not manage to take nice photos of the glass displays. Was afraid that I will be stopped. Hm..

Can't resist to zi pai. Haha. Must make use of my iPhone 4 function.

I had caramel milkshake. It's too sweet for my liking.

I had chocolate cake (can't really remember the name) but it tastes good. 

Diana had this cake with a lot of nuts (I can't remember the name as well!). Too nutty for my liking. 

Cute stuff

Bought some cute stuff recently. Haha.

Saw this book in Popular one day. Didn't buy this book but think that this Math book is really cool. Interesting to read!

By-election in Hougang Constituency

As we all already know, Workers' Party (WP), Png Eng Huat has garnered more votes in the Hougang By-election and has emerged as Hougang's MP. Not really surprising as Hougang has always been under WP's care.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Late Queen

I am such a late queen. Don't know why but I am almost always late. I wasn't like this in the past but.. I'm procrastinating more and more now. I know it's really bad. Need to change. Yes.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ok ok. I take back my words. I love my hair. It looks nice! =) But I am really not photogenic so you got to see my in real life. Haha!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I cannot stand it. My bf really makes me =.= I don't wanna curse and swear so much but really WTF lor. I bet he doesn't know what I am talking about because he has forgotten what I have told him not to tell others.

I want my bf or my husband to be my best friend. But if I marry Robin, I think it is not very possible. Even if I rant to him or tell him anything, the response he gives is so blah. I feel that I am better off telling another person or even just blog about it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Review on Kimage

Went to Kimage Prestige at Plaza Singapura for a haircut today. My hair stylist was Jason. He was ok but kept asking me to dye my hair or rebond my hair or perm my hair. Like WTF lah. Can't a customer just go in and simply cut her hair? They do serve drinks though and their drinks are so cute!

Before my haircut. Can't stand my long and messy hair!

After the haircut. How is it? I find it so-so only. Nothing fantastic. In fact, I actually wanna cut it shorter like my cousin but he advised me against it.

My cousin.

I think of maybe getting this length for bottom and back but I don't wanna cut my fringe like hers. Anyway, I just saw on the Kimage receipt that they guarantee all their work. If our hair-do is unsatisfactory, we can return to the outlet within 10 days with the receipt and they will do the rectification works free of charge. But then if our hair-do is unsatisfactory, we (I) don't even dare to go back to the same outlet to look for the same hair stylist.

Argh!! I still cannot find a good/suitable hair stylist!!! The home salon which I went to do rebonding the last time was good. It lasted quite long (for about 1 year). Even Jason said that it's good today. 

Cost of the haircut: $45. Totally not worth it. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

ANZ Bank

Have you heard of ANZ Bank? It is an Australia and New Zealand. Check out their website: for more details. Our company has tied-up with the bank so you can sign up for their credit cards ( through us. Or me. The ANZ Platinum Card has a 1 year fee waiver while the ANZ Switch Platinum Card has no annual fee ever. (But need to make at least 3 retail transactions every 12 months.) How cool is that!

Is there a way to stop our spiraling HDB prices?

Something worth reading:


I have read Xiaxue's blog and it is so cool!!

She has so many sponsors for her new house! Why no one sponsor me anything?? Boo!! Her new house also sounds cool! Can't wait to see the final results. I love to look at nice houses. I like to appreciate awesome interior design works. But I have to agree that it is tiring if not nerve-wrecking to renovate the entire house. There are so MANY things to consider.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

By-election in Hougang Constituency

Another hot topic in Singapore. The by-election begins on 16 May at 11am. I didn't follow closely about this by-election or regarding the candidates because it does not concern me directly. I am not in that constituency. However, it may concern me indirectly because the elected person will become a member of parliament. May the best candidate wins! Hougang people, vote properly hor.

By the way, I have NEVER seen my MP in real life before. Serious!!

Ferrari driver in fatal Bugis accident

This is quite a heated topic of discussion in Singapore. Some people are angry with the Ferrari driver. Well, whatever it is, he has already paid the price. May everyone just rest in peace.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Let's appreciate our mothers on this day =)

Life is so fragile

I just went to a funeral yesterday. Haiz~ Life is so fragile. We can only live in this world for such a short period of time so we must really live life to the fullest. On the other hand, sometimes if we live life to the fullest, we may hurt some people (who knows?). So should we be selfish and live life to the fullest or step back and spare a thought for others? Confusing~!!

Maybe Diana can understand what I want to convey but I am standing in her father's shoes now so.. Ah yoh~ Very fan lor. I don't know how to help her to resolve her issues also.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

UOB doesn't benefit its existing customers

Every time I receive an SMS from UOB regarding its promotions, I will feel that they are very keen to get new customers yet don't pay any attention to its existing customers. Based on their promotion, if I have $15,000 in my account, I should transfer $10,000 out and keep it somewhere (in other bank account) first. Then when there is this promotion, then I transfer the money back. A bit pointless right? =.=  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feel lazy and sianz to go out nowadays. The weather is so hot and it is so crowded everywhere. The public transport is also seriously crowded. At almost anytime of the day. I don't know who to blame. Blame the LTA for not solving this overcrowding problem or blame ICA for the huge influx of foreigners into Singapore. Singapore is only so small, cannot squeeze in so many people =.=

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bread handphone casing

My nice bread handphone casing spoilt =.= Anyone knows if Taobao sells it?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012