Saturday, February 7, 2009

Went out with Guan Zhi for dinner at Chong Pang (don't know if it's the correct spelling =/). Eh, he's damn blur one leh. He can be blurX3. Come my house also can mi lu =/, his gps really cannot be trusted siah. But anyway, he managed to drive to Chong Pang.. haha~ already very good liao. At least can find the way, unlike the last time. Lolx~ By the way, don't know why he got so worked up while driving. Think he will burst his blood vessels soon.. wahahaha~ oops~ I'm being so mean. Haha~

The Thai food there is relatively cheap. One big plate of pineapple rice, one whole fish, one cuttlefish, one kang kong and one bowl of tomyam soup only cost $29. Wah.. So full lor. After eating, we went to Bottle Tree Park. There were many people fishing there. Quite a cool and relaxing place. But also a little ulu.

PS: I received my replacement card from UOB already. So efficient siah~
PPS: I'm really sorry, I can't seem to shake off typing Singlish. Haiz~ My English sucks le =(

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