Saturday, February 14, 2009

Diana said that this place would be my personal ranting place. Haha~ Okies, I'll try not to rant so often but... hey, this is my blog! I can type whatever I want.. right?

Anyway, the EC2374 prof didn't reply me lor. So slow one but I've already got a group! Haha~ Someone left my friend's group so I can join them. Haha~ Nope, I didn't chase the person away. She just suddenly wanna join another group. Heehee~ It was Friday the 13th but I'm lucky! Sort of. By the way, I think my devt tutorial is so boring lor. One good news though: I've finished my BSP1005 assignment. Don't know how to do question 5. Maybe see my group members know or not. Haha~ Just sent them the email with my other answers. Just now my scanner cannot work. Then I have to wait for my brother to come home. Haiz~ I'm so not IT savvy lor. Boo~ But anyway, am so glad that one thing is out of the way. But still got the macro test. Argh!! Am dreading it!

Went for an interview at Pathfinders today. Eh.. Quite okie bah but there are 3 rounds of interview. Sianz diao lor. Anyway, the interviewer talked a lot, asked a lot. He interviewed me for an hour. But not bad lah, he's quite pleasant to talk to =) Oh yeah, am going for another interview tomorrow at Orange Grove Road that side. Not sure how to go leh. Hm.. Wish me luck! =)

PS: I'm really sorry Jiajia, I didn't mean to fly your aeroplane. Just that I really need to finish my BSP1005 assignment. Sorry =)

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