Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG!! I suddenly feel stress. Got people waiting to read my blog. Hm.. Some things to blog about. 1. My EC2374 quiz~ It seemed better than the macro test for certain but.. also a little worried leh. Don't know how I'll fare. Saw people wrote a lot while my answers are pretty short. But I really cannot remember any other points liao. Oh well~ Heng, it's only 10%. 2. Am dreading the amount of work piled up for me to complete during study break. Boo hoo~~!!

3. Due to my nightmare last night, I've decided to add on to my list of 20 Must/Should Haves in a Dream Guy. Heehee~ I wish that he can protect me, from danger and harm and would not forsake me. Haha~ I need a brave guy, preferably one who can fight! But of course not fight unnecessarily lah. Hee xD~ Oh, and also preferably he can be a punctual person. I really don't like waiting for people leh. Oh my tian~ Think I will be left on the shelf. So many requirements. Hm.. The list just seems to add on. I better stop. Wonder how come some people got so little to write. 4. Am dreading the health check-up tomorrow =( 5. Maybe I should really make my blog private so people cannot read and I can just simply post whatever I want! xD

PS: Going to be Eileen's bday in 25 mins. Happy Birthday in advance gal =) I'll call you later. I need to give Ben priority to call you first so I wait lor. Cannot call you at 12am sharp le. I'm a gentle-lady. Haha xD~
PPS: Jeffery, give me some time to think about your question okie? =) Don't gan cheong. Haha~ I also very stress =/

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