Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wah.. I keep blogging. But I really wanna put down the note I've written on Facebook. Oh, and people.. please tag me if you have read my blog. Haha~ Quite scary if people just read stealthily. Thanks =)

1. I need to call Minhui to ask her how to write a new note =/

2. Relating to no 1, I'm so not IT savvy and not up to date with the latest technology stuff.

3. I miss my son.. Fujitsu is taking such a long time to return me my son =(

4. I'm still in the CNY mood although school has resumed.

5. I went out on chu er and it's quite saddening to see an almost empty Orchard Road.

6. Kept getting pissed off by some people.

7. I am addicted to skype.. I love the longest skype convo peeps!

8. Sick and tired of school and tuition =S

9. Sick and tired of life --> but don't worry, I love me, myself and I. Haha xD

10. I don't cry easily.

11. The ... button is going to replace my space button as the most used button on my keyboard.

12. My English proficiency is deteriorating.

13. I love to play Mahjong! Haha~

14. I love to travel overseas but hate to take aeroplanes.

15. I am afraid of many things --> Eg: cockroaches =/

16. I don't like roller coasters and all those thrilling rides.

17. I got bluff people before but I have never harmed anyone =)

18. I'm feeling more and more random as I typed this.

19. I can crap a lot and digress a lot.

20. I like to take photos.

21. Getting to like camwhoring nowadays.

22. I wanna go to the zoo!

23. I want a pink son~ I like pink stuff nowadays.

24. Thinks that it feels good to have someone sent me home. Haha~ *blushes*

25. Don't like it when the people didn't reply my SMS.

PS: Am wondering if you have learnt anything new about me from my note.
PPS: 25 things not enough leh!

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