Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I was so pissed off just now. Everyone was late! Made me miss the 7pm show. Lucky I haven't bought the tickets yet, if not will be wasting my money. To think that I rushed all the way down from school. Haiz~ Actually Hector was early but Jeffery told him the wrong place. What the... lor. I said Cathay. It's understood that Cathay refers to the Grand Cathay that side what. If go to Cine, I will say Cine lor. I won't refer Cine as Cathay. So pissed and hungry~ =/ In the end, we have to watch the 9:40pm show. Ended at nearly 12am. Tired~

Anyway, He's Just Not That Into You is okie lah. Not bad but too many characters. Was a bit confused about who is who =/ Just know that the gal, Gigi, is quite poor thing in the show but luckily she has a happy ending. So.. yeah. Mr Kpo Jeffery wanna try his hand at matchmaking and.. all I can say is.. hopefully it all goes well between our friends! Woo~ I'm so excited for Diana. Haha~ and Hector, hint hint.. Please be more gentlemanly next time can?

Something nice I kope from MH's blog =)

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