Saturday, February 7, 2009

I just suddenly have some random things to say, which happened recently. But since this is a public blog, I have to be tactful about what I post and yeah, although I would like to say whatever I want, I shall skip some parts/details.

1. Esther is confirmed going to NP, studying mass comm. Haha~ Glad that she can get in =)

2. I think I should heed Yimei's advice and stop being so bo liao with my exploration of human character. Yeah, I may find myself in deep shit later so better don't get too carried away.

3. I should also heed some other people's advices to not let my friends' troubles/problems affect me too much. I got enough things on my hands to handle now.

4. I'm so sorry. I can be there for some friends all the time, can be there for all friends some of the time but I CANNOT BE THERE FOR ALL FRIENDS ALL THE TIME. Really sorry~ I will try okie?

5. I am finding it more and more difficult to trust people, especially guys =/

6. I think I am super fickle-minded sometimes! I don't know exactly what I want =.=

7. With regards to Esther's MSN nick, should I just close my eyes and take in your sweet lies?

8. Please do not ask me anything about what I've posted here. What I want to say, I will post. What I don't want to say, just let it be within me. Thanks =)

9. I should really go out less often!

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