Monday, February 23, 2009

Got a couple of things to blog about. Feel so lazy nowadays to blog everyday =/. Haiz~ Let me just quickly summarise coz it's pretty late now also. I'll be uploading photos as well so.. a picture tells a thousand words! Just see the photos. Haha~

21/2 Sat~ went to school for the health check-up then to vivo for a meeting. Then later went to Peace Centre (I think) there to play Frozen Throne. Haha~ Think it's my 2nd time playing in a lan game shop.

My super advance bday cake~

Happy Birthday to Me =) Thanks everyone!

A nice cup of coffee. Ah~ Enjoyment =)

PS: It finally rained on Sat. Yay!!

22/2 Sun~ Supposed to head down to IMM but I overslept and it was raining heavily. So I didn't go. Anyway, I've called the printing place and no one picked up so.. Will go tomorrow or Tuesday instead. Don't wanna make a wasted trip. Ended up eating KFC at BPP and going to Woodlands.

Flowers for me~ xD


Yay =)

PS: Flowers are the only impractical gifts I like. Hee~
PPS: I am so not photogenic lah! =(

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