Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just wanna share a note which I've posted on facebook =)

20 Must/Should haves in a Dream Guy! Haha~

1. Must be able to click
2. Can communicate reasonably well
3. Faithful, doesn't flirt! --> very important!
4. Can accept my flaws
5. Love me for who I am
6. Have a good temper
7. Non abusive
8. Supportive
9. Responsible
10.Treats people around him well =)
11. Romantic (Haha, I don't know any such guy =/)
12. Smart, can solve my problems and give constructive suggestions
13. Dress and behave appropriately
14. Not stingy and calculative
15. Not so pessimistic with life and keeps complaining
16. Taller than me, kan de shun yan~
17. Can drive and got a car (haha!)
18. Good career, willing to work hard
19. Filial
20. Genuinely cares about the family

Alamak~ Think like cannot find leh, extinct liao. Hoho~

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