Thursday, February 19, 2009

Actually, should have blogged yesterday but I was too tired and lazy. So yeah, I procrastinated until now. Lolx~ Erm.. I am beginning to think that my life is quite dramatic nowadays. Haha~ Anyway, I just told people on skype that I should be more contented and hiam less but.. sometimes I really cannot help it leh. Haiz~ Like what Diana said, don't know why there are so many things in life for us to hiam about. Is it because of our characters or ... ? Ah yah, I really don't know. Too many confusing things in life. Okie, last thing to hiam here.. I've emailed the EC2374 prof a question but she didn't reply me! And the EC2374 quiz is on Friday! Oh well~ I agree with Wenmin lah, our school fees are quite wasted. Then think I'm quite a good tutor (blush) coz I will reply all smses and msn questions.

Now move on to talk about happier things xD~ Went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Tuesday with Jeffery (I didn't spell his name wrongly, it's like that) yesterday. The show isn't bad except that it's too long and a bit draggy towards the end. Kept wishing that the show can hurry finish coz I was freezing in the cinema. Really cold man! Forgot to bring a sweater =/ Anyway, it made me wonder.. What will happen if I can grow young everyday? Haha~ I don't wanna grow old lah. But then, I also don't really wanna grow young like Benjamin Button. I just wanna remain at my current age.. forever~ Heehee~ Sounds like an impossible dream. Oh well~

We had our dinner at makansutra. The food is not bad =) It has been some time since I ate crayfish and stingrays. Nice =) Passed by some high-class and expensive looking restaurants. Looked empty and deserted. Maybe due to the recession then those restaurants got less biz. Wonder how much does the food cost. There is this restaurant at Clifford Pier. It looks so unwelcoming and scary. Hm..

PS: Cham ah~ I got no mood to study =( and I think my English really sucks now =(
PPS: Someone just told me something I don't really know how to react to.. yet.

The unwelcoming high-class looking restaurant

Our food xD

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