Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OMG!! I got so many things to do that I feel like crying! BSP1005 assignment 1 due and Macro test on Mon. Thurs got China economy quiz. And I need to edit the iMfashionista articles by this weekend. Also, need to do MKT2413 project. Eeyer~ I hate that project can. About GT cars. Marketing for those cars.. Yucks! I have totally no interest in cars and the car industry! Need to read and research on it. So chim can. Furthermore, the devt econs assignment is out liao. Wah.. Dunno how to survive man. Boo~ I haven't bought any vday gift yet. Sorry, no time to go shopping. Too shag ah~

PS: Friday, still got interview. Think I really need to learn time management skill from Regina. She's such a pro!
PPS: I have no interest to be a financial advisor! Dunno where those companies got my info and keep bugging me =/

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