Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today, I just thought of one thing: money $$. Haha~ It's true, in life we need money for many things. Sometimes people may not want to be materialistic/practical but forced by the circumstances and society, we all tend to "chase" after money. Oh well, as long as it is legal and not against your own conscience, I suppose there is nothing wrong with wanting to earn/save more money. And another thing, we cannot survive on love alone. We need to eat bread to survive. So actually, bread is more important than love.

Another thought that I have: people. Among so many people and friends, how do we know who is true to us or who is just trying to make use of us? That person/people may be plotting and trying to cheat you. Hm.. Don't ask me why am I so pessimistic. I find it hard to trust people 100%. You never know what secrets they might be hiding behind your back. After all, the way you treat others might not be the way others treat you back. When a person wants to get married, the husband/wife he/she chooses is very important. Too bad there is no test before marriage to help us judge our husbands/wives. You have to know what kind of person he/she is based on your own judgement. However, sometimes our judgements may be wrong. We may be too "blinded" by love at that moment to open our eyes and see. It really takes time to understand a person fully. Many times, I (or anyone else) really want to believe someone/something but somehow, there is always this nagging voice telling me to hold back.

Haiz~ I guess people may be really hurt when they know that someone they love doesnt believe/trust them totally but.. I really find that the reality of life is too cruel at times. It seems like nothing is absolute, nothing is forever and the only thing that would never change is change itself.

PS: I feel that in this world, I can only trust myself 100%. Even then, sometimes I also don't trust myself to make the best decisions for myself.

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