Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today, I went to cut my hair. The gal who washed my hair is rather bitchy lor. I don't really feel like talking to her but she kept blabbering on and on. Then she said that my hair is dropping and recommended me to buy a hair tonic. Wah.. Anyway, later I wanna ask my stylist (coz I like and trust him more) if my hair is really dropping. But the gal kept standing beside me so I felt paiseh to ask leh. Like don't trust her like that. Hm.. In the end, didn't ask. So am regretting it. Haiz~ Will you all ask? Asked a few people and they said they will. Wah.. Boo hoo~ Regret.. Haiz~

By the way, many people asked me about The Icing and I've recommended Calin to my dentist. Those companies should pay me commission for advertising for them lor. Haha!

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