Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks to someone, I can't sleep. Ahh~ Sianz~ Anyway, I've got something to announce:

I'm SINGLE now!

To be exact, I broke up officially on 30/5/2009. That day, my laptop was super lagging and I wanna borrow a fast laptop from Jeffery for a few days but he said he wanna use it to play games. WTH lor~ Play games.. It's more important than me, my needs. I got to fill in application forms and find a job lor. Furthermore, it was only for a few days. Don't play games that few days will die meh? Haiz~ Other people's bfs all will lend willingly lor. And let's say you have 2 laptops, one is better than the other. If you truly love the person very much, you would wanna give the person the best one right? But anyway, through this incident, I realised how much I meant to Jeffery. I rank underneath himself, his parents, his brothers and his games. And he said that I was being unreasonable and asked me to ask other people. So I did. James said that he would lend lah, if not why call her gf? Yeah, I also agree. If I'm in need and I need your help and you can help me but don't want to, I don't see why we should continue this special relationship. So much for trying your best not to disappoint me.

Jeffery also told me a ridiculous thing like if we have been together for 6 months or 1 year, he would lend me. 3 months.. no. That's really like wth lor. It just implied that he doesn't trust me with his possessions yet. Lastly, I wanna ask: If you are willing to lend someone something, would you feel threatened? My answer is no. But there's this weird someone who thinks yes. I guess our thinking is really different.

Everyone is selfish to a certain extent. Where can I find unconditional love? I think only parents and some really doting husbands would give unconditional love. Or maybe a Mother's love is the greatest love on earth. I mean, a mother would always save the best for her kids and love her kids unconditionally. Even if there are those unfillial kids, the mother would still want the best for them and refuses to go through legal means to request the kids to support them. The mother would rather work hard, earning a living, despite being so old and sick.

My ideal husband is one who would love me unconditionally. I wonder where is he? Or if he even exists at all. And then I suddenly thought of the Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz episode. Pierre Png is so sweet and nice lah.

What he did for you was a very romantic gesture. Could anything ever compare to that?

It was, wasn't it? But Pierre once said in an interview, every day is a honeymoon with Andrea. I feel so blessed, because every day that I'm alive means so much to him. Until today, complete strangers still come up to him to compliment him about what he did for me. But he's not a proud man.

The above was what I've extracted out from an interview with Andrea.

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