Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People said I should cancel the meeting but I didn't want to. Wah, I'm retiring from being a pilot already. But I wanna share one reply:

"like I said, he might be mis understanding, cos I do have friends who are always going "zzz I'm sooooooooooo tired" all the time, but they always still go out.

But if my gf said I'm tired today, dont really want to go out. then I'll respect that, and cancel the meeting. Cos it wouldnt be good, if she was forcing her self to go, plus she'll be tired, zombie like, and I'll feel like I'm abusing her as a gf. (like, u r my gf, u must come! kinda attitude)"

If only you think like him. Hm.. Small things like this can touch me.

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