Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning everyone =) Yesterday, I went to bed when I reached home at around 11pm plus. Haha~ Was too tired. So now, I've just woken up! It's not that I didn't sleep.. I did.

Anyway, yesterday went to have dinner with Calin at Marche. Wah, needed to queue lor. Sianz~ There were many people at Vivo. Felt a bit dazed when I reached there seeing so many people walking here and there. Saw many people queuing at GV to buy movie tickets. Ah~ I've forgotten that it's Friday night. No wonder, there is this crowd. Went to ask the Samsung staff about the sending email problem and the person said that got to configure the email account settings for every email I've sent. Got to input the POP and SMTP thingy.. Something which sounds so confusing and troublesome. And he said that only the blackberry doesn't have to configure each setting one by one. Okie, so now I know what's the blackberry for and why so many business people are using them.

As we walked around Vivo, this guy gave us a postcard about taking wedding photos and they even have branches in Taiwan, etc.. Wah.. So cool leh, if can take my wedding photos overseas. Singapore is like so boring and I can't even think of where to take my wedding photos here. But Calin reminded me that it'll be damn exp. Haiz~ Yeah, I know but am just dreaming about it. I also saw this dress I like from Fox but I didn't buy it coz I think I won't be wearing it often.

By the way, I think I'm a very curious person coz I actually wanna find out about the wedding photos, etc.. although I'm not going to take them anytime soon. I even wanted to ask the boss how come set up in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore! Hee~ But I didn't lah. Think my ideal job is to be an interviewer so that I can go and interview those companies, etc.. So interesting. Hm.. Where to find such a job?

Also, I've finally uploaded some photos from my hp to my laptop. Now, I'm watching 老婆大人2 on youku coz tudou doesn't have. Don't like youku, the loading is so damn slow. Prefers tudou. Anyway, I like the husband in the show. But now, I think this kind of husbands is already endangered, if not extinct.. Where to find?

My Christmas present from Calin. Wow~ Really damn long didn't meet her!

Jeff and I, we were testing my hp camera that time.

Wanna upload this some time ago already actually.

Calamari from Marche.. Nice. I also ate breast chicken but forgot to take photos before I tucked in =.=

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