Saturday, May 16, 2009

On 14/5/09, I went for the Management Trainee Programme cum Briefing session at the SMRT Recreation Club House at Bishan. It was for 3.5 hours. OMG! So looong lor. Sianz. Haha~

Anyway, after the session, went to Kbox to celebrate Jeff's birthday.

My Mum's present to Jeff.


Me, designing Jeff's birthday cake =)

Ta da~ The end product. Eee~ So ugly. But it was fun to design cakes. Hee~

Happy Birthday to you =)

Jeff's making a wish but not telling me what it is =/


The Kbox staff is quite nice, sang the Happy Birthday song with me. But anyway, I was quite paiseh that he would laugh at my cake when he helped me to take it out from the box. Hee~ But he said that he also designed a cake there sometime back so.. Haha~ He won't laugh. Hee~

PS: I'm looking forward to eating crabs on Sunday. Haha! My fav! xD
PPS: Quite scared to go cut my hair.

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