Thursday, May 28, 2009

Singapore has confirmed 3 more H1N1 flu cases bringing the number of infected people in the country to 4. Oh my~ No good =(

"The fourth confirmed case is a 28-year-old Singaporean man who returned to Singapore from Chicago via Hong Kong on May 25 at 0036 hours. He was on United Airlines flight UA 895 and was seated at 55H. He became unwell on May 25."

Wah.. Lucky Jeanette is okie. Think she came back from Chicago too. Heng lor she. Haha~ Anyway, for more info, please refer to:

Today, I went for a last minute interview at CIMB. It's a Malaysian bank. 34 people are needed for the position but there are 400 plus applicants. OMG lah~ Why is the job market like that? The demand is greatly more than the supply. Sianz lor. Anyway, one of the interviewer, Malcolm, said that no question is stupid. Haha, good lor coz I'm guilty of asking "stupid" questions sometimes.

Today, I saw this new Juicy Couture outlet in Ngee Ann City so I went in to take a look. I like a bag which costs $400! OMG! Looks chio but.. so damn exp lah!!

It looks something like this but it's yellow in colour with a huge key and padlock. I can't find the picture of what I want online and I forgot to take a photo of the bag in the shop.

Now this reminds me.. Can we take photos of the shop's merchandises? And pose with them? Wahaha~ Okie, posing with them is a bit extreme.. Like kinda awkward with the sales person looking/staring/glaring at you but.. just snapping photos of those cute merchandises shouldn't serve as a problem right? Hm..

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